F3 Knoxville

Heart Beating Hills

Workout Date: 6 Dec 2016
QIC: Roadshow

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

SSH x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Cherry Pickers x 10
Burpees x 10

The Thang-
Grab CMU and head to parking lot
1 Squat Press at beginning of parking lot
Sprint to halfway point do 10 burpees and go down 1 each lap
Sprint back to start and then back to the end of the parking lot and do 10 merkins
Go until you have done 10 squat press at one end and 1 merkin at the other end

Mosey to Cardiac Hill at 0.25 mile marker up to top almost .25 mile one way

10 merkins at bottom and sprint to the top and do 20 dips
Repeat x 4

Mosey Back To AO

Consistency is so hard for me in every aspect of life. Whether it is eating healthy, getting to the workout in the mornings or more serious things like praying for my wife/family every night, I struggle with it. As an F3 nation we as men need to come alongside each other and encourage one another to stay consistent in our lives and hold each other accountable. It can work for a while by yourself but eventually we fall victim to the voice in our head telling us to let up and take the easy road but every time we do that we regret it. Anytime I fartsack for a workout, an hour after the workout would have been over I regret it. I have never regretted going to a workout, ever, period.

Edit looked strong as usual but Goose was trying his hardest to keep up. Somebody at the end smarted off to Pinto and Lilydipper about their age and got put in the sleeper hold. Great workout as everyone really pushed it and we put over 2 miles of sprinting in.