F3 Knoxville

Gorilla complex and stairs

The Project
Workout Date: 10 Jun 2021
QIC: Rocket

THE SCENE: beautiful high 60s
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: proceeded as recommended.

Side straddle hops (IC) 4ct
    •    Imperial squakers  (IC) 4ct
    •    Tennessee rocking chair
    •   tempo pushups
    •    Stretch on your own 30 seconds

THA-THANGMosey to dip bars to do 34s: 3 dips followed by 4 pushups. do that for 90 seconds. rinse and repeat twice.

Mosey to CMU area, pick up block and then to theatre stairs.
At stairs do a modified gorilla complex. With a cinder block perform the following OYO without stop: 8 Curls For Girls, 8 Overhead Presses, 8 Tricep Extensions, 8 rows then drop coupon for 8 Merkins. Follow this up by a run up stairs. Rinse and Repeat 8 Times.
At CMU area, did a guest leg exercise (block squats) with Judge Judy. Then parking lot bear crawl with block. at one end, do 10 squats with block and the 10 leg press at other end.
Returned coupons to recruiting center and mosey back AO.

Godfather Mary. Snag, Judge, Kick Flip and Erector lead a user choice Mary – included box cuts, LBC, side crunches and angle leg lifts.


focused on an example of a North Korean defector who went through tremendous adversity to attain her goals. Along the way she learned to not judge the hardship of others. The word focused on extending that us, to not judge the hardship of others, but to provide guidance to help folks be the best they can be.