F3 Knoxville

Later Q

THE SCENE: Steamy 70 degree morning

Quick: Side straddle hops, tempo squats, tempo merkins and  baby arm circles front then back with some overhead claps…to tha thang

It was a Hilly Dora Day

  • Everest
    • 150 Rear Lunges
    • 100 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 50 Big Boys
  • Follow the Guard Rail up to Asylum
    • 150 Squats
    • 100 Merkins
    • 50 4 Count Flutters
  • Hill by the AO
    • 150 Lunges–modified to until battle buddy gets down
    • 150 Tri-cep Dips—modified to battle buddy gets down
    • 50 LBC- didnt make it the 6:15 arrived

no time to much Thang


We took a moment to check out the stars, BOM was to take a moment to see God’s wonder in your day. There is always something that is amazing. Slow down and appreciate it!

Hurricane survivors, Prayers for Lazarus mom’s boyfriend, Archie’s mother in law, fundraising for non profits and safety for our families as we are away!


The Scene: hot and muggy

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

The Thang:

Michael Phelps IC x10

Imperial Walker IC x20

Side Straddle Hops IC x20

Circuit. Go for time: 20 Minutes. Each round, add 2-3 reps to each exercise. Start with 10 reps.

  1. Mosey to Playground:

Box Jumps


  1. Sprint to Pavilion:

Picnic Pull Ups


III. Sprint to Dugout:


  1. Sprint to Flag at Pavilion:




At the end of time, regroup at the flag:

Vups IC x10

Sundials OYO x20

Mosey to Cardiac Hill

-5 merkins @ bottom.

-Sprint to first turn.

-Mosey back to start.

-5 merkins @ bottom.

-Sprint to 2nd turn.

-Mosey back to start.

-5 merkins @ bottom.

-Sprint to top.

-Plank until everyone is finished. Mosey to bottom, picking up PAX, and then mosey to AO.

BOM: CountaRama, Name-a-Rama, etc.

29 PAX, 1 FNG – Two-Ply

The Power of Three

68 and Muggy

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

– SSH 25x (IC)
– Side Lunges 10x each leg(IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO
– Dive Bombers 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Forward 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Backward 15x (IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO

Divide into 3 groups and mosey with your group to the specified area…
– Group 1: w/Woodshack to flag pole / pavilion area
– Group 2: w/Pfiffer to hill near parking lot
– Group 3: w/me (Cap’n Crunch) stay in parking lot

Group 1
Circuit Circus
Divide up and head to 5 Stations (in the pavilion area).  PAX perform the prescribed exercises at the station and then move clockwise to the next station.  Continue rotating until time is up.
– S1: 10 Burpees & 20 Reverse Pickle Pounders
– S2: 15 Superman Swims &20 4ct Flutter Kicks
– S3: 10 Chin-ups & 20 Prisoner Squats
– S4: LCS Shuttle (Lunge to 1st cone, Bear Crawl back to 2nd cone, Sprint to 3rdcone and back)
– S5: 20 Derkins & 20 Let Me Ups

When relieved by Group 3, gather together and mosey to the hill.

Group 2
CMU Back Blaster
Get with a Battle Buddy.  Battle Buddy 1 runs to top of hill, does 3 burpees then back down.  Battle Buddy 2 does 1 of 3 exercises while Battle Buddy 1 is running.  When Battle Buddy 1 gets back they switch.  Do rotate through the three exercises and repeat until time ends.

– CMU Press
– CMU Swing
– CMU Bent Over Rows

When you see Group 3 move, gather together and mosey to parking lot.

Group 3
Partner with Battle Buddy of similar fitness level. There are six drills, each has an exercise to be completed on the spot and an exercise involving shuttle run of some type.  One Battle Buddy from each pair completes a shuttle while the other Battle Buddy completes the exercise on the spot. As soon as the shuttle is completed, tag your Battle Buddy and swap exercises.

Each drill will be 1:45 with 20 seconds rest in between each set.

Drill Shuttle Exercise Exercise at the Cone
1 Sprint x2 Diamond Merkins
2 Bear Crawl Star Jumps
3 Lunges Burpees
4 Sprint x2 Carolina Dry Docks
5 Bear crawl Squat Jumps
6 Lunges Burpees

When time is up, gather together and mosey to flag pole/pavilion area to relieve Group 1.

Groups rotate until time is up

Number off & Name-O-Rama

The opposite of manhood isn’t womanhood, it’s boyhood!  Our goal as HIMs is to always be moving forward own the road of maturity (RFP).  What F3 has taught me is that growth (physical, relational and spiritual) comes through challenge, consistency and comradery.

  • Physical: Take your DRP (Daily Red Pill)
    • Challenge – Get up and get out in the gloom!
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Relational: No lone ranger
    • Challenge – Reject passivity and engage with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Spiritual: Luke 9:23, “And he said to all, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’”
    • Challenge – Obedience and faithfulness
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX and Jesus himself (“follow me”)

This morning we had a special guest from a local news affiliate.  He came to do an online piece on F3.  He asked if I thought I could get a good sized group out on a Wednesday morning at 5:30am…61 PAX including 3 FNGs answered with a resounding “HELL YEA!”  For me, this sums up F3 Knoxville.  Over the pas 18 months this PAX has set the bar and then surpassed it when it comes to heart, passion, and dedication.  They work hard, play hard and always have each other’s six.  There is absolutely no questions…I’m a better man for being a part of this PAX, and Knoxville is a better city due to what these men are doing in each other.


71 and Gloomy

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

SSH x 11 IC
Cherry Pickers x 11 IC
Rockettes x 11 IC
These right here and Those Right There
Baby Arm Circles x11 IC
Merkins x11 IC

Parking Lot Eleven’s
Do 10 push-ups then run to the other side and do 1 BBS
Descending and Ascending

Mosey over to playground

Playground Eleven’s
10 Derkins & 1 Box Jump

Mosey over to Cardic Hill

Cardiac Hill – Circuit of 11’s
Start – 11 squat jumps
1st turn – 11 Diamond Merkins
2nd turn -11 Hello Dolly
Top of the hill- 11 American Hammers

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to coupon pile

Gone in 60 Seconds
Each exercise done for 60 seconds w/ coupons
Rd 1 – Front Shoulder Raise
Rd 2 – Shoulder Press
Rd 3 – Curls

Count off & Name-o-Rama

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Be bold this week men!

Gloom on Gloom on Gloom… This morning was hot and gloomy but together we prevailed and conquered the gloom. Have a great day men!

Monday Morning Mayhem

A tender, 75-degree kind of gloom

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hop
High Knees
Michael Phelps
Baby & Big Arm Circles

Location: Parking Lot
Duration: 25 Minutes

Instructions: Split group in 2, each receives deck of cards
Each suit is an exercise.  One person pulls a card at random, do the Exercise and the Number of them indicated by the number on the card. Do this til deck is done.
Hearts: Burpees
Diamonds: Merkins
Clubs: Squats
Spades: Big Boy Situps
Face Cards = 10
Aces = 15
Totals reps – 99 merkins, 99 burpees, 99 squats, 99 BBS

Get coupons and mosey to baseball field

Location: Baseball field
Duration: 10 Minutes (6:00-6:13)

Instructions: Start @ Home plate
Lap 1 – Lunge with coupons around the bases
At 2nd base, Drop Coupons in the DIRT and SPRINT to Centerfield Fence
Finish Lunges to Home
Lap 2 – Standing Broad Jumps
At 2nd, Drop Coupons in the DIRT and SPRINT to Centerfield Fence
Finish Broad Jumps to Home

Rinse and Repeat 2x (4 times around the bases)

Wrap up with pull-ups x15

Mosey back to parking lot for COT

Number off and Name-O-Rama

Proverbs 25:28 “A man without self-control (discipline) is like a city broken into and left without walls.” Remember the importance of self control. Without it we are like a broken down city, our lives are vulnerable to attack and decay. Pursue the Holy Spirit’s help in overcoming temptation and having self control