F3 Knoxville

Sorta like hot yoga

THE SCENE: Felt kinda warm. Sauna-ish. Lot of moisture.

All 4ct in Cadence: 20 SSH, 15 Knee Taps, 10 Imp Walkers, 5 cherry pickers. 

Slingshot to Mount Suckmore: Partner 1 carries 2 CMUs toward mount suckmore. Partner 2 does 10 burpees and then runs to catch partner 1. Switch jobs then rinse and repeat.

At Suckmore: reps are 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5 (if you can make it that far). Curls and CMU swings at the bottom. Big Boy Sit-ups and 2ct Knee taps at the top.

Run back to AO. At AO Block overhead for 20 4ct Flutter kicks, 20 4ct hello dolly, 20 4ct superman, 20 4ct squats. 

11 PAX

3 seemingly unrelated things: My Dad, My Mailbox, and Aristotle.

My Dad. My Dad is a really hard worker, and there were many a day where he was working long hours at a labor intensive job and would come home and put in even more hours of back breaking work on various things around the house to make it so we could live a good life. I’m super grateful and learned more from him and internalized those lessons probably even more than he realizes. For example, I worked all day on a dang mailbox this weekend.

My Mailbox. It seemed like every single step of putting this mailbox together was thwarted in one way or another. Even stuff that used to work kept breaking down and I don’t know why. So I had to problem solve almost every step. And even though I didn’t do it exactly the way my dad would do it, upon reflection, I see a lot of his lessons helping me get the job done and sticking with it until it was finally done.

Aristotle. For all the virtue of my Dad’s work ethic, there were some points where he takes it too far. He still has a hard time turning it off. He often has literal beaver instincts and cannot rest until he’s fix this thing or other and often over fixes it to the Nth degree. That’s why Aristotle comes to mind. He said that ever virtue lies between two vices. There is the vice of slothfulness and then the vice of overworking yourself. There were many times that my Dad lost out on really good family opportunities because he simply couldn’t set aside his work. I find myself slipping into that too. Letting projects so consume me and frustrate me that everyone in the family feels my frustration and can’t have a good time.

I think we all need to take a lesson from these 3 things. 1) perseverance is needed and best learned from those willing to endure suffering with us and for us. 2) use the lessons our parents gave us and pass them down to the benefit of the next generation, even if that means they are simply able to put a mailbox together. 3) find the amount of work and the amount of rest that is appropriate for you, your situation, and your family. Work is important, but it isn’t everything.

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Don’t forget about the July 2 convergence and the 2.0 workout on June 25 at 8:15am at the Bombshelter.

Carry the Fire

THE SCENE: Humid, No Breeze, Beautiful Sunrise

  • Side-Straddle Hops – 15 in cadence
  • Temp Squats – 10 in cadence
  • Arm circles – 10 in cadence

“Carry the fire”


  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 merkins
  • 20 squats
  • Run Apex Loop
  • 1 CMU was “the fire” – CMU could not touch the ground and had to keep moving. Once it made a loop, another man had to carry it


  • Timed planks
  • LBCs



  • Carry the fire – reference to the book, “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy
  • Read John 1:4,5
  • Read Matthew 5:14-16
  • Through discouragement, doubt, anger and fear in this world, we have the opportunity to continue to carry the fire. We hold the fire in the darkest places. We carry it for out family. We carry it for our brothers. The darkness cannot overcome it.


Remembering and Cultivating

THE SCENE: Partly cloudy, 61 degrees F.

SSH, Overhead claps, Windmills

3 Stop Suicides

Run to Stop 1

@Stop 1 – 1 Burpee

@ Start – 2 Burpees

@Stop 2 – 3 Burpees

@ Start – 4 Burpees

@ Stop 3 – 5 Burpees

@ Start – 6 Burpees

Repeat suicides with Flutter Kicks (4 Count)


Ol’ 69s (Perform 69 of each of the following)

  1. Merkins
  2. American Swings
  3. Step Ups
  4. Triceps Extensions
  5. Box Cutters
  6. Gobblet Squats
  7. Bobby Hurley’s
  8. Bent Rows
  9. WWII Sit ups
  10. Curls
  11. Lunges
  12. Lawn Mowers

Run a lap after each odd number exercise.  ( Approx. 0.22 miles/lap.)

Bear crawl 25 yards after each even number exercise.

Note: We cut the reps to 40 after the American Swings.  It may come back in a modified form with a partner 70s beatdown.

Tabata with plank, right side plank, and left side plank (20 seconds on, 10 second rest for two rounds)

Box Cutters and cashed out with LBC’s

10 HIM’s including FNG Hydrant (Rich Carnes) plus Webelo
Each Memorial Day observance for me since 2010 has included remembrances of SSG Jason Dahlke, 1st Ranger Battalion.  He was killed in action on September 29, 2009 in Afghanistan at the age of 29.  He was the best friend of my daughter, Emily, and my son-in-law, Travis.  Travis was with him the day he was killed instantly by enemy fire.  It was Jason’s 6th tour and Travis’ 8th tour to either Afghanistan or Iraq.  Uncle Jason, as three of my grandchildren refer to him, was a warrior and seemingly invincible.  Only one of those attributes was true.

While Memorial Day initially brings to mind Jason’s ultimate sacrifice, my thoughts fairly quickly turn to the friendship he shared with Travis.  It was special and one of mutual respect, one in which a competitive spirit made each other better (Iron Sharpens Iron), and one that fostered undying loyalty.

It brings to mind men who have been “Jasons” in my life.  Ron, my best friend of well over 50 years until his death at age 62, seven years ago.  Gig, my soccer coaching partner and hiking buddy, who passed away 20 years ago at age 52.  It also brings Chip to mind.  He could have been a “Jason” according to his own admission had he not committed to move away from bad habits in the late 1990’s.  While great friends in the 1970’s and 1980’s, overseas work assignments for him separated us and we lost contact.  Only in the early 2000’s did we reconnect and pick up where we left off.  Our bond is strong and, although living 200 miles away, we stay closely in touch.

HIMs need strong connections with other men.  F3 recognizes that and strives to foster it.  For those of us with spouses, there is no better friend or confidant.  But there is something to be said about the special bond between a small group of men.  Those relationships can be tougher to form and they may be shattered by tragedy as in the case of Jason or Ron or Gig.  The challenge is to find that Chip in your life and not let things get in the way of maintaining a strong connection.  We all will be better for it.

Travel mercies for Drifter and healing for ESPY’s ankle.
AO kickoff for Rockwood is Monday, May 30th.  AO kickoff for Speedway is June 4th.  Convergence at JUCO on July 2nd.  No other AO beatdowns that Saturday.

stupid tennis

THE SCENE: It was BE-U-T-FUL!  Great day for a birthday Q

SSH x20, Windmills x10, Cherry Pickers x5, another SSH x5 so Veep didn’t throw up 🙂
Doing this thang together!  Mosey over to the duck pond. Running around the pond and stopping at the “corners”
First corner – Crunch Frog x15, Box Cutters x15, BBS x15, run to second corner
Second corner – Imperial Walkers x30, Flutter Kicks x30 (2-ct), American Hammers x30 (2-ct), run to third corner
Third corner – Freddy Mercury x40, LBCs x40, Plank Hold (together) 40 sec, run to fourth corner
Fourth corner – Imperial Walkers x30, Flutter Kicks x30 (2-ct), American Hammers x30 (2-ct), mosey over to Alcoa football field

4 corners of football field do not include the back of the end zones
First corner – Burpees x15, Spiderman Merkins x15 (1-ct), Bernie to second corner
Second corner – Merkins x30, Mountain Climbers x30 (1-ct), Bernie to third corner
Third corner – Overhead Claps x40 (1-ct), Shoulder Taps x40 (1-ct), Bernie to fourth corner
Fourth corner – Carolina Drydocks x30, Plank Jacks x30 (1-ct), Mosey back to the grinder via troll bridge

Circle of Pain, PAX roulette (Grady Corns x20, Diamond Merkins x10 in cadence, Superman variations)
Yosemite, Veep, Scoutmaster, Rep Sleepy, Smuggler, RadioShack, Streaker, Webelo (2.0), Halfday, Grouch
No specific Biblical text.  I was reminded of our humanity and how we all fall short of the glory of God and that our own saving grace is through the blood of Yeshua.  We should remember that we are not perfect either when we want to judge someone for their words or actions.  I am guilty of being quick to judge when I am just as guilty of the same things.  YHWH asks us to be light in this world, not judges.  We should act accordingly.

12 Sides of Mayhem

THE SCENE: Warm, 60’s almost perfect gloom.

SSH X 10

LBAC forward and backwards x 10.

Little of This.

Little of that.
We partnered up, and each group received a 12 sided di. While one partner did the workout from the dice, the other alternated between goblet squats and curls. The exercises and destination were determined by fate.

  • Take your block with you, and carry it up the stairs 5 times – 1
  • 10 CMU pull-through merkins at the apex – 2
  • 15 curls for the girls at the troll end of the troll bridge -3
  • 20 Grave diggers at the tennis courts – 4
  • 25 CMU Big Boys at the Playground – 5
  • 30 Overhead press on the Grinder – 6
  • 25 Skullcrushers at the swings – 7
  • 20 American Hammers at the Flags – 8.
  • 15 CMU Step ups (single count) Bench of your choice – 9
  • 10 Blockees at the Apex – 10.
  • 5 Derkins on the CMU, your location of choice – 11
  • Open the box, complete the directions, don’t tell the others – 12.
  • In the box were directions to overhead press x 10 for each stair working up the stairs at the end of the grinder.

Tempo Overhead Press x 10.

CMU up flutter kicks x 9.
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Reflected on this this quote: “You cannot passively train your children in the way they should go. They will not pick up on the doctrine of God by instinct. Be more than their caretaker. Be their teacher.” ~ Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin in “Family Discipleship.”
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