F3 Knoxville

The Quacken 500

AO: thequacken
Q: FixerUpper
PAX: Z-Pack, Frizzles, Wedding Singer, Nadal
FNGs: None
Warmup stuff
Mosey to Friday Morning Lights, a favorite parking lot for exercise
Q forgets coupons, so mosey back to get those

Get to 500 “points”
1 lap around the church = 100 points (probably too many)
Each of these reps = 1 point
25 burpees
25 merkins
25 curls
25 rows
25 squats with coupon
25 thrusters
25 flutter kicks, 4 count
25 get ups
= 300 points
+200 more reps of your choosing
= 500

PAX hold plank spaced about 5′ apart in a line. First PAX bear crawls under 2nd PAX, jumps over 3rd, etc until reaching the end of the line. 2nd PAX repeats the process.

Q almost busted it on his 1st jump over Frizzles

F3 in the Nude coming up
Dragon Boat races to benefit KARM

We only get one 6/5/2024! How will you use it?

“The way you spend your days is the way you spend your life.”

Spend 6/5/2024 intentionally, giving grace, serving others, reconciling quickly when possible, and don’t presume that we will get another one.