F3 Knoxville

Staying busy with Martha

THE SCENE: seventy two degrees and clear

Ssh x twenty cherry pickers x five merkins x ten

Mosey to CMU pile stopping for twenty wall burpees on the way

at CMU pile do twenty curls presses and tris

mosey to the  sophomore  hill for three rounds of four laps of exercises

Round one, 20 reps of power cleans, toe touch planks, squat touches, and Merkens. On the second lap the reps are 15, and the third lap the reps are 10

Sprint on the straightaways an alternate bear crawls and Bernie Sanders on the uphill and downhill.

Do 20 more reps of curls presses tris

Return CMU  to the coupon pile. Mosey back to the AO

Circle of pain with his leg lifts
12 pax
We talked about taking the time, spending it with the people that you love and not worrying about other things. The example of Martha in the Bible where she was too concerned about cleaning and cooking and spending time with Jesus. There are many areas of our lives that we spend time on that we will certainly regret later.
Welcome speedo from Tallahassee to knoxville for the next few weeks. Great job by everyone this morning. Not being at juco too often, I see marked improvement in the pax there
Prayers for Hillary and premature labor, Eric and his job search, vacation Bible school starting this week.

Truck stop running

THE SCENE: 70, nice

Stretch oyo
Ran to mcfee rd. And a lap around the truck stop path   4.25 miles



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Crossfit Crossfire

THE SCENE: Clear skies and warm

Babay Arm Circles F/R x12 IC, Tempo Squats x10 IC, Tempo Merkins x10 IC, Side straddle hops x20 IC, 5 Burpees OYO

  • 11’s of Dips and Box Jumps at the benches in the World War Memorial section of WFP.
  • Ascending Curb Crawl of Merkins in L&N Stem Academy parking lot (PAX bear crawl from curb to curb back and forth increasing in reps by one at each curb starting at 1 merkin until you reach 13 merkins)
  • PAX did Big Boy Sit-Ups until everyone finished
  • Mosey to Big Ball Steps for Mount Flutter Kick
    • Sprint to top of WFP steps and do 10 Flutter Kicks on 4 ct., do 9 at the bottom, rinse and repeat up and down the steps decreasing each rep count by 1 until you reach 1 rep on a 4 count at the bottom of the WFP steps.
  • Mosey to Parking lot beside Neyland Stadium across from The Boat House
    • PAX partnered with a battle buddy to perform the following:
      • Partner A sprints to 3rd light pole and performs 2 burpees while Partner B does jump rope in place. Partners switch roles and rinse/repeat until each battle buddy has completed 10 burpees at the light pole (rep count of burpees increases by 2 each trip (EX: 2,4,6,8,10) also every other interchange at the baseline alternates between jump rope and air squats
      • PAX performed the same format for the next evolution except instead of burpees the exercise was the Carolina Dry Dock.
  • PAX performed ab work in the same parking lot
    • Flutter Kicks x12 IC
    • Am Hammers x12 IC
    • Hello Dolly’s x12 IC
  • Mosey back to SP.


8 Total PAX 0 FNG’s
This week I had a flurry of events personally. My brother (Truffle) and his wife just had twins, my parents were in from out of state, bball is in full swing. I kept focusing on the next task that needed to be accomplished amidst everything going on and by week’s end I realized that I had done a very poor job of just soaking up the moment and enjoying it to the fullest.  Always be present in the moment!


BS Kraken

THE SCENE: Upper 60’s and Clear Skies

Side Straddle Hops@20
Arms Circles B/F@15
Cherry Pickers@15
Tuck Jump (10)
High Knees (1 min)
Flutter Squat (4 Count) 10
Leg Thrust (10)
Dry Docks (10)
Run to  Mt. Krumpet

THA-THANG: (The Kraken)

Grab a battle buddy and do 10 reps at each station.  Run clockwise around the circle to the next station.

10 Partner Burpee
10  Side Straddle Hops
10 Partner Merkin
10 Tuck Jumps
10 Iron Boys
Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear
10 Big Boys
10 Flutter Squats
10 Leg Thrust
10 Dry Docks

(2 Times around the Kraken)

Ring of fire Merkin and Side Plank (L/R), 30 Big Boys, 1 Minute of LBC’s
(12 Total) Butterfingers, Backspin, Drifter, Fins, Flash, Geisha, Hammy, Moses, Pinocchio, Snorkel, Squeaker Woodshack
Individual work is the work of the world, the small steps are the big picture, and when we insist on our own aliveness we stake a claim for everyone’s. Furthermore, not honoring ourselves is fatefully tied up with not honoring others, who suffer from our passivity and detachment, and who are inspired by our conviction and commitment.

Not-engaged means checked out, but actively-disengaged means you’re busy acting out your unhappiness and dispiritedness, and spreading the virus among your colleagues, family and friends, to say nothing of the body-politic of which you’re a cell. What it means is that if you’re part of a rowing team out on a river, one of the team-members is rowing his or her heart out, five are just taking in the scenery, and two are actively trying to sink the boat.

The psychologist Ira Progoff once said that each of our lives is like a well, and that we’re meant to go down deeply enough into our own wells that we eventually reach the stream that’s the source of all the wells. And there, we hear the call that leads us back out into the world to test our bright swords in real combat—to save lives, teach love, change minds, educate, minister.


Fun & Games

THE SCENE: upper 60’s I think….forgot to check the weather.  Clear & muggy.



  • SSH x 20
  • High knee run to light pole & back
  • Butt kickers to light pole & back
  • Karaoke to light pole & back
  • Warm up lap around the island


  1. Mosey to soccer field
    • Wham-o lunges.  PAX take turns throwing a frisbee, sprint after it while it’s in the air, then lunge to it once it hits the ground.  We changed to bear crawls at some point instead of lunges.
  2. Mosey to the other soccer field
    • Dizzy bat spin.  Each man spins around a bat 10 times then try to hit a ball off of a tee.  Remaining PAX hold plank or Al Gore.  If the batter makes contact, all PAX sprint to the ball & do 5 merkins then return to the tee.  If they miss the ball, everyone does 5 burpees…we did a lot of burpees, and it was awesome.
  3. Mosey to mid-field
    • Sack race.  Relay race style.  Split into 2 teams & bunny hop to midfield then sprint back & tag the next man.  PAX does squats while waiting for their turn to hop.  Prize was 5 burpees for all contestants.
  4. Mosey to other end of soccer field
    • 3 legged race.  Keep same teams as before.  2 pax at a time tie their ankle together & run to midfield and back.  Remaining PAX alternates between merkins & squats while waiting.  5 burpee prize for all contestants when finished.
  5. Mosey to baseball field
    • Kickball.  Offense must do 5 burpees each time they incur an out.  Defense must do 5 burpees each time a run scores.   Stay moving between pitches…squats, jump rope, etc.


  • LBC x 20
  • Box Cutter x 20
  • ATM

Tank, La-Z-Boy, Butters, Sparky, Frosty, Cosmo, Cornhole, Driftwood, I-Beam, Gibbler, Bartman

Have some fun every once and a while.

I like to work hard, but sometimes it’s good to relax a little and have some fun.  We did that today.  There were no records set for max heart rate or calories burned or mileage.   We got in plenty of sprints and quite a few burpees…it was workout worthy, but most of all it was a good time laughing at ourselves and enjoying the F3 brotherhood.


Special recognition to Cornhole & Sparky for their dizzy bat efforts.  Cornhole pretty much did a helicopter spin when he whiffed, and Sparky missed the ball by at least 10 feet.  Well done men…well done!