F3 Knoxville

Rain and the Cardinal 100


THE SCENE: Not the best. 40ish and rainy



All IC,
SSH 20 count
Hamstring Stretch

Lil bit o this

Lil bit o that

Somma these

Somma those

1 lap around the park (approx. 1/3 of a mile for those of you counting)


Set up shop in the pavilion for some Doras. 1 guy runs a lap and 1 guy does the exercise. Continue until exercises are complete. 1 team of 3.

100 Merkins

150 LBCs

200 Squats

Approx 1-1/2 rounds complete until time called

YHC spoke a short reminder about Cardinal and his efforts to complete Make America Burpee Again, or 100 burpees a day for each day in January.  Reminder to pray for his family and to make our days count.

The Cardinal 100 is 100 Burpees divided by the number of PAX in attendance. Each PAX did 20 burpees for a group total of 100.

YHC originally miscalculated the number to be 25 each but was quickly corrected.

5 PAX : Frizzles, CntAltDel, Lizzy, Z-Pack, FixerUpper

Do you love people or do you love what they can do for you? YHC shared an experience where he chose the latter of those two but found “grace upon grace” with his M.


Z-Pack’s father

Lizzy prep for GORUCK Tough in February

Presented Lizzy with a gift of reflective bands for his ever-present ruck

February 13 – 18 VQ week! Step to the center and lead. We will always support you in this. Start thinking about it now, and I am glad to co-Q with you. If we have more than 1 VQ pending, we can do a workout on Friday 2/17 rather than a ruck.

Q-Signup App – available in Slack

Link to how to Q https://f3knoxville.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Q101.pdf

February Accelerate workout – pending – do a workout, set the baseline, do it again 6 months later, have some data to evaluate your fitness.

F3 Open House – One workout in the evening, every evening for a week. Purpose – to lower the bar for entry into / experience with / enthusiasm for F3. In the planning phases. Penciled in for North Hills in early March.