F3 Knoxville

Christmas Is In The Cards

THE SCENE: Low 50s and clear



SSH x20 IC; Tempo Squat x10 IC; Mosey to Oval Office with CMUs

Draw a card and do the exercise that matches. Keep drawing cards until recover is called. All number cards are x2.

  • Diamonds – Australian Snow Angel
  • Clubs – Elf On A Shelf
  • Spades – Dancing Polar Bear
  • Hearts – Coal Digger
  • All Jacks – Workshop Stairs x5
  • All Queens – Polar Bear Crawl
  • All Kings – Santa’s Toy Sack x15
  • All Aces – Burpees x20

Overhead Clap x50 IC;  Seal Clap x25 IC; Grady Corn x25 IC; Boxer Jack x10 IC; Burpee x10 OYO

8 HIM for the beatdown plus a Pinocchio sighting getting some ruck work in!


Isaiah 9:6

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

‭‭Keep our minds focused on Christ during this busy time of year.

Smuggler’s mother-in-law having breast cancer surgery on Thursday


Maryville Christmas Parade on 12/3; Ugly Sweater Beer Ruck on 12/10

Man in the Arena

THE SCENE: 40 Degrees, humid~ish


  • Found Yourself at F3
    • Free Work out
    • Open to all men
  • I am Shrimp Net
  • I am not a professional, I do not know your injuries, if you need to please modify
  • I am not being paid to be here
  • You are not paying to be here


  • Smo-tivators: Start @ 7 Each, work down
  • 5x Cherry Pickers
  • 10x Imperial Walkers


Mosey #1: (to Stairs @ oval office)- Stop to Blockee

  • Team Up
    • Pax #1 overhead carry up/down the stairs, while Pax #2 does CMU Thrusters for time, switch to do 3 reps each.

Mosey #2:  To baseball Field #1

  • Pin-Wheel- 5 Stations with center exercise W/ Partner (Overhead carry from Hub to Spoke)
    • Center Exercise- (For time while partner Pax does Spoke Exercise)- Goblet Squat
    • Station #1- 10x;15x;20x  Curls
    • Station #2- 10x;15x;20x  Overhead Press
    • Station #3- 10x;15x;20x Crossover Lift
    • Station #4- 10x;15x;20x Merkins
    • Station #5- 10x;15x;20x CMU Swings

25x Flutter Kicks

10x Hello Dolly

LBC for Time!

8 Showed up for a Balmy November Morning!

Hot Squat; Domino; Smuggler; Butterfinger; Baby Weight; Walt; KY; Shrimp Net

Man in The Arena

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”


The “Ultimate” Beatdown

THE SCENE: Cool and calm

Mosey to oval office (track) with some leg stretches along the way.

Since this was acting as my birthday queue, we did one of my favorite things….played ultimate frisbee!  It was dark of course so we played on the Middle School football field where the most lights are.  It worked but was a challenge to catch dew (see what I did there?) to the wet grass and when the disc was coming from the direction of the lights (since they are only really on one side of the field).

When the disc was dropped we did merkins for awhile but ended up modifying to keep game play moving.  The team that was scored on had to do 10 burpees.

cherry pickers, overhead claps, little baby crunches
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The day before I lost my patience and control when it was time for the boys to get in the car for school.  It ultimately ended up well as I was able to model apologizing and talked with my son about how I could have handled the situation better.  I have continued to reflect on the situation and come to realize that I lost control of myself because I felt like I lost control of the situation.  My main takeaways from the experience were:

  1. It’s okay to not be in control of a situation but it’s not okay to not be in control of yourself
  2. In order to be able to respond in a better way, I need to work on myself outside of those moments.  It’s much like sports, you get better outside of games.  That’s what practice is for.

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Valley forge

THE SCENE: Finally a crisp in the air

lunge reach, heel kicks, Frankenstein, Hugh knees, side lunges.
mosey to valley of death. Along the way we stopped and did some shoulder taps and squats till the 6 caught up then we moved out. Shout out to the 6 for catching up and moving out right away.
Valley Forge

start at base of Death Valley

deck of cards. Suit is exercises, # is where you’re moving. Repeat for time.

25 of all exercises

Heart- Perfect merkins

Club- Iron Mikes 

Spade- Apollo ono (SC)

Diamonds- V ups

1-4 run up spaghetti

5-8 Bernie up spaghetti

9-10 broad jump to first light post on never ending

Face cards- bear crawl to first light post on never ending

Ace- run the gauntlet- top of never ending to top of spaghetti

No time but we hit some v ups, and apolo in the way back. And top of blind man’s hill Q called impromptu partner plank hold. One partner plank other feet on guardrail and hands on back of pax planking, rest of pax bear crawl under
Don’t let fear hold you back from seizing opportunity in your life.
Lots of new faces not a lot of VQs. Let’s get some this month!!
2ndF lunch 11/18 Maryville Corner Market

Zombie Workout


  • Frankenstein’s between each exercise end to end of court.
  • Zombie Rockers, Spider Tempo Merkins, Zombie Tempo Squat


Zombie Wall Crawl

Line up on the upper wall in Zombie plank above the courts w/ feet toward the wall. Side shuffle to opposite end and back.

Main Drill – EMOM

EMOM means every minute on the minute. At the start of the every minute, pax must perform push ups, nose to knees and squats. After completing the required number of reps they get to rest for the rest of the minute.

Failure to complete a round inside the time limit means that the pax will finish the repetitions for that round, then do 2 boo-pees, then rest for the rest of the minute and then join back in the following round.

First 5 minutes: 5 Boo-urpees, 5 Jack the Ripper Crunches, 5 Zombie squats

Next 5 minutes: 6 Boo-urpees, 5 Jack the Ripper Crunches, 6 Zombie squats

Next 5 minutes: 7 Boo-urpees, 5 Jack the Ripper Crunches, 7 Zombie squats

Next 5 minutes: 8 Jack the Ripper Crunches, 8 Zombie squats

Next 5 minutes: 9 Jack the Ripper Crunches, 9 Zombie squats

Next 5 minutes: 10 Zombie squats

Total time = 30 minutes. Do not stop between 5 minute increments.

Dracula Sit-ups x 10, Flutter Kicks for time
Butterfingers, Cropdust, Smuggler, Walt

To understand what discipline really is and what it really means, let’s look at the origin of the word to find its intent and true form.

The root word of discipline is “disciple,” which comes from the Latin word discipulus meaning “student.” Most people believe a disciple is a follower (probably because of the religious context), but in reality it means student—as in, “one who studies.”

The word “discipline” is from the Latin word disciplina, meaning “instruction and training.” It is derived from the root word discere—”to learn.”

So what is discipline?

Discipline is to study, learn, train, and apply a system of standards.

When we lose our personal discipline, also our choice, we give control away to other people, external circumstances, and the inevitable randomness of life. We drift and become the plaything of circumstances (Viktor Frankl—”Man’s Search for Meaning”).

More discipline, more choice, more control. Better options. Higher standards. Improved skill. More flexibility.

Less discipline, less choice, less control. Fewer options. Lower standards. Inadequate skill. Less flexibility.

What Does Discipline Mean?