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Live in Space

The Project
Workout Date: 2 Nov 2021
QIC: Kick-Flip

THE SCENE:  So nice.

Moroccan nightclub
Cherry pickers
Tempo Squats
Down/up dog
Tempo merkins
Mountain climbers


  • Mosey to the bell:  (10 tri dips, 2 burpees, 10 box jumps, 2 burpees).  Repeat for a total of 4 rounds.
  • Mosey to K-25 hill:  (10 bobby hurleys, run up, 10 BBS, run down).  Repeat for a total of 4 rounds.
  • Bear crawl up and over K-25 hill and down the other side.
  • Line up in the parking lot.  Bear crawl one line, 10 merkins, bear crawl another line, 9 merkins.  Repeat the pattern; 8…7…6…all the way to 1.
  • Lunge one line, 10 squats, lunge another line, 9 squats.  Repeat the pattern; 8…7…6…all the way to 1.
  • 10 basilisks – bernie up the hill – 10 freddy mercury (4-ct) – run down the hill.  Repeat.
  • Run to the ORAU stairs.  Suicides.  10 mountain climbers (4-ct). Run up the first set of steps.  10 mountain climbers (4-ct). Run up the second set of steps.  Repeat for third and fourth sets of steps.
  • Mosey home.


Hello dolly
Tempo merkin
Heels to heaven




I talked this morning about anxiousness and unrest…

Twenty-one years ago today, the spaceflight Expedition 1 arrived at the International Space Station.  Planned for 136 days, the three-man mission was the first long-duration stay onboard.  It was also the beginning of a historic feat – one that continues through today.  From November 2, 2000, there has been a continuous human presence on the ISS.  Mankind has now lived in space for twenty-one years without interruption – that is extraordinary!

Imagine what it would be like to live aboard a habitable satellite in low Earth orbit (!).  Your home is the size of a soccer field and travelling at a speed of roughly 5 miles per second.  You orbit the earth once every 90 minutes – 16 times each day.  You are 250 vertical miles above everyone and everything on earth below – incomprehensibly removed from everything here.  No thing and no one can touch you.

Psalm 9:9; “The Lord is a refuge for the persecuted; a refuge in times of trouble”.

The Hebrew term translated “refuge” is sagav and means “to be high”.  According to the Hebrew scholar, Chaim Bentorah, this is a very unusual word to be used in the sense of a refugeSagav in Hebrew paints an image of a shelter…in outer space.  Bentorah says, “the meaning of sagav does not only give a picture of God surrounding us and protecting us, but also of Him lifting us up and carrying us away from all the problems and stresses that have us bound.”

I can imagine the Psalmist David, laden with all the worries of a king – war, famine, discontent, assassination, plague, enemies – looking at the stars in the evening hours and sighing, “If only I could live up there, none of these enemies could reach me”.  (Wouldn’t his mind be blown to know that someday man would, indeed, live in the heavens?!?!).  “Lord, be my refuge.  Take me to a place that is inaccessible to all that makes me anxious.”

In our lives, we will face challenges and worries that have the potential of crushing us.  At those times, perhaps we can sit back, as David did, and picture God taking us to a new height where we can commune with Him and be restored in His presence.


Hat tip to Chaim Bentorah for the Hebrew word lesson.

So…Borg is a flat-earther?

Great discussion afterward!


Prayers for Borg’s friend, whose father passed away.

Prayers for health in Mathlete’s household.

Prayers for each of us to have peace in our hearts and to be a peaceful influence in our homes.