F3 Knoxville


Workout Date: 18 Jul 2022
QIC: Smuggler

THE SCENE: It seemed like it was a nice cooler morning, Moses tried to warn us. Some doubted him but we soon found out it was mugggyyyyy

Plank jacks 10 4ct ic

Mountain climbers 10 4c ic

Good mornings- IC down 4 down 4 up- 10

Angle grinders- 10 sc ic

Imperial walkers-10 4ct ic

Pax grab their blocks. Avocado grabbed the 50lb bag to start. Mosey to walk way by river.

pax started mosey towards tennis courts. Every 2nd light post stop 2 merkins , accessing order till we reached the bridge by tennis courts. Switch bag carrier every stop.

Set up at cross walk facing hill towards school

At base of hill pax line up- one pax grabs bag and runs to top of the hill.

Rest of packs did 5blockies, 5 thrusters, 5 swings. Rinse and repeat 

When pax a gets down he starts doing exercises. Next pax takes bag and runs top and down. When he hands off bag he keeps running hill with next pax. Repeat till the first pax is left doing exercises. Last pax took bag and all ran to top.

we then repeated going up Ceader other way. All pax did 10 thrusters than 1 pax took bag and all ran 4 light post uphill

repeated one more time

Mosey back to grind stone. Every 3rd light post 3 squats ascending by 3 every light stop. Q carried the bag back.




A leader… is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.

Nelson Mandela

Thank you Nair for remembering the key bag which Q left at the flag, Douh.
Flag hand off 7/30 7Am at the Arsenal. No beatdown at Bombshelter

work day Aug 6th at Cerebral Palsy center

beer mile 9/10 at Moses