F3 Knoxville

Hot Pinto Beans on a Cold Night

The Scene: Low 20’s and cold

SSH x 15
Windmills x 10
Cherry Pickers x 10
180 Jump Squats x 10 in each direction
Merkins x 20

The Thang
Mosey to football field
Full Field Suicides x 5
Go 1/4 way and reverse, 1/2 and reverse and to the end at end do 10 burpees at the beginning do 10 jump squats
50 burpees and 50 jump squats total

Mosey to playground with coupon (paver)

20 Big Boy Sit-ups with paver
20 Bicycle
20 Plank to Dolphin
20 Jack Knife Sit-Ups
20 American Hammer
20 InchWorm Pushups
20 Flutter Kicks
20 Hello Dolly
20 Canoe/Boat

20 Dips 20 Decline Merkins
15 Dips 15 Decline Merkins
10 Dips 10 Decline Merkins

Mosey to Pull-Ups in the Dugout
10 Pullups x 2

Mosey back to AO

BOM- Isaiah 53:5

But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
and by his wounds we are healed.

In this assurance that we know without a doubt that our wounds have been healed through His death on the cross. This brings us the ultimate peace and gives us comfort in knowing that He has done it all for us.

It was a great night out with Pinto really crushing our core. Included 3 grizzly veterans with three 50+ respecters showing everyone who is boss.

Heart Beating Hills

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

SSH x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Cherry Pickers x 10
Burpees x 10

The Thang-
Grab CMU and head to parking lot
1 Squat Press at beginning of parking lot
Sprint to halfway point do 10 burpees and go down 1 each lap
Sprint back to start and then back to the end of the parking lot and do 10 merkins
Go until you have done 10 squat press at one end and 1 merkin at the other end

Mosey to Cardiac Hill at 0.25 mile marker up to top almost .25 mile one way

10 merkins at bottom and sprint to the top and do 20 dips
Repeat x 4

Mosey Back To AO

Consistency is so hard for me in every aspect of life. Whether it is eating healthy, getting to the workout in the mornings or more serious things like praying for my wife/family every night, I struggle with it. As an F3 nation we as men need to come alongside each other and encourage one another to stay consistent in our lives and hold each other accountable. It can work for a while by yourself but eventually we fall victim to the voice in our head telling us to let up and take the easy road but every time we do that we regret it. Anytime I fartsack for a workout, an hour after the workout would have been over I regret it. I have never regretted going to a workout, ever, period.

Edit looked strong as usual but Goose was trying his hardest to keep up. Somebody at the end smarted off to Pinto and Lilydipper about their age and got put in the sleeper hold. Great workout as everyone really pushed it and we put over 2 miles of sprinting in.

Asylum Poker

THE SCENE 38 degrees and dark!

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

SSH ICx29      (in honor of Dimples)
Merkins ICx15
Squats ICx15

Asylum Poker
P-nut announced that the workout would be determined by use of a deck of cards.  Hearts = burpees; Diamonds= merkins; Clubs= 4 count flutter kicks; Spades= squats.  Reps would be determined by the number on the card.

The PAX moseyed to 5 spots around the Asylum, stopping to do a series of 4 exercises at each station.  Merkins, burpees, squats and flutter kicks.

The PAX stopped at the soccer field to do one round of DORA, with one battle buddy sprinting the field while the other started squats (to 250).  Plank until all were done.

Mosey to the lower baseball field parking lot.  One more round of cards, followed by a 50 yard lunge and a 50 yard bearcrawl.

Mosey back to the AO through the construction zone.  The PAX climbed fences, ran over dirt piles and dodged pot-holes en route back to the AO.

Hello Dolly (led by Edit) ICx25

Number Off and Name-O-Rama

P-nut discussed how the cards were an analogy for life.  We are often dealt circumstances and situations that are out of our control, but that we have a constant source of support in Jesus.  Quoted Psalm 119:105 and encouraged the PAX to get into God’s word and let that guide our lives.

P-nut then prayed us out- including a prayer request for Simone, who will be leaving on Tuesday for military service.  The PAX laid hands on Simone and prayed for his safety and bravery.

2.1 miles, approximately 200 merkins, a multitude of squats and a TON of spirited mumblechatter (thanks Cap’n, Bandwagon, Crawdad).  Great start to the work week!

Barney’s Beatdown

THE SCENE 43 and Clear

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Cherry Picker x 15 IC
Arm Circles F&R x 11 IC
Skyhawk Merkin x 15 IC
Hillbilly Walker x 15 IC

Triple Threat on the Main Lot
Barney has 3 Friends – BJ, Baby Bop, and Riff. Riff is the Runner, Baby Bop is doing Little Baby Crunches, BJ is doing Merkins.  Riff runs and relieves  Baby Bop who is doing LBCs.  Baby Bop changes to Riff and runs back to relieve BJ and starts doing Merkins.  Rinse and Repeat x 3-4.

Mosey to side lot

Barney has another friend called Dora:  BOMBS – with a partner:
40 Burpees
80 Overhead Claps
120 Merkins
160 Big Boy Sit ups
200 Squats

Mosey to Playground

Derkin and Box Jumps OYO
Big Boys when finished.

Mosey back to SP

Quick Lap
Sideways cross over run (karaoke) along 1st side, 5 burpees in corner
backwards run along 2nd side, 5 Squat Jacks
Sideways cross over run (karaoke) along 3rd side, 5 burpees in corner
backwards run along 4th side, 5 Squat Jacks

Rosalitas (Vertical Dollys) x 15 IC
Boat Canoe OQ
Pickle Pounders x 15 IC

CountORama // NameORama

I have been thinking quite a bit about being a good steward of what God has provided.  God owns everything – (Psalm 24:1-2).  The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who are in it.  Accept what you have – (1 Timothy 6:7-8) Basically this verse says you come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing.  Seek first His Kingdom, and submit your requests to Him – (Matthew 6:33) But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Guys, realize that we are here to simply manage what is already His.  We need to seek out his kingdom, his righteousness and aim to use what he has blessed us with for His glory rather than our own.

F3 Crossfit Games 2016

THE SCENE – 67 and Clear

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Michael Phelps x10
Imperial Walker x10
SSH x25

Mosey to base of hill.

Bear crawl up.
Sundials at the top until everyone gets there.
Mosey to STOP sign. (Turn Left)
Merkins x25
Sprint to speed humps.
Carolina Dry Docks until everyone gets there
Lunge x25/leg
Mosey to STOP sign
Burpee + frog hop x10
Sprint to next light pole
BBSups x30
PICK UP CMU and Mosey back to main parking lot.

Grab thy CMU. Do reps OYO for 20 seconds. During the rest, carry CMU 10 yds.
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Derkin
(20sec work/10sec Rest) lat row
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Shoulder press
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Bicep curl
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Tricep dip

Mosey back

Perform reps at each line. Sprint between lines. Mosey back. Do each round for 2 minutes.
Round 1: 10 Squats at each line
Round 2: 10 Jump squats at each line

Grab thy CMU. Do reps OYO for 20 seconds. During the rest, carry CMU 10 yds.
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Clean/Press
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Push-up
(20sec work/10sec Rest) LBSup
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Burpee

Mosey back

Lunge w/ CMU overhead length of parking lot
Hello Dollies x25

Return CMUs to pile

One final, all-out sprint to the top of the hill. Recover back down to AO and circle up.

CountORama // NameORama

1. Christian Brother’s Car Service (is that right?) is doing free oil changes for single moms this Saturday.
2. Contact G-6 if you need to hire a logistics guy. (In fact, contact G6 if you need to hire anyone. I can almost guarantee he knows someone.)

YHC didn’t have much else to share, mainly because I was trying really hard not to puke. What I did share, was something like:  It’s an honor to work so hard with this PAX. Keep giving back. We need more men to step up to Q. As we approach the one-year mark of F3 Knoxville, continue looking for new ways to share the love and connect other men to this incredible thing we’ve been given.