F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: It was nice!

  • BA Cir FWD/REV IC x 6
  • Merkin IC x 10
  • Yoga Stretches – gotta get the hips loose

5 stations w/ 3 exercises & 25 reps each – 3x thru -> then move to the next

  • Station 1
    • Merkins
    • Shoulder Taps
    • Thrusters
  • Station 2
    • Squat
    • Lunge
    • Skater
  • Station 3
    • Mtn Climber – Heel Tap
    • BC Merkin
    • Plank Jack
  • Station 4
    • Am Hammer
    • Hello Dolly
    • Flutter Kick
  • Station 5
    • LBC
    • Turkish Get-Up
    • Star Jack


  • Mayberry – Floor Wipers
  • Butters – BBS
  • Respect – V-Ups (Had to cut him short!!)

24 HIM’s strong
When you are feeling angry about a work situation, you may be too close to it. Step back, check your ego, detach yourself and approach with with a different attitude.
I meant for this workout allow the cheetah’s out front. However, when the PAX gets divided into groups we instantly go into TEAM mode. All of the teams stuck together and finished the workout together. That was great to see. I think if I were to do this again, I would start everyone at the same spot and have an order to the stations that didn’t smoke the shoulders 3 straight times.
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The Importance of Battle Buddies

THE SCENE: 60s…warm



  • Merkins IC x10
  • Tempo Squats IC x10
  • SSH IC x 20
  • This/that/these/those/Michael Phelps


  1. Grab a battle buddy & mosey to the tennis court
    • DORA:  100 Burpee, 100 Iron Mike, 100 Big Boy Situps
    • Running partner bear crawl forward across the court & crawl bear back
  2. Mosey to hockey rink – keep your battle buddy
    • DORA:  100 Merkin, 100 Squats, 100 Little Baby Crunches
    • Running partner runs to the other side of the rink & back, stopping for 2 burpees each time they cross the center line
  3. Mosey to Pee Rocks – same battle buddy
    • DORA:  100 Curls, 100 Overhead Press, 100 Tricep Press
    • Running partner runs to the grass & back


  • Box cutters x 25
  • Freddie Mercury x 25

16 total:  Ratchet, Onesie, Respect, Frosty, La-Z-Boy, Shooter, Tweet-E, Bowflex, I-Beam, High Heels, Sparky, Squirt, Flute Loop, Toto, Abacus, Bartman


Proverbs 13:20 – Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

Who are you walking with?  Who are you spending time with?  The proverb isn’t saying you always have to be with people who are smarter than you….it says to associate with those who are wise.  These are people who are seeking Christ in their life.  These are people who lift you up and edify you, rather than tear you down.  These are people who are honest enough to tell you when you’re wrong.  So….who are you surrounding yourself with?



Hardship Hill is 2 days away.  Pray for safety for the teams and for a good time to be had by all.


THE SCENE: Warm about 70 degrees. Pollen is everywhere.

SSH X20, 10 odd count merkins, 5 Cherry Pickers

Do 10 of each exercise at each cone along the big loop.

  • Inch worms
  • Smurf jacks
  • One arm up planks
  • diamond mericans
  • 10 sec one legged stands
  • Run to top of hill at restaurant
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Reg mericans
  • squat jumps
  • wide mericans
  • bobby hurleys
  • iron mikes
  • shoulder tap mericans
  • lunges

Flutter kicks x 30 till 6 joins then Mosey to AO
Ring of fire-leg lifts x3
19 in attendance
Talked about example of doing a mud race with my wife and being too self centered and wanting to run it and do it fast. My wife is not in the shape I’m in and really struggled. I got irritated and she could sense it and along with the fact we got there late and she hates the shape that she is in, ended up having a small panic attack. It litterly took that for my dumb ass to figure out that the day was not about me running a race but about spending time with my wife and the mother of my children.

so…..when you spend time with your family, BE THERE for them mentally as well.
Good chatter this morning and some new guys are adding some good energy to the PAX
Hardship Hill, prayers for Tanks wife

Fear the Lord


68 and clear


Quick mosie around the outhouse

SSH x20 IC
Cherry Pickers x10 IC
Some o’ this, Some o’ that

Tre UP! Get a CMU and a pair of rocks

FEAR THE LORD (Dora Exercise)

Partner 1: rock/CMU exercise

Partner 2: run to the hill

Partner 3: Hill exercise

Rock exercises: 200 total each

Flys (2 rocks)
External rotation curls (2 rocks)
ABCs (Alphabet x6)
Rows (big rock)

Tricep extensions
Hello Dolly
Elf on the shelf (lift, reach across overhead)

Lazy Boy Curls (palm up grip)
Overhead Press
Reverse crunches
Dry docks

Hill exercises: 20 each
Wide Merkins
Imperial Walkers
OPP (one armed pickle pounder)
Mountie Squats (toes out)

Didn’t we do enough during the beatdown?
Tank,  shooter, Tweety, Bowflex, Butters, Frosty, Bartman, Farva, Fluteloop, I-beam, Respect, Snitch, Wagon Wheel, Booger, Laettner,  Abacus, Detention, Woodshack, Deadhead, Ribbed, Podium, LA-Z-Boy, Waxjob, Smoker

I have a colleague w/ wisdom and maturity issues. Started praying about him, and then for him to develop more maturity and wisdom. God chuckled at me. “It takes one to know one, my boy! Don’t you remember when this was you?”

Immediately I had the words of Proverbs 9 in my head. The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom.

I do remember, because it wasn’t too long ago and I consistently fail in these same things. The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom.

I don’t know where the end is, but the beginning of wisdom is fearing the Lord. This isn’t about being terrified or feeling guilt and shame for our wrong doing. This is about recognizing the natural order of things and in whose world we are living. Recognizing whose children we interact with every day and just how much He loves us…AND them! We are loved as sons, but we bear the responsibility to carry that name!

We all think we’re football experts. We’ll talk for hours about what needs to change. We’ll tweet endlessly, and even call into radio shows to second guess decisions. But none of us would walk into Jeremy Pruitt’s office and presume to tell him what he needs to do or how he could do it better. Why? ‘cuz that’s his world and we KNOW we don’t belong in charge of it.

Apply the same to God. You are not in control of half of what you think you are, and you mismanage most of what you are in control when you do it under your own steam. Recognize whose you are and in whose land you live…change that perspective and you’ll see some new wisdom come your way.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. For by me your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life. If you are wise, you are wise for yourself; if you scoff, you alone will bear it.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭9:10-12‬ ‭ESV‬‬
http://bible.com/59/pro.9.10-12.esv MOLESKIN:
This was a tough workout, but a pretty fun one. Lots of mumble chatter and sore muscles. I was proud of the men.

Hardship Hill registration is full!

Masters of the Blockee!

THE SCENE: 50s w a bit of chill in the air

Bear crawl in line to the tennis court, Line up for jog across courts, high knee skips, crawl bear, and jog.

Mosey back to the AO for Monkey Humpers x20, SSh x20, Merkins x10 all IC. Rows for bros with the CMU x20 IC, Blockees x5, CMU curls x20 ic, 5 more Blockees OYO.

Mosey down to the base of the parking lot next to the pee rocks with CMU for DORACIDES

  • 75 blockees, 150 curls, 200 CMU goblet squats
  • P1 does said exercise while P2 does suicides. first cone 1 burp, 2nd cone 2 burps, and 3rd cone, 3 burps, run back to your partner and switch, keeping cumulative count of reps between partners
  • If you finish early, P1 Planks while P2 does 20 flutters IC, switch, rinse and repeat until all pax complete the Doracides
  • Blocklee dan back to the AO. 4 lunges w CMU, 2 Blockees. Continue this until half way. I cut it short to get in some mary

5 more blockees, Dead head led us in Flutters IC, Hello dollys x10 ic, Slutters x10 IC, Supermans x10 IC, pickle pounders x10 IC, and J-LOs x10 IC
29 including 1 FNG, PINK EYE. Welcome!
Chase the Lion Manifesto!. Instead of me typing it up here, google it and it will come up. Capn Crunch read this to us at one of his Q’s for his BOM one morning. It has stuck with me and I try to read it every so often to get a life check. Its short and sweet but means so much to me. Thank you for sharing Capn! I love to share it with others.
I miss seeing my bros at the Dog Pound. So many AOs and so many great HIMS out there that I look up to at all the different AOs. I encourage more Pax to go visit other AOs to meet others and grow our community. Not saying to stop going to the one closest to you, but one morning every once and while, wake up a little earlier and drive a little further to visit other AOs and meet the HIMs that make their particular AO special. Thanks to all the HIMS at all the AOs for being who you are, leaders!
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