F3 Knoxville

Mega Pax Roulette

Bomb Shelter
Workout Date: 29 Apr 2021
QIC: Drifter

THE SCENE: Just on the low end of warm. Enough to get a good sweat going

Motivators from 7, Merkins IC 10, Side plank each side, reverse plank leg raise 10
Split PAX in 2 groups. On the big lower loop, send one group one way and the other in the opposite direction.

  • Whenever you meet someone running the opposite direction, stop and do side straddle hops
  • Whenever you pass a pair of guys doing side Straddle hops, call out an exercise for them to do 40 reps of.
  • Whenever you complete 40 reps, continue on your run

10 imperial squat walkers, 10 hand release merkins, 10 plank leg lifts, 10 hello dolly, 10 leg lifts, LBC for time
13 PAX
This exercise was a little bit like my story. I drifted into F3 completely by accident. Since then, I’ve had an amazing group of guys who have build me up in different ways and even helped me through a deep struggle with pornography. The circle was the first time I made that struggle public and it was the first time I really began to heal. Not saying anyone needs to, but you all should know that if ever you do need someone to help you with an internal struggle, we are all out here wandering in the wilderness with you, and whether you need help or your giving the help, reach out to one another.
Prayers for thos facing loss in our group, and praise for the answers to prayers in our group!