F3 Knoxville

Expect the Unexpected


25 reps Rock Presses

10 reps 4-ct Flutter Kicks

50 reps Rock Squats

5 reps Burpees

Exercise Dice Ladder

  • Roll Dice. Do exercise.
  • Mosey to other side of field.
  • Do an 8-Count Merkins (increase by one rep every time until you reach 8 then go back down the ladder)

22 PAX

Expect the unexpected in life. Obstacles can be seen as roadblocks or opportunities for growth.

4 AUG- 2nd F at Anders

11 AUG- 3rd F at Overlook

18 AUG- Kickball


Alphabet Soup, Big Ball Style

THE SCENE: Balmy mid-70’s with LOTS of humidity!

SSH x10 IC

Baby Arm Circles Forward x10 IC

Backers x10 IC

Little bit of this (Right arm across)

Little bit of that (Left arm across)

Hillbilly x10 IC

Little bit of this (Right arm stretch overhead)

Little bit of that (Left arm stretch overhead)

Michael Phelps

This morning, we decided to make sure we got ourselves in a full-body workout! We began our workout by moseying to the ledge of the amphitheater stage:

  • 15 single IC leg squats with right leg
  • 15 single IC leg squats with left leg
  • 15 incline merkins IC
  • Another set of single leg squats IC x 10
  • 10 incline merkins IC
  • Go up to handrails and as a group do 15 single count reverse pulls

Mosey over to the Church Street United Methodist back parking lot with the hill. We got in groups of 3 (2 groups had 4). One partner at the top and one parter at the bottom. Partner 3 is the runner that makes everyone rotate.

At the top, Partner 1 chooses 2 rocks that he can do a merkin with while partner 3 chooses a rock he can do squat-thrursts with.

For Time:

Partner 1 does merkins while gripping his rock, after each merkin he does a row with each arm

Partner 2 is at bottom of hill doing 10 squat thrusts with his rock then rotating to 10 mountain climbers

Partner 3 starts at bottom of the hill next to Partner 2. He’ll Bernie Sanders halfway up the hill, then run forward to Partner 1 at top of hill. Then, Partner 1 will run down hill, rinse and repeat

1 Minute Break

Continue exercise except this time Partner 1 will start with 5 Carolina Dry Docks at top of hill, then do 5 merkin rows with his rock. Partner 2 will just do squat thrusts. Partner 3 continues running.

Mosey over to top part of church parking lot near Henley Street Bridge. The PAX decided we wanted to get on the level of my almost one year old so we chose a medium-sized bolder and spelled the alphabet (all UPPERCASE) together, with each letter beginning at our belly button. Some of the PAX decided they wanted to spell their letter in italics, hieroglyphics, san script and Times New Roman…so I let them.

From our spelling bee, we moseyed back to the amphitheater where we did 10 more IC single leg squats then moseyed back to the AO for a little ab’s.

15 IC Grinders, each side

25 Star Gazer LBC’s
23 PAX (including 2 FNG’s): Half Caff, Moana, Thread Count, Butterfly, Jenner, Petey, Cowbell, Careless, Casper, Soot, Abort, Guano, Quarantine, Uncle Rico, Duggar, Roto, The Voice, Bulldog, Bitcoin, Soup, Reverb (FNG), Beaker (FNG), Passport (QIC)
“Proximity breed empathy. Distance breeds suspicion.” Across our country and in our day-to-day lives, we use the words “Us” and “Them” a lot. An African-American pastor recently stated that saying in relationship to the racial divide in our country. But, I think this can be applied to many areas of our lives, not just race. Do we have a relationship with “those people” who look different from us, act different, in a different socio-economic class than us? Maybe you’re in a fraternity and look down on others who may not be in your “group.” Or, maybe it’s something like the LGBTQ community, that all you know about them is things you’ve seen at a distance but don’t actually know anything about them or anyone in the group.

My challenge to you is to ask “those people” who you’d otherwise not be in close relationship about their story. People love to talk about themselves. I think you’ll quickly begin to have empathy for them and be reminded of how we’re all created in the image of God. Reach out to someone who’s not like you and maybe you’ll see a side of empathy you didn’t know you had.

The PAX pushed hard today! Mumblechatter was great and felt like everyone got a little bit better after this morning.
Make sure to get on GroupMe for announcements and updates. Abort mentioned about getting a Big Ball kickball team together and will get more info out to us.

Morning Mosey

THE SCENE: Humid, about 70

Baby arm circles forward/back (4ct) x 15 each way

Overhead claps (4ct) x 15

Overhead air press (4ct) x 15

A little this/that and Michael Phelps

Hamstring stretch
About a 3.6 mile mosey along the riverfront and through downtown.  Various stops along the way for rest/exercise: 1 cliff hanger Merkins x 15. 2 cliff hanger Merkins x15 then hold plank while partner does 10 squats while holding other partners legs.  3 Squats (4ct) x 15.  4 flutter kicks 4(ct) x 15 and American hammers (4ct) x 10.  5 lunge bridge yellow line to yellow line.  6 5 big ball pull-ups.  Finish at AO.

No time.
25 HIMs.  No FNGs.  Moana, Thread Count, Bob Ross, Guano were also present and I could not find their tag.

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:13‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Prayers for Preacher and his new job/upcoming move to Arizona, Sliderule’s family with the loss of his mother, Butterfly’s wedding this weekend.

Long way around

THE SCENE: 72* and rain ending right before we began

Tempo squats x10 IC
Wide merkins straight into ranger merkins
Hammy stretches
A little of this and that
SSH x20 IC
Mosey away from the fountains in the direction of the amphitheater, running around the theater and coming back in from the far side.  Assemble near the stage to start 11’s routine.  PAX instructed to start with 10 Catalina wine mixers at the bottom on the stage (on wood planks instead of concrete, easier on the elbows), lunge up the middle two sections of stairs, finish with 1 squat jump at the top, then run down the outside sections of stairs.  Normal 11’s procedure, decrease reps of Catalina wine mixers each iteration while increasing reps of squat jumps.

Jack rabbits perform ab exercises on the stage awaiting the rest to finish up.  Butterfly led side crunches, Abort on flutter kicks, Pfeiffer on American hammers, Soot on flat leg sit ups, Quarantine on heals to heaven.  Recover and 10 count.  Run out the back side of the amphitheater and again around and back to the war memorial near the start point.

Partner up with someone you haven’t partnered with before for Dora routine.  Partner one performs exercises while partner two runs to the other end of the parking lot, up the small stairs, performs two burpees, and returns to relieve partner one.  Flapjack and continue until all exercises complete:

  • Dips x100
  • Flutter kicks on four count x100
  • Box jumps x100

Recover, 10 count, and run around the long way and back to start point for Mary

Edward scissor legs x15 IC
Immediately move to plank for 30 seconds
Immediately move back to 6 for box cutters x10
15 Strong: Also in attendance (getting tags added) The Voice and Roto
As men, we tend to take the long way around.  Sometimes, taking the hard path or the long way (like in a workout) is a great thing to do.  However, when it comes to happiness, that is an area that I challenge myself and those around me to NOT take the long way around.  We don’t need to get that perfect job, to achieve that higher paycheck, to afford the house and the cars and the stress free life to achieve happiness.  In this case, we need to take the short path by realizing the incredible blessings we already have.


Big Ball better have at least one team for Guardians for Garrett kickball tournament this year!!!

About time

  • THE SCENE: 69 degrees.  Overcast, but humid

    Baby arm circles (4 ct) x 15 forward/back

Overhead claps (4 ct) x 15

Overhead Air Press (4 ct) x 15

A little of this/that and Michael Phelps

SSH (4 ct) x 20

Hamstring stretch

Body Builders x 5

  • Mosey to Big Ball.  Morning Call:  Pax line up in plank, 1st Pax completes 5 pull-ups while remaining Pax completes 5 Merkins, repeat until all Pax have completed pull-ups.
  • Mosey to steps behind engineering building.  7’s with 4 ct flutter kicks and burpees.
  • Mosey to steps below biology building.  Split into groups of 3.  1st member half way up steps performing exercises with coupon (Rd. 1 alternate Mr. Incredibles x 10 and overhead press x 15, Rd. 2 Squat press x 15 and Curls x 20, Rd. 3 Bent Row x 15 and tricep extensions x 15).  2nd member at far side of the bridge performing ab exercises (Rd. 1 Alternate Flutter kicks (4 ct) x 15 and LBC x 15, Rd. 2 American Hammers (4 ct) x 15 and WWII sit-ups x 15, Rd. 3 Hello Dollys (4 ct) x 15 and Heels to heaven x 15).  3rd member running between group 1 and 2 with 3 burpees halfway across bridge.
  • More planned but out of time.  Mosey back to AO.  No time for Mary.

10 strong.  No FNGs. Bob Ross and The Voice were also in attendance.

We accomplished a lot of work in a short amount of time today.  We all have limited time and countless demands for it.  We can accomplish great achievement when we are present, focused, and engaged.

I want to specifically address time with our families.  Summer is a time we frequently have more time to devote to our families.  Schedules are less full, we have vacations, kids have later bedtimes.  Future moments are not guaranteed.   I encourage you to make these moments count.  Be present, engaged, and focused.

“We all make time for what we feel is important in our lives.” Anonymous

At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, a parent.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Anonymous