F3 Knoxville

Failing forward

THE SCENE: Humid, dew on the grass but this really the best gloom time of the year. The sun rise right at 6:15 is sublime.

  • jog one end of grindstone to other. Frankenstein half way back jog rest way to start
  • jog to other end, knee hugs half way jog back to start
  • deep lunge half way, jog to end
  • heel kicks half way back
  • carioca rest of way back
    Mosey to small softball feild
  • Partner circuit- three areas.
  • #1-partner Wheelbarrow/Burpee Gantlet. 6 cones lined up about 20 ft between . Partners wheelbarrow to cone 1. One burpee IC Switch partner, wheelbarrow to 2 cone. Two burpees. Keep switch and increase burpees each cone till end.
    mosey back to grindstone  
  • #2- Mike Tyson- each pax takes 10 playing cards, lay them down on ground in line about 4 in apart. Everything is done IC pax will squat down and pick up first card using good form (chest up butt dropped- if done right it’s a deep squat)- after picking up first card walk to card 2 with card one in your hand. Squat down lay down card 1. Stand up. Squat down pick up top card, squat down again pick up card 2. Move to card 3. Repeat process, laying down each card separately and then pick up each card separately, working all the way to card 10
  • #3- Run to top of Mount Wumbo- this is running along trail to bridge, up Blindmans hill, keep running to top of Wumbo. Mosey back down Wumbo and to grindstone. Stay attached to your partner the whole time up and down. Push each other to keep running.
  • you will start circuit over after run but start at Mike Tyson, then move to Wheelbarrow/ Burpee gauntlet starting at 6 working back to 1. If time allows move to Mike Tyson again and then run to top Mt. Wumbo. We got through the 2nd rd of Wheelbarrow/Burpee Gauntlet


1 min plank hold, 10 two arm Superman’s OYO, 1 min plank hold, 10 Alt Arm Superman’s OYO, hamstring stretch, quad stretch
From The Difference Maker by John Maxwell

Guillaume Apolllinaire- “Come to the edge. No, we will fall. Come to the edge. No, we will fall. They came to the edge. He pushed them and they flew”

John Maxwell- “If you want to seize an opportunity, you must take a risk. If you want to grow, you must make mistakes. If you want to reach your potential, you will have to take a chance. If you don’t , you will be resigned to a life of mediocrity. The people who don’t make mistakes end up working for those who do. And in the end, they often end up regretting the safe life they lived.”
Just happy to lead such amazing


grouch Bday Q on Saturday.

IP reboot

THE SCENE: Muggy spring morning . Comment was made it’s getting warmer.

cherry Pickers much needed

Frankenstein, knee hugs

ran lap used for thang
Iron pax from last year

100 Merkins run 1/4 mile, we used the loop around the park starting at the light pole at the walk way and going up the hill

75 merkins run 2 laps

50 Merkins 3 laps- all pax finished here

25 merkins 4 lap


Plank hold for 2 min

“Free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.” -C.S. Lewis

Grouch bday on Saturday come to his Q!

Extraction team 6

  • THE SCENE: sunny and beautiful 

right into a mosey with some Frankenstein along the way
Mosey to elementary school

when pax arrived we realized the monkey bars and low bars had been removed so pull-ups are more difficult, still we proceed

Thang 1

  • 25 pull ups
  • 50 Merkins
  • 75 single count iron mikes
  • run to top of road hill
  • held squat for 6

Mosey to high school football field – on the way Q checked his phone to see that Moses had called, pax linked up with Moses by high school

Thang 2- modified Nolan Richardson

  • Solo
  • 50 burpees, every 25 run 50 yard one Bobby Hurly
  • 100 Squats – every 50 run 50 yard one BH
  • 50 LBC every 25 run 50, 1 BH
  • 100 little baby arm circle, every 50 run 50, 1 BH

Thang 3

  • pax ran stadium stars started at home stands go up left side and down right, went up rows with hand rails-2 on home side, ran to visitors
  • run up visitors stands same up left down right. About 12 rows
  • headed back to AO
  • ran 30 sec walk 1min 2 rds
  • ran 1min walk 30 seconds 2 rounds
  • Q stopped pax at bottom of hill that leads up to the grindstone
  • Rep Sleepy called jailbreak
  • finished run back from High school in 6min


Pax roulette

  • Moses Superman’s
  • Rep sleepy – flutters
  • grouch- windshield wipers
  • Q- leg raise hip raise combo
  • lbc for time

I’m thankful I can confess when I fail as a husband and know that other men have the same challenges. Thankful for an M that’s not afraid to call me out when I’m wrong.

moses rucked from the Arsenal to the Bombshelter, Q did not realize this till I was giving his a ride back to the Arsenal. It was a great F3 moment.

flag hand off this Saturday!!

Cardio Half Pipe

THE SCENE: typical gloom. 50’s soggy and some rain to finish

  • SSH- Q had to recall the exercise because the energy on the first go round was blah
  • Cherry pickers
  • OH claps
  • Front claps
  • mosey through park toward valley of death- on the way we did some
  • Frankenstein
  • Bernie
  • heel kicks
  • lunges
  • arrive at valley


Totem pole

6 cones-start at 3 Rep, increase by 3 each cone

1st cone at top of Anderson Ave hill, 6th cone top of Spaghetti hill. 2 at valley between both. 3-5 located along Spaghetti hill leading towards top.
1- burpees

2-HR Merkins

3- 4 ct bear crawl- up 2 back 2- up hill

4- Peter Parker’s- up hill

5- BBS- up hill

6- 2ct  frog hop-1 up 1 back

Most pax finished round 6. Held plank at 2 for 6. Pax ran Anderson Hill together, 3 burpees to finish. Before mosey back to grindstone.
I had a quarterly leadership review last week at work. It was a fine meeting but I failed at the leadership improvement aspect. I’ve currently been occupied with supporting my team that I’ve not invested the time to improving as a leader. I’m asking the pax to help hold me accountable for investing time daily into my development. Including reading and take notes on my reading. Also organizing my learning materials to take better advantage of them.
Shout out to KY. He shared with us that he recently has been able to reduce his blood pressure medication by half and has lost a good amount of weight  ( I apologize KY I want to say 15 lbs but I’m not certain.)since he has come back to F3. Amazing work!!
Come support Rep Sleepy and Grouch as they help get Speedway up and going with some OTB workouts. Tue/Thur 5:30. Pick up a Q in the slack chat.

Welcome to the platue

THE SCENE: Final cold weather beatdown for a while.

  • 10 reps
  • Good mornings- IC
  • High knees- 4ct IC
  • Grady Corns- 4ct IC
  • Dive bomber merkins- OYO

Thang 1

Wheelbarrow down GS switch at cone

Hold plank for 6

Burpee- bodyrow tabatta- 8 rounds 30sec on 10 rest

Partner carry back down

Switch at cone

Face scrapes- Bulgarian ss- 8 rounds 30 on 10 off

Thang 2

Mosey to platue of pain

Murder hornets up platue

Murder bunny 10yrd

10 manmakers, 10 lunges, 10 bbs

Repeat for 30 yards

Bearcrawl down and drag CMU

Repeat for 30min


Crunchy frogs IC- got like 10 in
The importance of this group is so profound. It’s amazing to see the new pax step in and continue to build something special. We are having impacts on mens lives even when they don’t realize it.
Flag hand off on 4/30