F3 Knoxville

HIMs on Mission

Bomb Shelter
Workout Date: 5 Jun 2021
QIC: Rep Sleepy

THE SCENE: Low 60s and humid


SSH (4-ct) x 15; Ballerina Squats x10; Bear Crawl Snake halfway down grinder then mosey to the end

Ran a kraken around the apex loop. Do exercise at a station then run full lap passing the station you just did to get to the next station. The stations were:

  • Gorilla Humpers x50
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x25
  • Mountain Climbers x50
  • Iron Mikes x25
  • Ballerina Squats x50
  • Diamond Merkins x25
  • Side Straddle Hops x50
  • Burpees x25

All PAX were somewhere in the second go round of doing the stations except Drifter who showed us all up and was on his third round when recover was called.

Let the PAX pick the exercises and regretted it. We did Hello Dolly (4-ct) x50; Boat to Canoe x10; Overhead Claps (4-ct) x50; ABCs

6 HIMs conquered the kraken this morning

We are getting ready to start VBS at my church tomorrow. I am teaching the missions class to the 1st-5th graders this week and I have had missions on my mind this week. We often think about missions as going to some far off place like China, Africa, or South America. The truth is mission start right where we are now. Our first mission field is our family. We must lead our wives and children first before we lead anywhere else.

Praise that Drifter’s kids are feeling better, pray for Smuggler’s wife as she starts a new job on Monday, pray for Rep Sleepy’s family as his wife prepares to quit her job to be a stay at home mom in August.

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