F3 Knoxville

Heat Wave

THE SCENE: Sunny, HOTt, humid… typical E TN summer day.


-Motivators (5 count, descending)

– 10 Plank  Jacks (4-ct, IC)

– 15 Moroccan Night Clubs (4-ct, IC)

– 15 Overhead Seal Claps (4-ct, IC)

– 10 Steve Earls (4-ct, IC)

– Little of this and that


MOSEY to the Bowl area by the Bermuda Triangle.

  • JINXY’S FOUR AND A QUARTER. Start at bottom of hill, run to top of slope and do 25 reps of an exercise, return to starting position.  R&R 4 times, totaling 100 of the exercise.
    • Round 1: Carolina Dry Docks
    • Round 2: LBCs (single count)
    • Round 3: Lunges (single count)

MOSEY to Grassy Area by Base of Everest.

Totem Pole.  Start at 10, do all the exercises, then run to the bench by the road (or to Summit, dealer’s choice), do 10 SSH, and return. Then start at 9, etc.

  • 10 Burpees
  • 9 Mountain Climbers (4-ct)
  • 8 Diamond Merkins
  • 7 Box Cutters
  • 6 American Hammers (4-ct)
  • 5 Imperial Squat Walkers (4-ct)
  • 4 Hand Release Merkins
  • 3 Prisoner Get Ups
  • 2 Squats
  • 1 Star Gazers (10 seconds).  Rabbits R&R

We got about 75% of the way through this.

Go up Summit twice, once must be Bernie.  Do 25 MERKINS, 25 BBS, 25 SQUATS, and 25 IMPERIAL WALKERS somewhere along the way.  Rabbits rinse and repeat the exercises until 6 catches up.


Ran out of time.  Did some light stretching.
22 Strong
Special WORD by Lilydipper, who has been out with an injury for a few months.  Thought it would be great to have him address the PAX as he recovers from hip surgery.  Here are his words:

Gents, I haven’t been able to work out with you guys since mid-March.  Here we are in August, 5 months later.  Your fellowship lifts me up.  Thank goodness I have been able to come to board meetings.  I get to share a beer with you, see my brothers, commune with you.  Man, I need that fellowship.  I know Jinxy has needed it as well and that is why he was hobbling on crutches to the board meetings before he healed enough to join you guys in workouts.  The well-wishes you shared with us and the prayers you prayed for us have meant more that I think either one of us can say.

But what I want to share with you today is the importance of the workout.  I have been thankful to have fellowship with you brothers at board meetings and Coffeeteria.  Yet, I can’t wait to get back to the workouts.  Of course the workout makes us more physically fit.  I must admit that I have gained about ten pounds since mid-March.  But it is not physical fitness that I want to talk about.  It’s the bond created by going through the gloom, the heat, the sweat, the grime, the gasps for breath, the spilling or merlot, the dizziness, the pain, the questioning of self, the suffering through hell with one’s brothers – that is what I want to talk about.

Jetlag and I were conversing about Coffeeteria the other day.  Both of us agreed that part of what makes it so special is the suffering that precedes it.  Somehow that coffee and bagel just tastes better when you have made it through the torture with your brothers. As Crawdad says, “It’s the reward, baby!”   And, believe me, an ice cold beer at the Board Meeting certainly tastes better after suffering through the heat of the Fake Gloom.

Still, what makes the workout even more special is being able to look at your brother and think, “man we have been through this together.”  Each man in F3 has a respect for the other because we know what the suffering is like.  Yeah, Swimmies may run around the Caribbean three times faster than me.  He respects that pain and he knows I am feeling it too.  We each know that we are pushing to get better.  He respects this old man because I am willing to go through the same ring of pain that he is.  I love that about F3.  I also love how we encourage each other.  Doubtfire is one of the best at doing this. “Hang in there, Lily, you got this.  I’ll run with you, c’mon, let’s get over that hill.”  We cheer for each other, pull each other through.  “Leave No Man Behind.”

Bros, I appreciate you allowing me to join you for fellowship after the workouts.  I see you guys drenched and grass-stained after a difficult beat-down and I almost feel guilty for showing up in my dry clothes.  Just know that when I am fully healed (which the surgeon says should be about mid-October) I will be glad to hook shields with you and battle beside you once more.

Prayers for Guppy’s sister, who is expecting.  UPDATE, shortly after the workout, she delivered a healthy baby daughter!  Prayers for those affected by the flooding in Tennessee.  Also, we presented Lilydipper with a ruck sack/plate/patch gift to help him with his recovery.
Iron Pax coming up, food drive continuing for a few weeks, Hardship Hill obstacle construction help needed (contact Sparkler).

15 Beating the heat at Asylum

THE SCENE: Hot with a few clouds, but mostly hot

SSH IC – 25
Arm Circles IC  10 x 2
Pinto Twist 10
Michael Phelps a/r
Grady Corn 32
Cherry Pickers 15
BBS 15


Mosey down stairs to everest
15 merkins – run half way up and then back
16 merkins – run half way up and then back
17 merkins – run half way up and then back
Peoples Chair against Fence with left punch, right punch
Mosey to Triangle
Station 1 pickle pounder , 2-Crab Jack (2 ct), 3 -Rocky Balboa (2 ct) – 5, 10 ,15
Station 1 -Amer Hammer 2 ct, 2 -Shoulder taps- 2 ct, 3 – Iron Mike (2 ct) – 5, 10.15
Mosey to stop sign
Ring of Fire – 3 rounds increasing number of Merkins up to 3
Mosey to Rock Pile
30 Press
30 curls
30 lift
Mosey to AO





Knox county drug overdose deaths were 259 in 2019, 383 in 2020 and year to date as of Aug 1 were 257 !, which at the current rate equates to 440 deaths in 2021, that’s a 70% increase from 2019.  In the US, there were 93,391 deaths due to drug overdose in 2020, compare that to about 37,000 in 2010. In 2020, records were set for the most death due to opioids, the most deaths from stimulants like methamphetamines and the most deaths from the deadly class of synthetic opioids known as fentanyls.


Compare the US Overdose numbers (93k) to the number of deaths due to Covid 19 in 2021- 336,802. This epidemic is all around us, be aware and take action where you can. These people dying are not strangers, they are brothers, sons, daughters, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles. We have to turn this around!

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Hardship Hill on Oct 2

DORAS Galore!

THE SCENE: Rare gem of a day! 80 degrees, sunny, low humidity.


Done and Done!

– 20 SSH (4-ct), in cadence

– 10 Windmills (4-ct), in cadence (We came close to starting over because PAX lost count, except for Jetlag, who bailed everyone out.  Then the smart-alecks started exaggerating the count, shouting it out excessively loudly, which was actually kind of hilarious)

– 10 Steve Earles, (4-ct), in cadence

– 20 Grady Corns (4-ct), in Cadence


MOSEY to rock pile below Coliseum. BATTLE BUDDY UP!  Each set of partners pick up a pair of equally sized rocks. Alternate carrying the rocks between the partners as we run around.  High Heels picks up a pebble so small that a toddler could easily lift it. 🙂

MOSEY to parking lot below Coliseum. DORAS! WINGS UP x 100

  • Partner 1, RUN up to end of roundabout, 10 ROCKY BALBOAS (2-ct), run back
  • Partner 2: Do exercise, until cumulative total = 100

MOSEY to stop sign at southern corner of circle drive. DORAS! WINGS DOWN x 100

  • Partner 1, BERNIE to tree about 50 yards away, 10 SSH, run back
  • Partner 2: Do exercise, until cumulative total = 100.

MOSEY to Amphitheater. DORAS! WINGS OUT x 100

  • Partner 1, Run up hill, 10 JUMP SQUATS, run back
  • Partner 2: Do exercise, until cumulative total = 100.


  • Partner 1, Run down stairs, 10 HAND RELEASE MERKINS, run back
  • Partner 2: Do exercise, until cumulative total = 100.

MOSEY to Stop sign at northern corner of circle drive. DORAS! CURLS x 100

  • Partner 1, BEAR CRAWL to edge of guard rail, 10 Diamond Merkins, run back
  • Partner 2: Do exercise, until cumulative total = 100.

MOSEY to grassy area on north side of Pickett’s Charge. DORAS! ROWS x 200 (since these are easy…)

  • Partner 1, EL CAPITAN to tree about 10 yards away up the hill, 10 IMPERIAL SQUAT WALKERS , run back
  • Partner 2: Do exercise, until cumulative total = 100.

MOSEY to Rock Pile. DORAS! PUNCHES x 100

  • Partner 1, REVERSE LUNGE up hill, 10 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, run back.  (These didn’t work too well.  Really tough to actually reverse lunge uphill, although Abscess gave it his absolute best.  This was actually hilarious, as he was trying to go backwards, but really not going anywhere.  TClaps for trying, though). Modified to forward lunges or Bernie up the hill instead.
  • Partner 2: Do exercise, until cumulative total = 100.


Leg Stretches
18 strong! No FNGs. Grid Iron not tagged.

The Screwtape Letters were written by CS Lewis to his good friend, JRR Tolkien. The character Screwtape is a senior demon in hell who counsels his nephew, Wormwood, how to corrupt a human (called “The Patient” in the letters).  Wormwood is rather incompetent, and wants to try all sorts of extravagant tricks on the Patient, but Wormwood counsels him to take a more nuanced approach, such as the one depicted in this letter.  As he says to Wormwood in another letter, “… the safest road to hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts“.  The take home message of the letter that Judge Judy posted in the 3rd F channel is that disagreements on things such as politics can distract us from our internal (i.e., religious) growth and development.  So next time you feel your blood pressure rising after watching cable news, or see you that one post on Facebook that you are just dying to respond to, maybe try to take a deep breath, disconnect, and focus on something you can do to serve your community, your family, your God

Prayers for several PAX going through difficult challenges, particularly with health issues to them or their families.
Wesley House work day this Saturday! Off the Chain CSAUP coming up.  Start thinking about Hardship Hill teams!

Asylum PM

THE SCENE: 84 degrees warm and sunny with cool breeze

Side straddle hop

Baby arm Circle then reverse

stretching bending forward

Cherry picker

Slow tempo Squat


and stretching one leg at a time in squat position with one leg out.

Mossy to the North of the Coliseum then Pyramid exercises x 10 reps single count start with following exercises

  • Merkins
  • Dry docks
  • Shoulder Tap
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Side straddle hop
  • Then
  • Mossy to the other side of the coliseum down to the steps and field.
    Pick up a rock and perform
  • Biceps Curls, shoulder press, rows and triceps. Every exercise, mossy to the base of the steps and back to do another exercise with the rock until you completed all the exercises.
  • then mossy to the Trees (Tres Amigos) Three Amigos then perform Abs Cocktails
  • 20 count Flutter Kicks, Hello Dolly, Box cutter and Bigboy sit ups.

Mossy again to the stop sign and Bernie sanders with 3 stops with Squats each stop and the last top with Side straddle hop. Mossy to the bat cave and abs exercise, mossy down to the steps and another flutter kicks and run to the steps. And Recover


14 HIM came at the Asylum PM

Find Comfort with your life and work hard to achieve your goals
Please say a Prayer to Abacus Mom for full healing and recovery.

Pyramid Laps

THE SCENE: Cloudy and humid, but SOOO thankful for relatively cool temps (80 degrees) and a nice, gentle, whispering breeze…


Welcome to F3, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. F3 is a free workout program designed to improve fitness, share some camaraderie, and foster male leadership in the community.  I’m Pele and I will be your Q today.  I am not a professional, and I do not know your fitness level or injury history.  Please push yourself, but modify the workout as necessary to avoid making any existing injuries worse.  The goal is to get better together!


– Motivators (5-ct, descending)

– 10 Windmills (4-ct), in cadence

– Michael Phelps

– 10 Tempo Seal Claps (4-ct), in Cadence

– 10 Tempo Overhead Claps (4-ct), in Cadence

– OYO leg stretching


MOSEY to parking lot below Coliseum.

  • Pyramid laps! Partner up with like speed. Run opposite directions, Every time you meet (half way and back at start), do the following exercises in REPS of 20
    • LAP 1 Merkins
    • LAP 2 Merkins, LBCs
    • LAP 3 Merkins, LBCs, Mtn Climbers (2-ct)
    • LAP 4 Merkins, LBCs, Mtn Climbers (2-ct), Bobby Hurleys
    • LAP 5 LBCs, Mtn Climbers (2-ct), Bobby Hurleys
    • LAP 6 Mtn Climbers (2-ct), Bobby Hurley s
    • LAP 7 Bobby Hurleys

MOSEY to Amphitheater

  • Goal is to do each group of exercises, going up to top of hill after each group is completed, for a total of 5 times up the hill. Can be done in any order.  Exercise groups are:
    • 20x: LBCs, BBSs, American Hammers (4-ct), Bicycle Kicks (4-ct)
    • 20x: Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Bottle Taps (4-ct), Diamond Merkins
    • 20x: Bobby Hurleys, Iron Mikes (2-ct), Froggie Jumps, Squats.
    • 20x: SSH (2-ct), High Knees (2-ct), Butt Kickers (2-ct), Mountain Climbers (2-ct), Smurf Jacks
    • 10 x: Cherry Pickers (4-ct), Windmills (4-ct), Grady Corns (4-ct)

* we only got about 1/2 way through this before we ran out of time.

AYG Mosey back to AO.

LBCs until 6 caught up.

Q called time prematurely, so we did tempo squats (10, 4-ct, IC) and 5 burpees just to make sure those guys keeping REEEAAALLL close track of time got their money’s worth! >:)

9 HIMs, no FNGs.  Grid Iron not tagged.


Awhile ago, I heard the story of college basketball player, the starting center, who made a vow when he was young to never play basketball on Sundays.  His team made it to the Final Four, and then the championship game, which, unfortunately, was to be played on Sunday.  He explained his predicament to his coach and teammates, and they tried to convince him that just this one time, couldn’t he break his commitment and play?  Here it was, the biggest game of his life… why couldn’t he just make an exception?

In the end, he sat out the game.  As he explained it later, the nature of the promise wasn’t as important as the keeping of the commitment.  He said in the end it was an easy decision.  It’s much easier to hold on to your convictions 100 percent of the time than it is 98% of the time, because then you have to make decisions constantly instead of simply sticking to your guns.

It comes down to a choice about marginal benefits in measuring the value of your life.  Is it ok to do something wrong or unethical just this ONE TIME, for a benefit? Or is your life filled with greater meaning to forego that temporary benefit so that you can assure yourself you have fulfilled your promise to try not to sin, even though we understand and accept that we are all, in the end, sinners.

Prayers for Biscuit and Wax Job and their families as their loved ones struggle with serious health issues.  Prayers for Jinxy and Lilydipper as they continue to heal.  Praise for Thunderstruck, who is getting married Saturday, and praise that Jinxy has been able to get out and attend workouts, modifying as needed.

Wesley House volunteers needed; CSAUP at Dog Pound end of July.