F3 Knoxville

Poker in the Park


THE SCENE: Calm as a card shark.  Hot as the black jack table you’re not sitting at.

Side straddle hops, little baby arm circles, jog to other end of bb courts and back.  Butt kicks to end of one court.  High knees back.  Karaoke down and back.

Divide up into 2 teams for some poker in the park.

5 Card Draw: each team does step ups on picnic tables while one HIM for the team runs up blind man’s hill to draw a card from the deck.  Do the corresponding exercise that matches the suit (merkins, plank jacks, big boys, Bobby Hurley) and the number on the card (keep counting up for face card, i.e. J = 11, Q = 12, etc).  Best 5 card hand wins.  Teams can keep drawing cards to make best hand.  Must discard before running for another card.  Once a team feels they have the best hand, they place their hand on the other team’s table.  Losing team does 10 burpees.

Drag the pot: each team must crawl from one sideline of the tennis court to the opposite side of the opposite court to retrieve one chip to return (via bear crawl) back to their side of the chip case.  Ended up modifying to allow teams to run the chip back and modified again to only crawl the width of one court for time sake.  No losers this game because everyone collected more chips than they lost, which is rare when gambling…

cherry pickers, flutter kicks, big boys, more flutter kicks, cash out with LBCs
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My wife and I often feel stretched due to both of us having full time jobs, side hustle travel business, and 2 kids.  Sometimes the stress builds to where we are no longer enjoying the beautiful things of life.  My wife shared with me that the other night she was starting to lose her cool because it was late, the boys needed to be getting ready for bed, but instead, they were playing and laughing together.  She looked at me with a defeated look and said, “I was mad because our boys were having fun together.”  She realized that her expectations had taken over to where she could not enjoy the moment of joy our boys were having with each other.  This was a great reminder to me that sometimes we need to reevaluate what is truly important in the moment.  Life without moments of joy is not life.  It’s just surviving.  We were made to do more than just survive.

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