F3 Knoxville

A humbling experience

  1. THE SCENE: Perfect gloom weather, mid 60’s high humidity. Just enough few on the grass to let the sand stick on the baseball field.

Tabata circle bear crawl 5 rounds 30 seconds on 10 off- 4 min


Thang 1

7 of diamonds-30 min- home, right field corner, middle field, left field corner. Complete exercise at each stop around field. Sprint or mosey between each point. Round 1, 4,5 was done as a pax. Squat hold till 6 arrives at next stop. Round 2,3 was OYO. 

4-7 rounds + 7 reps per round,


Flutter kicks-14

Merkins -21


Carolina dry docks -35

Thang 2

EMOM 1- 10 min

CMU swings x 10

3 line suicide

EMOM 2 – 5 Min

5 bodybuilders


BBS x 10

Leg raises x 10

Alt Superman’s x 10



Be about action not about words. Love what you preach.

I’m thankful for the pax, without them being out there I would be sitting at home divulging into bad habits. They help me stay focused on what’s best when I want to be

CSUP AND Hardship Hill coming up in July and October. Get signed up.

Do the Hump the Humpty Hump

THE SCENE: Muggy, swampy and almost 100 Humidity, AKA perfect Gloom conditions

5 min EMOM- Jack Rabbits X5 per round ( 1 Mountain Climber, 2 Plank Jacks, 3 Merkins = 1 rep)

Thang 1- 25 Min Swamp Slug

Pax started at cone located at flat area of the Humps.

  • 10- BBS
  • 10- American Hamers
  • 10 per side- Side plank with rotation of top arm
  • Once completed all core, bear crawl to top of first Hump
  • 3 Burpees
  • Broad Jump to top of next Hump
  • 6 Iron Squats
  • Bear Crawl to top of third Hump
  • 9 Apollo Ono’s
  • Run back to start around outside of the swap and repeat for time

Thang 2- 10 Min CMU EMOM

CMU Swings, Military Press and Curls- complete all reps in the 1 min

RD 1 we did 5 reps of each. PAX killed this so Q bumped it up to 8 reps of each. Last round Avocado suggested 10 reps of each. Total of 78 reps of each exercise for the full 10 min EMOM

Pax rotulet: Hammy 17 box cutters; Mr Rodgers- 20 protractors
From Q Source:

Stress testing builds reliance

Reliance is the heart of Trust. For a Team to be Dynamic, the Members must implicitly and fully rely upon each other to Competently perform their part of the Team’s Mission-essential Tasks. It is not enough for a man to tell his Team Members that he can do his job, or even for the Q to do so. They have to see the man in action under stress for reliance to build.

Whether it is the character of another man or a footbridge over a gorge, we only decide to step forward in reliance if we believe it is strong enough to keep us from falling. If we don’t believe a man’s character can bear the weight, we won’t rely upon him any more than we would a rickety bridge over a rushing river

When applied to a man rather than a thing, stress testing serves a dual purpose. Like it does with the bridge, it demonstrates reliability to others. But, unlike the bridge, it also demonstrates to the man himself that the reliance of others is justified. Passing the stress test gives a man the confidence he needs to take on the responsibility of what comes afterwards. “If I got through that,” he tells himself, “then I have what it takes to get through this”. You can trust me because I am reliable–I trust myself.

F3 has helped me realize the importance of being reliable as a leader. A true leader must be reliable to his friends, and work but most important to his family. Q has struggled in the past with this. Learning every day to be better.
CSUP July 24th SIGN UP

Teamwork = Dreamwork

THE SCENE: 63 degrees, slightly windy, damp ground but no rain

Tabata- 5 Min – 45 sec on 15 sec rest

  • Bear crawl left
  • Bear crawl right
  • Angel grinders
  • bear crawl left
  • bear crawl right

Thang  1- pax paired up. timed- 15 min

Pax A’s lined up along back side of pavilion, a little under arms length apart to create a little more of a reach  one CMU for the pax to pass along. Wall squat while doing one OH press with CMU and and hand off the CMU to the pax on your left until CMU gets to end of the line. pax at the front of the line does jump squats after the hand off to pax on their left while the CMU moves down the line, when it gets to the end move it back handing off to the right. Pax at the end of the line moves to the front once CMU makes it back to the front, line shifts down each time.

Pax B’s completed an Indian Run while carrying Q’s ruck sack around medium loop around park.

Switch groups when pax b returns from run

We got three rounds in during the time.

Thang 2- Murder circuit- timed 20 min

Pair up- Pax A is doing Murder Kings ( CMU frog jump with a Lino King’ess front lift of the CMU over head and back down to the ground, jumping feet towards CMU. )  from cone to cone, around a 30 feet and back to start. We used one of the baby humps, there was a slight incline which added a nice little extra element that we may not feel till later.

Pax B is doing continues circuit of – 5 Split legs jumps 2ct ( modify with split squat ) , 10 American Hammers 2ct, 10 Alt Superman’s 2Ct- repeat till your partner finishes the murder kings

pax switch once pax A gets back to start. start at the top of circuit not where partner stopped at.

Tabata- 4 min was prescribed, we ended up with like 2 1/2 min after explanation. 30 sec on 10 sec off

  • BBS
  • Peter Parkers
  • Leg Raises
  • 100’s
  • Heels to heaven ( time was called before we got here)


You cant out King your Queen- The first F is simple fitness, but its not just working out, in fact most of us cant just work out but we also need to understand what we are putting into our bodies. There was a time in the past 15 years of my life where i weighed 300 pounds. i was lazy and did not care what i put into my body. its important that we understand that setting up guiderails for ourselves to know what we can eat and still improve our fitness is a key part of being a HIM.

YHC read a small piece from Q Source, i encourage everyone to check it out and think about how your treating your Queen.

Swerve’s son is having oral surgery today, keep him in your prayers. YHC’s M has a job interview for a promotion on Tuesday, KEEP HER IN YOUR PARYERS.
Evening PT at the Arsenal 7Pm Tuesday.

Track Star

THE SCENE: 66 but the rain held off so always a good day.

Mosey to the Oval Office, took a little detor to the right of the Oval Office along side Montvale Station, Bernie up the sidewalk to the track.

Hamstring scoops and walking quad stretch to get the legs ready.

  • Totem poll – kind of
  • Ppax starts at the first cone, 6 cones around the track, each has a different exercises and increasing reps
  • 10- Smurpee- half burpee ( Thruster to stand, no merkin or jump)
  • 20 V Ups
  • 30- Apollo Ono’s- 2ct
  • 40- T Merkins- 1ct
  • 50- Hello Dolly’s
  • 60- Split Squat Jumps

After you finish with the first cone ( 10) run around track back to first cone. Then complete exercises at first cone, lunge to the second cone, complete exercises and run around track back to first cone. Continue around the track lunging in-between each cone, always running back to the first cone after you finish reps at the last cone for that round. .

Q decided to pull an switch with 5 min left and changed the lunges to Bernie’s in-between cones.

If you make it all the way around and finish the 6th cone, reverse the totem poll. Start at 60 complete reps, than Bernie around the track back to 60. complete reps and rev lung to 5th cone, complete same as above but using Bernie and rev lunge

Plank hold for time, dropped down into yoga hold for a 20 seconds.
“It’s not whether you got knocked down; it’s whether you get back up.”

F3 is about growling male leadership. Successful leaders live by the quote above. The road to success is often paved in failure. How will you respond to failure in life? will you quit or rise up and keep pushing?

Super proud to see the pax growing. We have a great chance to be one of the best AO’s around.
Kickball, if your interested please let Tank know.

Merlotatron 1300

THE SCENE: 46, it was nice to have sunrise . As Waterfall said, its nice to see everyone’s faces

Tabata – 4 min

  • SSH
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Merkins
  • Squat Jumps
  • BBS

Mosey to Mt. Krumpet


Todays beat down was dedicated the my daughters high school lacrosse team. They won their first game yesterday, which was also there last. They persevered a long season of losing big. In their last game they won 13-3. Therefore the pax completed partner 13’s with a 5 since my daughter wears 5.

Pax start at base of Mt. Krumpet. Pax A begins the 13 for Rd 1, while pax B runs to the area behind the park side to the left side of Mt. Krumpet. pax B travels up Mt. Krumpet a few hundred feet and back down and to base where pax A is working.

paxB hold a bear crawl while they wait for pax A to get of Mt. Krumpet if they are back before they finsih at top.

pax share the reps with their partner.

Rd1  13’s- Boat to Cano- Burpee

pax B- Run

Rd2  13’s- HR Merkins- Burpee

paxB – Broad jump up/ run down

Rd3  5’s – Apollo Ono’s- Burpee

pax B- Bernie up / run down


Before the teams go to next Rd they complete 5 partner lateral hops on a 2 ct. each pax completes 5 and hold 5 planks, switch every L/R` 2ct


Tabata- 4 min

  • crunchy frog
  • shoulder taps


As i mentioned this beatdown was dedicated to the Lady T’s. They really embodied the idea of perseverance. This was the first year this team played together and for the majority of the girls, like my daughter this was there first time playing lacrosse. Lacrosse games can get out of hand quick, especially if your knew to the game against good teams. However the Lady T’s continued all year to practice, show up, play hard and lose big. They embodied the definition of perseverance in the face of a HUGE obstacle. Last night their perseverance paid off changed, they won 13-3, in a game that showed the hard work paying off.

Having perseverance in the face of obstacles is key to our success as leaders. It takes perseverance to show up every day to post knowing the beatdown is going to be hard. But we know the payoff behind the obstacle is a better life.