F3 Knoxville

JUCO Care Bear IPC

THE SCENE: Not bad, about 65 degrees.


IPC – little time to stretch, most folks came early to stretch on your own


Move to the adjacent parking lot
Format – AMRAP for 45 min
Start at cone 1 and bearcrawl to cone 2 and perform 25 air squats
After the squats, bearcawl to the left to cone 3 and perform 25 merkins
After the merkins, reverse bearcrawl to cone 4 and perform 25 big boy situps
After the big boy situps, bearcrawl to the right to cone 1 and perform 25 burpees
Various mods through (some lunged, LBCs, mosey, side shuffle, etc)


Isaiah 1:1-16-17
Wash and make yourselves clean.
Take your evil deeds out of my sight;
stop doing wrong.
Learn to do right; seek justice.
Defend the oppressed.[a]
Take up the cause of the fatherless;
plead the case of the widow.


Message is simple, stop doing wrong, learn to do right.  Only through the power of Jesus can we do right


IPC Week 0

THE SCENE: 70 degrees and muggy

Fast and dirty…
IPC Week 0 – The Fat Coe Sandwich

Coe – 5 rounds:

  1. 20 thrusters
  2. 20 merkins

Brenton – 3 rounds:

  1. 100 foot bearcrawl out
  2. 100 foot burpee broad jump back
    • Perform 3 burpees and then 5 broad jumps

Coe – 5 rounds:

  1. 20 thrusters
  2. 20 merkins

No time.
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I love the magic of F3. Kotter from F3 Sun Coast posting down range with us for the IPC. Hooptie picking him up from the airport and Fixer Upper taking him back.

The IPC is important to me, it signifies my F3 anniversary. This is my 4th IPC, which makes it 3rd year. I’m so incredibly thankful.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
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Bruce Lee and the Catalina Wine Mixers

THE SCENE: No rain, which is always a disappointment for YHC.

SSH, cherry pickers, little arm circles, tempo squats, mosey!
Bear crawl across the bridge at the South end of the pond.

Bruce Lee- super set the following:

  • American Hammer (x10 4ct)
  • Leg raises (x10 4ct)
  • LBCs (x10 4ct)
  • Hell touches (x10 4ct)
  • Crunchy Frog (x10 4ct)
  • 100s (x10 4ct)
  • 30 second rest. Then repeat. We completed 3 sets this morning!

Mosey down the path for some DORAs:

  • 100 merkins
  • 200 Cataline Wine Mixers
  • 300 single leg squats

Mosey to the sun sphere- then ALL OUT back to the flag.

Drive-Thru, Abort, G-6, Ariel, Secret Shower, Wedding Singer, Fixer Upper, Red Writer, FNG Cascade, Frizzles
Outsourced the Word to the sixth man Fixer Upper who shared about feeling a lack of motivation lately. We were encouraged by his resilience in desiring to provide for his family in the midst of this season.
Learn from us- in a DORA format, 200 CWMs is a bit ambitious- especially on the concrete… Wedding Singer was picking gravel out of his elbows on his way back to the car.

Man Glitter in a Box

THE SCENE: Cooler, but still oppressive. 73 degrees, lots of humidity and no wind.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes, all the things

SSH, Tempo Merkins, Cherry Pickers, Windmills, TN Rockin’ Chair, Rocky Balboa’s with Karaoke

  • 10 Spider Merkins, run up Baby Everest, 3 Man Makers at the summit
  • Route 66 with Merkins on the way up and Squats on the way down
  • Run up Pickett’s Charge with Burpees at each plateau
  • DORAs at the Overlook with 6 Stations
    • Round 1
      1. Calf Raises
      2. Boxcutters
      3. Step-Ups
      4. Big Boys
      5. Merkins
      6. Lt. Dans
    • Round 2
      1. Carolina Dry Docks
      2. Imperial Squat Walkers
      3. Derkins
      4. X-Factors
      5. Sumo Squats
      6. Hello Dollys

Tha-Thang was enough. No time for Mary.
23 HIMs, including several from Big Ball who came to visit. Also Doublewide’s 2.0 Newton was part of our crew.
Matthew 5:9 and excerpts from Mark Richt’s book “Make the Call”. Learning to think outside the box to work on sharing God’s love with others, but seeking a way to be real with others using compassion & unique approaches.

Cleanup Service Opportunity, details forthcoming from Rainbow. Crab Legs invited everyone to a Poker Night charity event at Shults Brau for CCAHT (August 18th at 6:00pm).

Less Than Ultimate Frisbee

THE SCENE: 65 or so and clear

SSH, Michael Phelps, Hamstring Stretch, Quad Stretch, Butterfly Stretch (since he was in attendance)

PAX divided into two teams. There was Team 1 and I forgot the other team’s name. Two rucks were available, and each team was assigned a ruck to carry during the workout.

A bonus concept that emerged was “Don’t forget about the guy with the ruck.” While you are doing your thing, it is easy to forget that there are those who would appreciate your help. Bonus concept there.

Part 1

Timed AMRAP exercises. Since this wasn’t a race, the focus was on form. Straight back for Merkins, Straight back for squats, touch knee to ground for lunges (or as deep as possible), 1 min each exercise

  • Hand release Merkins
  • BBS
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Burpees

Part 1.1

CMU bear crawl across lawn. Some PAX did it with the ruck. Not sure why.

PAX not crawling were performing SSH or gasping for air.

Part 2

Less than Ultimate Frisbee

If the Frisbee hits ground – 1 burpee for everyone

If one team scores – 2 burpees for other team

When one team scores, an item is added to the team:

1st score – add ruck to carry (we set it down for a short while, it soon came back)

2nd score – add 1) 5 lb dumbbell to carry

3rd score – add 2) work gloves (from Harbor Freight)

4th score – carry CMU short distance across field 1x

5th score – add the Burpee Ball. This was a foam rubber offensive weapon which a PAX could use on the other team. Hit an opponent, they have to do a burpee. After this, the possession goes to the other team.

This proved to be a lot of of chaos and fun, and YHC would have continued the game longer if not for time. Teams were evenly matched and despite a direct hit to the face, the Burpee Ball was a crowd favorite.

Ran outta time

10 PAX including FNG Henna
YHC recently turned 40, I and took 40 days to concentrate on my habits. I added some things and took away some things.

Took away:

  • Sugary snacks, donuts, candy, ice cream, etc.
  • YouTube for entertainment purposes (fixing lawn mower – ok)
  • No phone in the bathroom (this is embarrassing)
  • Coffee limited to one cup a week on Saturdays


  • Exercise 45 mins, 3x a week
  • Cook meal 1x a week for family (didn’t want this to be all about me)


I did well, and was glad that I did it. I’d like to take another 40 day period to build on this one.

  • The desire to quit is strong, but the desire to cheat is even stronger
  • Quitting usually comes after cheating
  • I found myself not wanting to go back to the old habits, now that 40 days is up. That is, it would not feel like a relief to watch YouTube for hours, eating ice cream.
  • Positive habit change is possible.
  • Don’t try to “get it all back at once.” If there are areas that you know need change, take measured, reasonable steps, but it usually happens in smaller increments that we would like.
  • Cooking took more time and effort than I anticipated. I appreciate my M even more now.
  • If you try something like this, it can have positive influence on those around you. My M decided to focus on her eating habits and has lost 8 lbs in the past month. It was her idea to do this, and it has been beneficial to her.


    See above
    Wedding Singer’s mom has surgery this week, reminder to sign up for Convergence next week