F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE:  40 degrees F, 69% humidity, dark with clear skies.

SSH, Inch worms

30 second planks: High, low, John Trivolta’s left and right, rear

Glute Marches

  • With two CMUs, one held high and the other low, perform reverse lunge to step up (5/leg).  After that perform single leg Romanian Dead Lifts (8/leg).  Do three total rounds and plank until all HIMs are complete.
  • Push – Pull Ladder:  8 to 1 pull ups or inverted pull ups, 16 to 2 merkins.
  • Four Rounds: 5x CMU Curtsy Squats, 4x Burpee broad jumps, 3x grinder laps.

20x Flutter kicks, 20x box cutters, 50x LBCs
11 HIMs including Spooks (Travis Elkins) from Fredericksburg, VA.
Jude 24-25:  Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever.  Amen.

This should be our reason for assurance and hope.  Live it.

Prayers for Fins mom (health) and for Espy’s family (death of his dad).
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12 Daze

THE SCENE: 46 degrees F, 90% humidity,

Mosey to Mt. Crumpit with CMU gift in hand. From the base of Mt. Crumpit run to the first Daze and do the exercise with CMU.  Run back to base and do the first Home Base exercise.  Run to second Daze and do that exercise plus the first one.  Run back to base and perform second exercise. Continue till all 12 Daze are completed (all 12 are performed at the last Daze) and all Home Base is complete.

12 Daze

1x Roll Over Merkin (all sides)

2x Blockies

3x OH Squat Press

4x On the Shelf (4/side)

5x CMU Swings

6x Goblet Squats

7x Upright Rows

8x Triceps Extensions

9x Curls

10x Lawn Mowers (per arm)

11x Bent Rows

12x Dips


Home Base Exercises  (12x Each)

  1. Dry Docks
  2. Iron Mike Squats
  3. Body Builders
  4. WWII Situps
  5. Shoulder Taps (4 ct)
  6. Squat Jumps
  7. SSH (4 ct)
  8. Plank Jacks (4 ct)
  9. Box Cutters
  10. Merkins
  11. Flutter Kicks (4 ct)
  12. Mountain Climbers (4 ct)

(Note:  Most completed the first 10 or 11.  All were gathered together at the 12 Daze and completed the exercises in cadence before heading back to the AO.)
No time for Mary today.  Actually ran 4 minutes over time.
13 HIMs bearing CMU gifts
What does this time of year bring to your mind?  Past gatherings with family and friends? Reminders of favorite gifts received when you were young?  The excitement you had when you saw your wife or children open a special gift you gave them?  I certainly have those memories.

There is another memory I have and it comes to me every time I hear or sing Silent Night.  Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, Bob Hope would take a USO show to the soldiers in Vietnam.  It was his way of bringing joy to a desperate place; his way of giving back to those who were giving so much for us back home. It was about two hours of comedy, song and dance, and beautiful women for the GIs to enjoy.  And did they ever enjoy the time.  The looks on their faces told it all.

As tradition had it, Bob Hope ended each show with clips from the several locations they visited.  That clip was a montage of the singing of Silent Night.  It was hard to keep the tears from flowing – from me or from the military personnel in the audiences.  It is a scene I will never forget.

All of this reminds me of the verse in Luke that captures the feelings of Mary on that first night of Jesus as a baby.  The shepherds had appeared at the manger and told Mary and Joseph all that the angels had told them about the child.  Luke 2:19 “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

We need to do the same. We need to ponder the beauty of God’s gift of His Son.  The gift that is our only way to everlasting life with God.  And if we haven’t done a good enough job of it, we need to provide those experiences with the ones we love so they can treasure up and ponder for years to come.

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Breakfast at Drifter’s on Saturday, December 28th.

The Assembly Line


Played text to speak, side straddle hops, little baby arm circle, and cherry pickers.
The Assembly line:

  • One man at each CMU setup in a line.
  • One extra man at the F-Bomb (60 pound over sized bag about 50″ wide)
  • While the one pax carries the F-Bomb down to the road and about 100 yards roundtrip.
  • The rest do one of 10 exercises(listed in pic below), once he returns, he goes to the end of the line and everyone moves up a space.
  • Switch to the next exercise.

Flutter kicks and box cutters
I have been treating some of my daily life like an assembly line.  There are large task that I need and want to finish and by setting aside a little time every day, I have started to complete some of these things.  Nothing is too large to accomplish or overcome.  Sometimes it takes a whole assembly line of support, or you learn how to do the next part of the assembly line and you keep moving.  Eventually you get a finished product.

F3 Workout

Burpees and wheel barrow practice

THE SCENE: 70s overcast

1 burpee

10 merkins

2 burpees

10 squats

3 burpees

10 imp walkers

4 burpees

10 imp squat walkers

5 burpees

10 ssh

6 burps

10 monkey h

7 burpees

10 overhead claps

8 burpees

10 big boys

9 burpees

10 flutter kicks

10 burpees

Escalator to kiddie slope

Escalator , 10 burps, 20 Dry docks, 30 monkey jumpers , 40 lbc

  • Partner wheel barrow up kiddie slope
  • 20 cones spread out about 10-12 yards apart all the way up kiddie slope
  • Partner wheel barrow to each cone , partner switched at each cone. At each cone before moving on , do 10 V ups(both partners )
  • We made it about halfway and running out of time , we…..
  • Broad jump burpee to the next cone , then lunge to the next cone alternating to the top of kiddie slope
  • Mosey to Crumpit for 7s , monkey humpers at the base, Bernie to the cones , WWII sit-ups
  • mosey back to the AO

Alternating Superman’s


hello dollies

boat canoe….catamaran!

cash out with ATMs

12 pact

Good teammates pull their weight.

Great ones hold you accountable and lift you up so you can pull your own.


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Pillar Strength

THE SCENE: Clear skies, 75 degrees F, 86% Humidity (Spook was workout Q)

Power/Core/Prehab – clapping pushups x 5; side plank; 90-90s x5 – 3 rounds

Strength – lateral lunge with block; single arm block chest press; shoulder taps (10 reps each side)

Strength- single leg RDL (10 per side); single arm block rows (10 per side); glute marching (10 per leg)

Grinder – split leg squats x 8, block pullovers x 8, single arm block carry 100 yards, 150 yard shuttle run


A total of 10 HIMs including Spook from Fredericksburg, VA
Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This verse is not intended to be a security blanket to us. God will not take away suffering.  Rather this verse reminds us with true, gospel confidence that He will give us hope in the midst of it.  Trust God and His perfect will for us.

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