F3 Knoxville

Let’s Get Rocked – Recycle

The Dog Pound
Workout Date: 18 Jun 2019
QIC: La-Z-Boy

THE SCENE: Gloomy & Humid with a slight drizzle to finish off the Q

Merkins 4ct IC x 10
BA Circles IC x 5/7?
Tempo Squat IC x 10
SSH IC x 25


(Ascending Burpees – Start with 1 and add one between every exercise.
The Thang
Pick up a couple of handheld Pee Rock’s or full on boulders (Ratchet)
Indian Run to Kory Hill & Grab a Battle Buddy
Circuit 1 – 3 rounds
Partner A – High Rows
Partner B – Runs Hill and performs 10 Manmakers run back and switch w/ partner
(Continuing Ascending Burpees)
Circuit 2 – 3 rounds
Partner A – Overhead Presses
Partner B – Runs Hill & performs 15 Squats – switch w/ partner
Circuit 3 2.5 Rounds
Partner A – Squat Jumps
Partner B – Smurf Jacks x20
Indian Run to base of Matterhorn – Cont. Burpees – appreciate Matterhorn and all her majesty.
Indian Run back to AO
Mosey to Outhouse
Descending Burpees then Wall Crawl (10 Burpees – Wall Crawl, 9 Burpees – Wall Crawl, etc.)
Saved by the Bell

No Mary, just burpees.
12 Pax pushed through today.
When we pulled up in front of Matterhorn, just the thought of what possible misery could be done on that beast was tough. Although we didn’t run up it, it was already hard. The biggest battle we fight is between our ears. We need to remember to invite God into those battles so we’re not standing alone against the enemy. Life can be relentless and if we’re not relentless, it can swallow us whole.


PAX worked hard today, the harder the workout got, the harder I saw these men push. Please keep our PAX in your prayers. Many of us are being called to be leaders for friends, family and neighbors that are going through hardships. Special shout-out to Stitches who is going through MEPS today.

Stay tuned for CSAUP info coming soon.