F3 Knoxville

Big Ball Battle Buddy Beatdown ch. 3

THE SCENE: Perfect conditions for a beatdown. Clear and cool.


SSH, Arm Circles, ‘Round Towns, ‘Round-the-Worlds, Temp Squats, Tempo Merkins, Scorpions, Cherry-Pickers


  1. Battle Buddy Body Builder Circuit (All 3 sets of 15 reps per PAX)
    1. Battle Buddy Merkins
    2. Battle Buddy Presses
    3. Titanics
    4. Battle Buddy Throwdowns
  2. Indian Runs to Ampitheater
  3. 11s- Cobras and Inverted Rows
  4. Slowsy back to Fountains

Rowers to hit the rear delts

9 PAX! Soot, Amazon, Fixer Upper, Postman, Abort, Smoky, Vanilla, Wedding Singer, Drive-Thru

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Goo Nation often touts living in the Comfort Zone as effective Self-Care and is a safe place to retreat from Involuntary Hardship. In an attempt to handle the stress of life that wears on us, we can often choose to retreat to our Comfort Zone and become isolated, dull, and ineffective Sad Clowns.

In this fallen world, we will face Involuntary Hardship (negative stress). Struggles (and even tragedies) at work, in our families, and in our communities will always be present. Life will always be hard to one degree or another. Instead of choosing to live life hiding in the Comfort Zone, we can choose Voluntary Hardship (positive stress). Voluntary Hardship sharpens us and refines us. Voluntary Hardship can look like consistency in the Gloom, having a mentor or accountability partner who hold our feet to the fire, or living in the 3rd F by serving others and a cause greater than ourselves. Voluntary Hardship builds resiliency and makes us stronger and more capable to withstand the Involuntary Hardship that will come.

As Proverbs 27:17 states, one of the best ways to sharpen our blades with Voluntary Hardship is in relationship with other HIMs. We are called to push each other to be better. In this morning’s workout, we literally pushed each other to grow stronger. HIMs pull Sad Clowns out of their Comfort Zone, but HIMs also push other HIMs to accelerate their growth.

The challenge this morning is to not buy the lie that the way to a good life is by eliminating all stress. The challenge is to examine our lives and find where we need more Voluntary Hardship. More specifically, where do we need to be sharpened by our fellow HIMs and where can we help sharpen others? How can we use Voluntary Hardship to refit, retrain, and refocus after a season of Involuntary Hardship?

Be on the look out for Haw Ridge and North Hills Workouts!

Your Gifts

THE SCENE: A perfect morning, just minutes before the rain
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER – Steam did it

SSH, merkins, rockettes, imperial walkers
Insert information about the workout.

  • Hands had us “playing catch me if you can”
  • Then a bear crawl, lunge, run sequence of pain
  • Dora time with dive bombers, mountain climbers, and pike ups
  • CRISPR then doing more Dora with merkins, squats, and butterfly situps
  • William Wallace relays with planks/burpees, then squat/sprints
  • 7’s with incline merkins and step ups

19 HIMs for the launch of Asylum Daybreak

I often talk about quotes and they always get me thinking about stuff. As I take on this new leadership role, I think about a quote from Pablo Pisccao that says “The meaning of life is to find your gift”.

I’ve been through several leadership development programs over the years and had 360 reviews, etc and gift that always comes up for me is I’m dependable. When I take something on, I do what I say I’m going to do, and I do it 100%. Don’t have to check in and follow up because it’ll be done.

Going back to Picasso, the second half of the quote is, “The purpose of life is to give your gift away”. So as I assume this new role I hope that I can give my gifts to Asylum Daybreak.

So, the quote is “The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give your gift away”. So I ask each of you to think about that. What are your gifts and who are you giving them to?  Is there an aspect of your life that could really benefit from your unique gift? And if so, are you willing to give it to them?

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A lot going on in F3 Knoxville.  Painting Cardinal’s widow’s house March 18, Wild at Heart Retreat March 24, F3 Open House by Fixer Upper first week of April, Escape from Haw Ridge April 14, Hardship Hill on Memorial Day.

“If I want to be healthy …. “

THE SCENE: Pretty nice, dry and 45ish






Some back stretching stuff



4.5 laps around the park = 1.66 mile

5 min max burpees

1 min max Big Boy Situps

1 min max Merkins

Max pullups

Ran out of time (again)

Lizzy, Z-Pack, FixerUpper

I was listening to a Hunt for Wellness podcast (always a good listen) and the host, F3 Bones, was discussing alcohol. I included a link to the pod below. Please listen to it.

Bones said, essentially, “If you want to be healthy, here are some approaches you can try.” He went on to say that, fundamentally, alcohol is poisonous to us. Not great news.

Putting these two thoughts together, I get “If I want to be healthy, why would I drink poison?” I haven’t been able to think of a good reason yet.

Note : this is not intended to sway anyone one direction or another on alcohol. That is up to you. Some information states that drinking in moderation has some health benefits, but no one appears to recommend that non-drinkers start drinking.

However, I would like you to consider the question “If I want to be healthy, then ________ “

Often, I don’t even ask the question.

  • I eat the doughnut because it is there.
  • I watch the show because it is on.
  • I drink the beer because its in my fridge.
  • I fartsack because I didn’t prepare beforehand.
  • I miss connecting with my family because I am looking at my phone.

If I want to be healthy, then I need to ask myself some questions. Join me in this hard work, brothers.

Prayer for Z-Pack and his family.

Lizzy – GORUCK Tough on 2/24


F3 Open House – North Hills Edition. April 3 – 8. Weeknight workouts designed to reach men where they are and give F3 away to all takers. Service project included.

1st F Challenge – 8000 steps a day. See 1st F channel

Escape from Haw Ridge CSAUP – April 14 9pm – midnight





Better Late Than Never

THE SCENE: Balmy for a February morning. YHCs type of weather.

SSH – Tempo Squats – Calf raises – Hamstring stretch – SSH

We began a mosey heading towards the FC Skatepark. About halfway there we stopped for a quick peak at what was coming – one round of mucho lego (10 reps). Then we continued the mosey!

Once we reached the skatepark we began the beatdown in earnest. This consisted of 2 rounds of the following:

Mucho Lego (x10):

  • Narrow squat
  • Standard squat
  • Wide squat
  • Bonnie Blair

Ab Break 1

  • Freddie Mercury (x25)
  • Crunchy Frog (x25)

Leg Circuit 2:

  • Single Leg Pogo (x10 each leg)
  • Box jump (x10)
  • Super skaters (x10 each leg)
  • Jump squat (x10)

Ab Break 2:

  • Flutter Kick (x25)
  • American Hammer (x25)

Quick mosey down the block and back before repeating!

No time for a Mary today. Made it back to the flag just in time!
Frizzles (QIC), Fixer Upper, Lizzy
Take some time to think about how F3 has impacted your life. Who can you give it away to?

2/8/23 Quackblast

THE SCENE: Pretty nice, dry and 50ish


PAX took note that YHC mentioned “modifying” twice, presuming that the beatdown would be extra horrible. It was no such thing.



Michael Phelps



Some back stretching stuff

A couple trips across the FUMCFC parking lot

Travel halfway across, jog back, travel all the way across, jog back.

Methods of travel

  • Duck Walk
  • Crab Walk
  • Bear Crawl

EMOM for 10 mins

Q called out the exercise and the number of reps to be completed in 1 min. If PAX finished before 1 min, they could rest.

Exercises included :

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 OHP
  • 25 side bends with CMU
  • 25 plank jacks (single count)
  • 25 curls
  • 25 merkins
  • And some others

Because he saw it on TikTok, Lizzy took the opportunity to lead in some Joker merkins, which was a plank, crawl, pushup sorta deal.

Because he saw it on Slack, YHC took the opportunity to lead in some “Bunny Humpers.” This consists of our old friend the Murder Bunny, with a Monkey Humper added after every block movement.

Because the You v. You workout is coming up on 2/22, the PAX practiced max pullups and a .66 mile run for time.

Ran out of time (literally running as fast as possible during this time)
FixerUpper, Lizzy, Wilson
I was reminded at Q101 on Saturday that the workout is the means, not the end.

“The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

The goal of the workout is that our leadership is invigorated. How?

By practicing leadership both in the gloom and during the day.

By not fartsacking physically, spiritually, emotionally, or professionally.

By having authentic relationships with our families and each other.

Prayer for Z-Pack and his family.


You v. You Challenge on 2/22

VQ week, next week