F3 Knoxville

[f3knoxvillemain] Unlocked

Asylum AM
AO: f3knoxvillemain
Q: Mermaid
PAX: Steam, Lizzy, Freud (Eric Minton), Mermaid, Borg, Soot, Squealer, Spellcheck, Butterknife
FNGs: None
Today 9 men came together, 5 ran, and 4 rucked, for one hour, and then followed that up with coffee, donuts, and intentional conversation about how to “unlock” more men. This term comes from several F3 sources, and we will be hosting OTB workouts in this manner to dive deeper into the topic, and how to share this message with the region.

If you are interested in learning more, please send me a message on slack. You will be hearing more soon as we explore ways to bring this message to a workout near you!

We had an enlightening conversation about the 3rd F and how to carry out the F3 mission with an emphasis on the third F.

Thanks to all of the men who came out and participated.