F3 Knoxville

Family workout:remember God’s promises

THE SCENE: nice and sunny

  • 10 baby arm circles
  • 10  side saddle hops
  • 10 mountain climber
  • 10 superman


  • Relay race
  • Tug a war
  • Floor is lava had to use the monkey bars to cross the lava
  • Climb an slide
  • Bear soccer: while bear crawling had to move a yoga ball up a hill. The other team attempted to keep it down
  • Hot potato : 2 minute timer, pass a 12 pound Kettle ball around the circle as many times possible

Some of them: Chicken Lady, Go Kart, Kitten, Nerf, Buttercup, Sunflower, Race Ace, Skywalker, Optimus, Cheetah Speed, golden eagle,  (plus FNGs: 5) Juggernaut, Peregrine falcon, and Golden Eagle, Nutcracker, wolf, Dinger.

God will always keep his promises. A way he shows that is by creating a rainbow.. yesterday with the heavy rainstorm  several us saw a single,  double,  and even a triple rainbow

Spicy Dice

THE SCENE: Somewhere in the lower 60’s


Little baby arm circles

Tempo Squats


10 stations as you run along the big loop

Each station you roll a dice and then do the corresponding exercise

Station #1 and #10 are up here and will have CMU’s.

All of the others don’t.

LBC’s to the end

Anger often can come out of fear – I John 4:18


Are You Ready?

THE SCENE: Beautiful, sunny, 85 degress. Low humidity and slight breeze, but the heat of summer cometh…


– 20 SSH IC

– 8 Tempo Merkins

– 8 Tempo Squats

– 8 Cherry Pickers (4-ct), in cadence

– 8 BAC forward, backward (4-ct, IC)

– Imperial Walkers until Swimmies joined us.


Mosey down Roadshow Run to path, admiring the nicely cut grass on Everest on the way down.

NICKLE DIME QUARTERS going south on the path.  (Run 1 light, do 5 reps, run 2 lights do 10 reps, run 5 lights, do 25 reps).

  1. Squats
  2. CDDs
  3. Dive Bombers

Mosey to Gravel circle near Field of Dreams.


  • Near end: Lunge around turn
  • Run to ½ way point. 25 Merkins. Run to curve
  • Far End: Bear Crawl around turn
  • Run to ½ way point. 25 Squats. Run to Curve.
  • Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to Roundabout south of the Colosseum, doing Imperial Squat Walkers and other maintenance exercises until 6 catches up.

Partner up.  One Partner runs to end of Roundabout, do 5 BBSs, 5 2-CT American Hammers, 5 Leg Lifts 3x increasing by 5 each time. Switch off after each set. Other partner does LBCs.

Return to AO

Stretching with Pele. Ahhh…

8 strong. Cheetah Boy not tagged.
Showed the PAX an inspirational video about F3 (hat tip to Blindside, who put it out on FB).  Here’s the transcript:

Make no mistake men. Every day you’re in a battle. A battle for your health. A battle for your family. A battle for your very soul. There are forces, seen and unseen, that want you to fail. They’re counting on you to fail. There are voices in your head that are reminding you of your past failures and telling you hey, stay in the comfort of your house, don’t come out to this work out, instead of getting out there, doing something difficult, and accelerating with other men who support you, and require your support in return. This is F3. There are no lone wolves. We’re a pack of men with a shared vision to plant, grow, and most importantly to serve, for the invigoration of male leadership in our community. We are… F3.

Are you ready?

Prayers for Abscess’s recovery
Launch of new AO in Farragut at the end of the Month, the RAMPART.  May charity drive is underway.  Details to be posted on SLACK.

Friday the 13th @ Rampart

THE SCENE: 60’s, clear and perfect

  • Tempo Squats
  • LBACs
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Down dog – Up dog
  • Chatty Cherry Pickers


  • Mosey to Amphitheater
  • 13s from stage to top row
    • Merkins on stage (78)
    • Freddy Mercury (4-ct) top row
  • Mosey to hill below track
    • On the way, stop for a few Wall-ups along the trail
  • 13s up the hill
    • Squats at the bottom
    • BBS at the top
  • Mosey to playground
    • 3-5 pullups
    • 10 heels to heaven
    • Repeat 2 times
  • RTF

No time
Today is Friday thr 13th, culturally a day of bad omen. Wikipedia claims this is because the number 13 is associated with the number of people at the last supper, and Friday was the day Christ died. Put them together, and you have double trouble. Every year has at least one Friday the 13th, and no year has more than 3. My friend Dave at work was born on Friday the 13th, and his mother always told him it was his lucky day. So, does this matter? Is there something special about the day when Friday and 13 intersect?

What can be said for sure is that it matters to some people. There are living, breathing people who dramatically alter their day to day life because of this intersection. Or perhaps, more precisely, because of what their culture has taught them is the significance of this day. That person’s head has been filled with an idea that for one day rules them. It has been said by some that “people don’t have ideas, ideas have people.” I think Friday the 13th is an example of that. Jesus says it this way, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Mt 12:34) What you are filled with will manifest itself, whether you like it or not. We like to think that we can consume media full of violence, perversion, and lies without being affected, but that is an illusion. If you want to be a man of virtue, making it your primary input is a pretty darn good start.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Phillipians 4:8-9
Great to see the sunrise with you, and glad to see Bobbitt at the COT.
Rampart Official Launch – Memorial Day!

Failing forward

THE SCENE: Humid, dew on the grass but this really the best gloom time of the year. The sun rise right at 6:15 is sublime.

  • jog one end of grindstone to other. Frankenstein half way back jog rest way to start
  • jog to other end, knee hugs half way jog back to start
  • deep lunge half way, jog to end
  • heel kicks half way back
  • carioca rest of way back
    Mosey to small softball feild
  • Partner circuit- three areas.
  • #1-partner Wheelbarrow/Burpee Gantlet. 6 cones lined up about 20 ft between . Partners wheelbarrow to cone 1. One burpee IC Switch partner, wheelbarrow to 2 cone. Two burpees. Keep switch and increase burpees each cone till end.
    mosey back to grindstone  
  • #2- Mike Tyson- each pax takes 10 playing cards, lay them down on ground in line about 4 in apart. Everything is done IC pax will squat down and pick up first card using good form (chest up butt dropped- if done right it’s a deep squat)- after picking up first card walk to card 2 with card one in your hand. Squat down lay down card 1. Stand up. Squat down pick up top card, squat down again pick up card 2. Move to card 3. Repeat process, laying down each card separately and then pick up each card separately, working all the way to card 10
  • #3- Run to top of Mount Wumbo- this is running along trail to bridge, up Blindmans hill, keep running to top of Wumbo. Mosey back down Wumbo and to grindstone. Stay attached to your partner the whole time up and down. Push each other to keep running.
  • you will start circuit over after run but start at Mike Tyson, then move to Wheelbarrow/ Burpee gauntlet starting at 6 working back to 1. If time allows move to Mike Tyson again and then run to top Mt. Wumbo. We got through the 2nd rd of Wheelbarrow/Burpee Gauntlet


1 min plank hold, 10 two arm Superman’s OYO, 1 min plank hold, 10 Alt Arm Superman’s OYO, hamstring stretch, quad stretch
From The Difference Maker by John Maxwell

Guillaume Apolllinaire- “Come to the edge. No, we will fall. Come to the edge. No, we will fall. They came to the edge. He pushed them and they flew”

John Maxwell- “If you want to seize an opportunity, you must take a risk. If you want to grow, you must make mistakes. If you want to reach your potential, you will have to take a chance. If you don’t , you will be resigned to a life of mediocrity. The people who don’t make mistakes end up working for those who do. And in the end, they often end up regretting the safe life they lived.”
Just happy to lead such amazing


grouch Bday Q on Saturday.