F3 Knoxville

Crit Fishin’ – Give thought to your steps

THE SCENE: Stormy, low 70’s, fantastic lightning show with a drizzle

  • Projectivators
  • Windmills
  • Hairy Rockettes
  • Tempo squats
  • Fence Steppers
  • Tempo merkins
  • Newton’s cradle

Went out back of the Senior Center for shelter from the lightning and got straight to work. Two teams, each with 12d20 and 5 cards of work.


  • Flip a card and complete it by performing the listed exercises. Each time a player completes a set, run a die to the cup. A card is complete when:
    • Every exercise has been performed
    • Every player has performed at least one set
    • All the dice are in the cup
  • Once the card is complete, grab the cup and roll all the dice into the box
    • For each 1, all players do five burpees
    • For each 20, bag the die – it is no longer required to complete a card.
    • Flip a new card and complete it as above.
  • A team wins when all their dice are bagged
  • When you finish all cards, go through them again, bottom to top with half the reps.

Every 4 minutes, when the horn sounds, stop what you are doing and hold a plank for 77 seconds.


  • Heavy Squats (30)
  • OHP (25)
  • Good Mornings (25)
  • Lunges (10/side)
  • Curls (30)


  • Burpee Jumpovers (6)
  • One arm Rows (10/side)
  • Heavy Freddies (30 4-ct)
  • OHP (25)
  • Kettlebell Swings (25)


  • Crossover Merkins (8/side)
  • Blockees (6)
  • Kettlebell Swings (25)
  • Tricep Extensions (30)
  • Heavy LBCs (30)


  • Blockees (6)
  • OHP (25)
  • Curls (30)
  • Lunges (10/side)
  • Kettlebell swings (25)


  • Derkins (20)
  • Two arm rows (30)
  • OHP (25)
  • Kettle swings (25)
  • Good mornings (25)

No time.


Proverbs 14:15 – The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.

This verse has been speaking to me all week, and I think it has a pointed message for our time and place. Is it safe to say that we all struggle to regulate our intake of information? Worse yet, how do we process that information and integrate it into the way we understand the world? The first part of this verse points to a problem we all face. Being simple, we simply believe things we hear or read or see. Now, it’s obviously impossible to challenge every single bit of information we take in, but we know that sources like media and hearsay demand our scrutiny. This faculty, however, is fatiguing, and when we fail to limit our intake, eventually we will fall into undiscerning consumption. I think the second part of this verse offers us a powerful tool to help in this predicament.

If you are prudent, where is your attention directed? To your steps. One of the toughest things to deal with is the expectation we feel placed upon us to have a rock solid position on seriously tough moral questions. For example, today, individuals are expected to take a side on the legal nuances of abortion and gun control, the scientific validity of potential anthropogenic effects on the earth’s temperature, and the morality and wisdom of foreign interventions by our nation. Any one of these topics could occupy a person’s attention for a lifetime without reaching a clear and decisive position, but we feel a social pressure to take a hard line based on the random assortment of personal opinions and online articles that we happen to have encountered. This is a trap, and our proverb gives us a better approach. Don’t give your attention to solving the divine mystery, instead focus on the places where your actual or figurative feet have to step. Take that wad of information and ask some simple questions. “How would this affect what I do? How does that action align with my integrated world view?”

In my experience, this simplifies many problems. I don’t need to understand climate science to see that it is better to be a careful steward of the resources under my control. I don’t need to be a doctor to know that I need to practice sexual integrity and care for the vulnerable around me. I don’t need to be a lawyer to know that handling firearms must be done with a serious mind for the risks. Now, from time to time, each of us may encounter a moment when a particular topic becomes more real, and a hard decision will need to be made. But solving a real problem with real people is a much different process than the esoteric hypothesizing that is required to try and solve the problem in advance. With prayer and discernment, you can do your best to make the decision and then lean on God’s grace to make up the difference. Unlike the hypothetical, it has a beginning and an end. By reducing the problem to the real, often people who may disagree about the hypothetical find themselves aligned on many points.
I think we made it through 6 or 7 cards, to have a reasonable chance of getting all 12 dice, you probably need to complete 50…

Have to try this one again when we can run laps instead of planking.
Aug. 6 family workout @ 8am, also work day at cerebral palsy center in knoxville. Pool party at Borg’s to follow family workout. Equalizer is doing a family workout July 30th.