F3 Knoxville

Two Faced

THE SCENE: ⚡Wet and stormy ⚡


Danger Zone- Roughly 1 minute each of SSH, high knees and butt kicks to the Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Each time the words “Danger Zone” are uttered you do a burpee.

THA-THANG: Performed in teams. In this case with three teams of 3 and one team of 2. Parking lot setup with cones in a roughly 400m loop with 4 stations setup along the loop. Three CMU’s, a coin and workout list placed at the 4 stations. Each team starts at a station. One team member flips a coin and everyone does the workout listed on the paper based on if the coin lands on heads or tails. If you get to a station and another team is there bypass the station and proceed to the next open station. Station workouts as follows:

  • Station 1: Heads- Merkins x20 / Tails- Manmaker Merkins x20
  • Station 2: Heads- BBS x20 / Tails- BBW w/CMU x20
  • Station 3: Heads- Burpees x20 / Tails- Blockees x20
  • Station 4: Heads- Carolina Dry Docks x20 / Tails- CMU overhead press x20

MARY: Burpees x25 and light stretching

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 11 HIMs- Streaker, Cow Patty, Doppleganger, Doctor, Rep Sleepy, Pennies, Shenanigans, Banjo, Trousers, Halfday and Shocker

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Do what you don’t like (Romans 7:15)

MOLESKIN: Prayer Requests- Gibson family, Doppleganger’s grandfather and Streaker traveling

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Breakfast at Rep Sleepy’s on 7/16 and workday at the Cerebral Palsy Center on 8/6

Speedway – Poker Face (Streaker VQ)

THE SCENE: Warm and muggy


Alarm Clocks x10, Side Straddle Hops x10 (IC), Morning Call, 20m HAMR Shuttle runs (3 rounds)


  • Deck of cards setup at two separate locations roughly 250m apart. HIM drew a card, performed the workout on the card, ran to the next station and repeat
  • Heart = Burpee, Diamond = Superman Merkin, Club = Iron Rocket, Spade = Big Boy Situp, Joker = 50 Plank Jacks
  • Ace = 1 rep, 2 = 2 rep… Jack = 11 reps, Queen = 12 reps, King =13 reps

Lots of good stretching

Shenanigans, Grouch, Cow Patty, Malfoy, Halfday, Outhouse, Pennies, Doctor, Trousers, Banjo, Hoosier and Streaker, Burnout and Curtains. Moneybags (John Platt) was also in attendance from out of town, but unable to tag

Integrity First (Proverbs 20:7), Service Before Self (Matthew 23:11) and Excellence in All We Do (Colossians 3:23)

Travel for Doggleganger, Grouch and Rep Sleepy. Prayers for Trousers and his family

2.0 workout at Bomb Shelter on 6/25 at 0815, Convergence on 7/2 at JUCO, Fireworks and family day on 7/4 at Seymour First Baptist (aka The Speedway)