F3 Knoxville

Mucho Chesto with Dora and Paula

THE SCENE: low 50’s…absolutely perfect



  • SSH x20 IC
  • Tempo Squats x10 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x10 IC
  • Burpees x10 oyo


  1. Mosey to the amphitheater
    • Battle buddy up
    • DORA reps of the following while partner runs to end of stage and completes 10 box jumps
      • 100 Thrust Merkins
      • 100 Incline Merkins
      • 100 Decline Merkins
  2. Mosey to the Methodist Church parking lot
    • Keep same battle buddy & grab 1 rock per team
    • DORA reps of the following while partner runs to top of parking lot and completes 5 burpees
      • 100 Overhead Press
      • 100 Goblet Squats
      • 100 Squat Press
  3. Stay in same parking lot
    • Paula Abdul the parking spaces (2 forward, 1 back)
    • 10 merkins each trip forward
    • 10 squats each trip backward
  4. Mosey back to splash pad


  • Flutter kicks x20 IC
  • Boat/canoe
  • Peter Parkers

35 strong including 2 FNG and 1 out of towner.

Cowbell, Uni, Popeye, Crawdad, Cramps, Plunger, Bermuda (FNG), Abort, Passport, Preacher, Plunder, Uncle Rico, Prom King, G-6, Swanson, Faceplant, Petey, Frank, Quarantine, Primo (Charlotte), Gretzky, Hillary, Bessie, Putt-Putt, Cardigan, Rascal, Guppy, Gerber (FNG), Stagehand, Steam, Soot, Cougar, Red Writer, Careless, Bartman

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter”.  This quote is attributed to Francis Chan as well as DL Moody – regardless of who said it first it is absolutely true and has been a challenge for me this week.  Where do I invest my time?  Is it on worldly possessions?  Comforts?  Fitness?  My career?  All of these things, while nice, are ultimately not what our focus should be.  Jesus is in the relationship business and we should be too.  Our efforts should be toward brotherhood, accountability, being bold in our faith, helping our brother when he falls.  These are what is important in light of eternity.



  • G-6 mentioned he is in need of a person to help at one of his camps.  It’s a paid position…contact him for more information.
  • Alcoa CSAUP is coming up this Saturday 2/24 @ 6am.

Listening in the Rain

THE SCENE: 50 degrees and raining



SSH IC x 25

Cherry Pickers IC x 10

Tempo Squats IC x 10

25% Jog across the parking lot, 50% Jog, high knees, butt kickers, 75% Jog


Circuit Workout on the Grinder inspired by a workout Frenchie Q’d a couple months back.

Total of 4 stations (one at each of the corners) and then 5 Burpees at the top of Little Baby Hill:

  • Station 1: Superman Swims, 4 ct. American Hammers
  • Station 2: Merkins, Dry Docks
  • Station 3: Iron Mikes, Squat Jumps
  • Station 4: Box Cutters, 4 ct. Flutter Kicks

Pick a Battle Buddy and disburse evenly to the four stations. Pick whichever one of the exercises you feel like doing at each station (most people just alternated between the 2 exercises each round). Start with 20 reps of the chosen exercise at each station and complete the circuit. Next round decrease to 18 reps, 16 reps, 14 reps, etc.

When finished at Station 3, Bear Crawl to Station 4 (I forgot to Bear Crawl on the very first round even after making “fancy” signs but thankfully Proton was there to gently remind me).  After Station 4, run up Little Baby Hill and do 5 Burpees at the top. Mosey back down to Station 1. Rinse and repeat the circuit until time.


Hello Dolly IC x 20

30 seconds AMRAP LBC’s to finish


24 strong on a rainy morning – no FNG’s today


We can be good at talking with God, but how much are we listening? My prayer life has grown tremendously in the course of the past year, but I do a really poor job of allowing God to respond. I pray and then rush on to the next activity in the day. Sometimes those are really good activities like reading Scripture or reading a devotional, but without taking a pause and listening for God’s response, I’m not allowing room for Him to do His work in me.

I-Beam shared this piece of his devotional with me a couple weeks back, and it really resonated with me:

“Suppose I go to the doctor and say, ‘Doctor, I have a lot of problems: I twisted my knee….my eyes itch…my finger is swollen…I have a backache….’ Then, having gotten through my list of complaints, I look at my watch and say, ‘Goodness me, time is getting on. I must be off.’ The doctor might want to say, ‘Hang on a second, do you not want to hear what I have to say?’

If we only speak to God and never take time to listen, we make the same mistake. We do all the talking, and we don’t actually listen to Him. But our relationship with God is meant to be a two-way conversation.


The fine people at Abridged Beer Company have agreed to host a 2nd F “Fellowship” on February 15th at 6:30pm. $2 for every beverage will be donated by Abridged to our selected charity. This month…Operation Enduring Warrior. Come out, have some fellowship, and do good! See you all there!!

Rocks and Running

THE SCENE: Beautiful 43 degrees



Mosey up little baby hill and circle up in the parking lot at the top.

  • 25 SSH IC
  • 10 Cherry Pickers IC


Mosey to the bottom of Everest. 20 Merkins OYO. All out to the top of Everest.

Pair up with a Battle Buddy. One partner runs the loop around the asylum while the other partner does the following with a rock:

  • 20 Curls
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Flutter Kicks on the 4-count
  • Repeat until your partner returns and then switch

Lap 1 was way longer than I remembered, so we called an audible. 2nd set – one partner runs down to the stop sign and back, while the other partner does the following with the rock:

  • 20 Should Presses
  • 20 Bent Over Rows
  • 20 BBSU’s

Mosey back to the AO and line up on the baseline. Bear crawl across the parking lot and then lunge back. 2nd set – front crab walk half-way and then jog it out to the other side. Repeat on the way back with backwards crab walk.


Woodshack led us in some Iron Cross Flutter Kicks, and Cap’n Crunch cashed it out with some ATM’s.


43 strong this morning – No FNG’s


Be content with the gifts and blessings that God grants you. We all fall into the trap of wanting more…..just a little more money, a little bigger house, a nicer vehicle, just a little more time, a little more grace from our spouses. The bottom line, though, is that no matter how much “more” we have in terms of worldly possessions, it will never provide the fulfillment and joy that we are seeking. No matter how much “better” our circumstances become, we will never be satisfied. We must avoid the temptation to keep wanting more, and instead, be content and thankful for everything that God has already given to us.


3rd F event coming up this Sunday (2/4) at the Wesley House. Workout starts at 2 pm and will be a great way to give back to the community.

Oh The Humanity

THE SCENE: Clear, 36 degrees

  • Baby arm circles x 10 each direction
  • SSH x 25 IC
  • 10 Tempo Squat IC
  • 10 Merkin IC
  • Happy Jacks x 4 IC

Mosey around field to start point

Burpee Dan across field (1B: 4 lunge run back to start, 2B: 4 lunge run back to start, 3B: 4 lunge run back to start, 4B: 4 lunge run back to start)

Hindenburg Blimps: Four stations around field. Conduct exercise at each cone, sprint between each cone until back at start, begin next round. (Modified…it doesn’t spell blimp)

  • Round 1: 20 Lunges
  • Round 2: 30 BBS
  • Round 3: 40 Merkin
  • Round 4: 50 Squat

Mosey to fountains. Flutter Kicks x 60
18 PAX: Frank, Pfeiffer, Steam, Tooth Fairy, Quarantine, Uncle Rico, Heisenberg, Savannah, Abort, Plunder, Swanson, G-6, Singlet, Quickbooks, Passport, Hang Tight, Manwich
F3 is a place to learn about leadership and we are encouraged by each other to lead. Take advantage of the opportunity to lead/Q. The brothers around you will support you. F3 is the lowest stress leadership opportunity  you will find.
Big Ball will be open on Saturdays starting 12/2/17!

Monday Mayhem…

37 degrees and clear

– Side Straddle Hop x25 (IC)
– Squat x15 IC FROM| count 3-1 (i.e. “1, 2, 3” = the slow drop)
– Lunge x10/leg IC FROM *end with isolation; hold 10 count/leg
– Big & Little Arm Circles x10 (IC)
– Reverse Big & Little x10 (IC)
– Mountain Climber / Merkins. x10
+ MC on 3 count
+ Then Merkin x 2 OYO and hold at top. Repeat. Start MC’s together
– Slaughter Starter x15 (OYO)

Follow the Leader
4 Single File Lines (do what I do)
We Will Rock You (Pat-Pat-CLAP)
Pick Up Coupons On Way Back

4 minute routines that consist of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest…
– Uppercut Coupons
– Explosive Leg Lunge
– ABC’s
– Worst Merkin Ever

Cardiac Hill
Group 1: 10 Merkins, 10 big boys, 10 Pickles
Group 2: Run down and sprint up Cardiac Hill

Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

“Gentleness is strength and power under control”

As men in today’s culture, gentleness is not a celebrated characteristic. Gentleness, to us, usually means weakness at it’s best and femininity at it’s worst. But when we look at the scriptures, it’s one of the chief characteristics of being a HIM / man of Christ. Paul says it’s a fruit of the Spirit that we should bear. Scripture says “let your gentleness be evident to all”.

When we look at the masculinity of Jesus, we see that gentleness is a chief trait of our Master. Matthew 26, on the night he was betrayed and arrested, Jesus said to Peter: “Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?” He could’ve laid the boom at any moment. He had all the power in the world. But he humbled himself and died for us instead.

Gentleness is strength and power under control

— Red Writer & Doogie