F3 Knoxville

Here comes another 12 days of Christmas!

THE SCENE: Mid 40s and clear. Perfect Sweatin’ Weather

SSH (4ct) IC x 12; Tie Fighters (BAC in lunge position), both directions x12
Mosey to Gresham Elementary for a little 12 days of Christmas. We do ascending exercises, with runs in alternating directions between the verses.  Christmas lights were up (though the little lights weren’t twinkling)

  • 1st day of Christmas: Burpee
  • 2nd day of Christmas: Shoulder Taps (4ct)
  • 3rd day of Christmas: Box Cutters (4ct)
  • 4th day of Christmas: Jump Squats
  • 5th day of Christmas: Tempo Merkins
  • 6th day of Christmas: Hello Dollys (4ct)
  • 7th day of Christmas: Smurf Jacks (4ct)
  • 8th day of Christmas: Carolina Dry Docks
  • 9th day of Christmas: Flutters (4ct)
  • 10th day of Christmas: Squats (4ct)
  • 11th day of Christmas: Overhand claps (4ct)
  • 12th day of Christmas: 8 count Bodybuilders a/k/a Man Makers

No Mary.  That is one long Christmas Carol.  So we slowsied back to the AO and circled up.

We are in the 2nd week of Advent.  It is the week of Faith.  The first week was the week of Hope.  The perfect bible verse encompassing each of these concepts is Hebrews 10:23: “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”

I also re-watched the movie “Wall Street” and enjoyed this quote from Hal Holbrook: Man looks into the abyss.  There’s nothing staring back at him.  At that moment, Man finds his character.  And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”  How does Man find his character?  Through Hope and Faith.
Prayers for Dr. Feelgood’s mother in law and family as they determine the path forward after another diagnosis of a recurrent cancer.  Also, prayers to uplift our kids and school staff (teachers, aides, etc) as the ongoing COVID crisis has pushed everybody to the limit.
I didn’t announce it, but please sign up in the coming weeks for the Asylum CSUAP on Jan. 30.

Cards at the Quacken

THE SCENE: Hot and humid
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER – Welcome to F3, Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  I’m Duggar and I am not a professional.  You’re here because you decided to be here and you know your limitations.  Modify where necessary.  

A little baby arm circles, SSH’s, tempo squats and tempo merkins

Mosey to parking lot at Gresham for a little card game.

  • Hearts = run to stop sign and back
  • Diamonds = Diamond merkins
  • Clubs = 4 ct flutter kicks
  • Spades = squats
  • #2-9 = add 10 to the number for # of reps
  • #10 and face cards are 10 = add 10 to those making them 20 reps
  • Any Ace – 10 burpees

Then a few rounds of pattycake Merkins with a battle buddy.

Mosey back to parking lot close to where we parked for Mary
Finished up with a couple of rounds of Ring of Fire (squats and Merkins)
A phrase stood out to me while reading Galatians chapter 1.  “Bear one another’s burdens”  We need to be ready to help one another during trials and troubles.  As we push each other each day let’s also be ready to pick up someone’s load who needs an extra hand.

Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Making The Most Of The Mundane

THE SCENE: Clear, mid 60’s

SSH x 25, Arm Circles x 15 forward and backward, Shoulder Taps x 15, Tempo Squats x 8, Imperial Walkers x 15, Cherry Pickers x 8
The workout was reverse suicides; 4 cones were laid out in the parking lot and each cone had an exercise assigned to it. 1st lap we’d run from one end of the lot to the farthest cone and do that exercise and run back. 2nd lap we’d do the same but add the 2nd cone on the way back. 3rd lap was same as before but added the 3rd cone, and same thing for the 4th lap and 4th cone. We did 3 rounds, which were broken up by Get Ups followed by hill sprints

  • Round 1: 1st cone – 10 American Hammers (4ct), 2nd cone – 15 Flutterkicks (4ct), 3rd cone – 20 BBS, 4th cone – 30 Oblique crunches (15 each side). Ended with 15 x Get Ups followed by a hill sprint
  • Round 2: 1st cone – 10 Squats, 2nd cone – 15 Box Cutters, 3rd cone – 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 4th cone – 20 180* Squat Jumps. Ended with 10 x Get Ups followed by a hill sprint
  • Round 3: 1st cone – 15 LBCs, 2nd cone – 15 Sumo Squats, 3rd cone – 15 Inch Worm Merkins, 4th cone – 15 Body Builders


Shared about how things have felt incredibly mundane within my own life. All the days seem similar. There’s not much going on aside from working from home, which most of us know is an absolute blast. I shared this with my students not long ago how this reminded me of 1 Kings 19:11-13, which says 11 The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.” Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12 After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. 13 When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave. Then a voice said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”. Seasons of routine and mundane days can actually have a lot of value, because they almost force us to be more willing and able to hear the Lord’s voice when it appears as a gentle whisper rather than a grand display of majesty or glory. So my encouragement to everyone, especially myself, was to be encouraged and view this season as an opportunity to train ourselves to be more aware of God’s presence.

tightrope walking

THE SCENE: 66* and a little muggy, perfect sweat angel weather
Shoulder taps x15
OH Claps x15
Merkins x10
Hillbilly’s x12
Tempo squats x12
SSH x15
Mosey out of the start point towards parking lot, make a left and head towards Broadway.  Didn’t have to wait long at the light, crossed over Broadway and through the Commercial Bank parking lot over to the back parking lot of Regions Bank.

Four cones spaced out in the parking lot, paying homage to Magic Mic’s beatdown at BB from last week.

Round 1: Lunge walk between cones, perform jump squats at cones increasing reps 4, 6, 8, 10.  Mosey back
Round 2: Crawl bear between cones, perform merkins at cones increasing reps 5, 10, 15, 20. Mosey back
Round 3: Frog jump (hands must touch ground) between cones, perform (someone said you like) burpees at cones increasing reps 2, 4, 6, 8.  Mosey back.

10 count breath snagger and then mosey up Lynnwood Drive a few buildings until we reach the parking lot with the coupons.  Everyone grab a rock, start the music up and run through as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes.

  • Boulder squats x15
  • Curls x20
  • OH Press x20
  • Rock swap merkins x10
  • Run at 80% pace to the brick wall and return.  Lather rinse repeat until timer goes off.

Quick mosey back down Lynnwood to the Regions parking lot again and circle up.  Amazon style swapper, two exercises back and forth with no rest between, decreasing reps each round.  Also, a different PAX leads the round each time.  Rep counts were 10, 7, 5 for each exercise.

  • Four count merkins
  • Tempo squats

Mosey back the way we came, through the bank parking lot and back across Broadway to the church parking lot to finish up.

American hammers x15
Flutters x10
10 Strong: Duggar, Swanson, PDA, Filter, SpaceX, Magic Mic, Walrus, Herbie, Puck, Abort
I asked if anyone knew who Karl Wallenda or Nik Wallenda are, which Filter did (I forgot your Applebee’s trivia gift card).  Karl Wallenda was a pretty famous tightrope walker who began his career in the 20s.  The Ringling Brothers added him to their circus, and he helped create some crazy stunts including the pyramid of people walking on a tightrope (which did kill a few members of his team in one accident).  Karl was killed as well while attempting to walk between two hotels in Puerto Rico.

Later on, his great grandson went back to the same spot and accomplished the walk.  Funny enough, earlier this year he walked 1800′ across an open volcano that took him over 31 minutes to cross.  Why would someone go back to the spot that killed their ancestor and attempt the same thing?  Legacy.  He wanted to keep the family legacy alive.  I hope that I am capable of something that will inspire someone else to come behind me and repeat, or even elevate to another level.  And I sincerely hope if I can that its something worthy of being referred to as legacy.

Team Building at the Quacken

THE SCENE: Upper 50’s, clear

SSH x 25, Arm Circles x 10 forwards and backwards, Shoulder Taps x 10, Tempo Squats x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10
Ran a lap around the park, then ran up to Gresham. Here we got into two teams of three for doras, but instead of each team working on their own with one partner running while the other did exercises, we had one team doing exercises in cadence while the other team ran together. So all the exercises were added amongst all of us, but each team of three did the workout together in cadence. We ran from the front of the school down to the loop at the bottom of the hill and back while the other team did exercises. The exercises were 100 x burpees, 200 x squat jumps and 300x LBCs

Ran back to parking lot across from AO and did a ring of fire with merkins, starting with 1 rep and ending with 5
Welcome to SpaceX
Been reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, which opens by saying “Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It’s teamwork that time and again proves to be the ultimate competitive advantage both because it is so powerful and so rare.” From experience we can all say that being on a team that is “rowing in the same direction” is a huge game changer. If I had tried to do this workout on my own I probably would have done 5 burpees and called it quits. My word of encouragement was to consider the teams we’re a part of, at work, home and anywhere else, and how to work together with them and “row in the same direction”

CSAUP coming up July 18th