F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: Bizarro winter warm

Woodshack’s Hungry Hippos x 2 rounds


Suicides on the Educator:
12 Wide Merkins
Run halfway up, 12 incline LBC
12 One-handed Merkins
Run all the way up, 12 thruster Merkins
Drop reps by 1 each time
Gap jumps over path x 20

Boat for 1 minute to cash out
11 including 2 FNG Squirts and Handy

With some time off really take the time to appreciate the people that will surround you the next few days. Sometimes we are too rushed or stressed or self-consumed to stop and actually listen to another person. Bask in the conversations and really hear what the people closest to you have to say. Try to understand how they see the world and relate to them in a new way.


Bomb Shelter rucking crew tore it up beforehand too with some good PT.


12-21 workout

THE SCENE:   40’s and warm…we sure this is late December?



  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • Cherry pickers x 5
  • This/that stretch
  • LBAC forward & backward


Mosey to the hill by the big Christmas tree

3 trips up the hill to the Christmas tree (insert Christmas Vacation mumblechatter here….)

  1. Lunge to to tree, 10 burpees
  2. Bernie Sanders to tree, 10 burpees
  3. Groucho walk to tree, 10 burpees

Mosey back to parking lot


Bear Crawl 11’s

  1. line up about 15 ft from curb
  2. bear crawl to curb (diamond merkins)
  3.  crawl bear back to start point (Wide merkins)


Grinder time

  • start at pavalon
  • run to end with exercise bars
  • 5 pull ups, 10 squats, 20 calf raises
  • run back to pavalon
  • rinse & repeat x 5



  • Gas pumps x 20
  • hello dolly x 20
  • flutter kick x 20
  • burpee ring of fire (2 rounds)
  • 1 min of LBC’s

16 strong:  Tank, Woodshack, Doubtfire, Fins, Ma’am, Snorkel, Mr. Rogers, Hammy, Drifter, Flash, Butterfingers, Raincheck, Squatter, Squiggly, Pinnocchio, Bartman

A reminder of how we should use what we know to share our faith.   Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? It’s easy if we just talk about our own personal experiences.  We can’t go wrong, so don’t back away from sharing what God has done in your life with others.

Bonus points to Fins who was dealing with a bum foot today.  He kept the pace and stayed busy with all kinds of extra credit moves while not able to run.  It was motivating to watch him not let an injury slow him down.

Coffeeteria at Starbucks for those who could make it.

Bringing balance to the 4s

THE SCENE: Mid 40’s and foggy enough that I missed the turn into the AO…

SSH x25 IC
LBAC x20 each F/B IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
Tempo Merkins x10 IC
Tennessee Rocking Chairs x15 IC

Blacksnake around the Fountain of Youth to the base of One Tree Hill

Balanced 4’s:
4 count merkins IC x4, all together, both bottom of hill and top, each trip.
4 trips up the hill: AYG Sprint, Bernie, Bunny Hop, Bernie hop. Recover mosey down

Mosey to the Grinder

Balance set up 40yd from the Pavalon
Split up into 2 groups (Light side, Dark side)
Team up, one PAX does exercise, one PAX running gems to the balance
For each set of 4 you complete, run one gem to the balance when partner returns.
2:15 for each exercise:
Merkins (4ct)
BBS (4ct)
Box Cutters (4ct)
Jump Squat (4ct)
Monkey Humpers (4ct)
Burpees (single count)

10x Step Ups on picnic table bench
10x Derkins from picnic table bench
10x Step Ups on picnic table bench
10x Derkins from picnic table top

Circle up for some ab work on the nice Pavalon floor
Row your Boat – 4 rounds
Side crunch x15 each side IC
Cash out with LBC AMRAP before time

The 4s was with 15 PAX
My Utmost for His Highest from yesterday (linked):

The Christmas tree at the top of One Tree Hill was a beautiful sight through the fog of this morning’s gloom.

The Balance exercises were timed and called out by an app because I’m lazy.  You can set up whatever exercises and intervals you want, and it uses text-to-speech to call them out.  Available for real phones.  I-Toy owners are SOL.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hybrid.intervaltimer
Hammy celebrating 45 years with his wife! Inspiring!  Don’t forget CSAUP Feb. 24.  Gather at the Municipal Building instead of the Springbrook AO for the Saturday beatdown on 12/30!

And Now For Something Completely Different

THE SCENE: Mid 30’s

We got right to work

3 teams. Until all teams have done each.

1)Chair pose – hold until last sprinter returns

2)Decline plank – hold until last sprinter returns

3)Sprint length of grinder and back

11’s. Called it at 7.

Decline Merkins 4-count

Crab Walk to restroom

Finger tip Merkins 4-count

Mosey to field for Slugger.

Run diamond, 20 Diamond Merkins

Run diamond, 20 Low Side to Side Merkins

Run diamond, 20 Carolina Dry Docks

40 Years in the Wilderness.

BBS x 40

Side Tri Rise 20 each side


Scissors x 25 on Q

Leg climbers x 15 each side

Side V x 25 each side

Single Leg Boat on Q

14 PAX & no FNG

Man was a hunter. Had an active lifestyle. Moved to live. Would rest during the warmer part of the day. Ok to rest after gotten activity in. Ok to take in some calories if you moved for the day “hunted”. Where man fails today is he leads a sedentary lifestyle but still consumes high calories.

We can gain individual strength in our struggles through accountability with our brothers.
Woodshack is collecting $5 from each Alcoa man to get Pinnochio’s wife a little something for exercising her design skills for our shirt.

Also, big thanks to Woodshack for leading the inaugural Bomb Shelter ruck!

CMU Later

THE SCENE: Pretty warm and a perfect morning for a beat down!

SSH x25 IC
Imperial Walker x15 IC
Run in place, lunge when Q calls it out
Little Baby Arm Circles x20 IC
Mosey over to a lamp post, then do the following exercises between each lamp post:

  • Lunges
  • Crab Walk
  • Squat Jump

Mosey to another lamp post on the other side and do bear crawls, but don’t stop at the next lamp post! Going for two. Mosey over to grinder with CMU.

Do 2 reps of the following Exercises. After doing each exercise twice, run to the corner and do two double military merkin burpees. Repeat for time, increasing each exercise by 2 until Q calls time (2, 4, 6, 8…).

  • Braced Squats (Holding CMU straight out while squatting)
  • Curl, Press, Tri with CMU
  • CMU Merkin row (merkin w/ hand on CMU, then row)
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups


  • Louganis
  • Plank on your six holding CMU
  • Boxcutter
  • Guantanamo
  • Snorkel suggestion, Pass the CMU

13 Pax this morning with no FNGs: Hammy, Woodshack, Moses, Drifter, Butterfingers, Flash, Pinnocchio, Snorkel, Raincheck, Slumlord, Mr Rogers, Waxjob, Fins
We as men are expected to be courageous, but I don’t think that a lot of men know what that means. Someone once explained it to me like this: Imagine that you are afraid of snakes and there is a child next to you that is not afraid of snakes. If the child picks up a snake, that does not show courage. But if you pick up a snake, it is courageous. Courage is not the lack of fear, it is overcoming fear. Look at men in the military. My cousin earned a bronze star as a platoon leader in Iraq in 2003. One of his men got shot and my cousin ran across the road, threw the guy over his shoulder, and ran back shooting his M16 with one hand. He did not go get that guy because he thought it was a good opportunity to earn a bronze star. He got that guy because that guy is his brother and the fellowship that they have was enough for my cousin to overcome his fear of running through a street full of flying bullets. The first day that I came to F3, I came to get in better shape and to make myself better. I was scared to do my VQ, but today I showed up for the men who came. I showed up to make them better. That is why F3 works so well, because of that 2nd F and being able to push each other and work with each other to overcome our fears and show courage.


  • Saturday, December 30 meet at Alcoa municipal building
  • February 24 CSAUP