F3 Knoxville

Monday Morning

Workout Date: 3 May 2021
QIC: Betty

The Scene

60’s with a warm breeze 

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, Free, Modify, Not Professional, Own Volition, Social Distance, Phone



2 burpees

Tempo Merkins

Tempo Squats

TN Rocking Chair

5 burpees


Mosey to CMU pile and grab 1


20 Chest press

20 Rows 

20 Shoulder Press

Take Away 2 reps each round. Most got down to 10 of each before we recovered


10 Deadlifts

10 Squats

10 Lunges

Take away 1 rep each round. Most got down to about 5 before we recovered


Rack the CMU’s and Mosey to the Racquetball Club Way hill. 


Each exercise is performed going up the hill (not as steep as I wanted)

5 reps of 10 High Knees + 1 Burpee, then a 5 second sprint all out

5 reps of 1 Uphill long jump + 3 downhill facing squats, then a 5 second sprint all out

30 Walking lunge to knee drive, then 5 second sprint all out

3 reps of 10 second sprints up the hill


Rinse and Repeat only got to the lunges and did 10 walking lunges to knee drive


Mosey back to AO and perform the Burpee-Name-O-Rama

Start with first HIM, Name, Age, F3 Name then 1 burpee, Next man, Name, Age, F3 Name, he performs 2 burpees, …… Ends with Q’s  Name, Age, F3 Name, Q performs as many burpees as there are PAX (In this case 12). Shamrock men went beast mode for this. 


No Time


12 High Impact Men


“From the most powerful man to the lowliest servant, the same is true: If we are busy about our own kingdoms instead of His, we are squandering our time and energy.” -HRT




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