F3 Knoxville

With One Eye Squinted…

THE SCENE: Partly cloudy, very pretty clouds, low 70s, quite breezy.  Good kite-flying weather.



-Motivators (7-ct)

– 10 Cherry Pickers (4-ct), in cadence, maintain position…

– Hamstring stretches, sky reaches

– 20 Grady Corns (4-ct), in cadence

– Little of this and that


MOSEY to stop sign at northeast corner of circle drive.

    • 10x Merkin
    • 10x Wide Merkin
    • 10x Stagger Left Merkin
    • 10x Stagger Right Merkin

MOSEY to Center of Coliseum.

    • 20 squats
    • 20 Box Jumps (on wall)
    • 20 Lunges (10 each leg… but we did 20 each leg for extra credit)
    • 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward… but we did 20 each leg forward for extra credit)

MOSEY to lower parking lot under Coliseum

  • 5/10/15s. Get a Battle Buddy.  Partner 1 runs up to stop sign and does 5x reps of two exercises, then comes down and switches with Partner 2, who is running in place or doing SSH.  R&R with 10x, then 15x exercises.  The exercises are:
    • Round 1: Mountain Climbers and Peter Parkers (both 2-ct)
    • Round 2: Smurf Jacks and Froggy Jumps

Mosey to stop sign at southern corner of circle drive.  20 American hammers (4-ct, IC), 10 BBS.

Bernie Sanders to no parking sign.  20 American hammers (4-ct, IC), 10 BBS.


CMU Catch Me If You Can!

  • Partner 1 Lunges away, Partner 2 does 20x of an exercise, then runs with CMU (overhead carry) to catch Partner 1.   Keep going, changing the exercises.  Partners must agree on exercise.
    • OPTIONS: Overhead Press, Curls, CMU Press, Situps, Rows, Triceps, Squats

LBCs until 6 caught up.

19 strong!  Plus one doggy.


Those of us in the Christian faith have just emerged from a special part of year, the Easter season.  Part of what makes Easter so extraordinary is that it is about moving on, emerging from the darkness, and having faith that God will make all things new again.  As the seasons change, winter turns to spring, and the Easter season arrives, we move ahead slowly, deliberately, with great love, and great hope.  But the true meaning of Easter is not without some darker elements as well.  Before we reach the time of great renewal and hope there can be much fear, hesitation, and confusion, similar to what Mary Magdalene felt initially when she saw the empty tomb.

(Mary) Flannery O’Connor is a well-known southern author who wrote strange and often violent short stories.  She was diagnosed with Lupus at a relatively young age.  Her stories were often influenced by her struggles with her disease, and were often sardonic and dark, but she was a devout Christian that also incorporated messages of faith in her writings.  Her faith-based outlook on life are on full display in a book called THE HABIT OF BEING, which is a collection of letters she wrote in the latter half of her life. And she writes that being a person of faith is not all sunshine and rainbows….

She writes, “All Human Nature rigorously resists grace. Grace changes us, and change is painful.  We don’t run towards Grace, sometimes we are dragged fighting it all the way.”  Faith calls us out of complacency, and into places of uncertainty. It’s risky. Uncomfortable.  It’s transformative.  She writes, “What people don’t realize is how much religion costs…” “It seems to be a fact that you have to suffer as much from the Church as for it, but if you believe in the divinity of Christ, you have to cherish the world at the same time that you struggle to endure it.”  Fear. Uncertainty. Transformation. And only then, Exultation! That’s Easter in a nutshell.

Flannery O’Connor died of her illness at age 39.  Despite the struggles and challenges, she wrote of her life, “I can, with one eye squinted, take it all as a blessing.”  As we move through the darkness of the past year, hopefully we can acknowledge our blessings and faith in the journey, and, with one eye squinted, find some grace, some miracles in the year behind us, and recognize and act on the ways we were all called to be changed.
Prayers for the return home of Corona Weight’s brother, prayers for Ribbed, Jinxy, La-Z-Boy and Lillydipper, as they recover from injury and illness, prayers for Steam’s friend Shawn.
April service challenge! Details TBA.

Passing the Torch!

THE SCENE:  A couple of degrees below freezing…


Forgot to mention that I am not a professional…  However I am sure the PAX is aware of that by now!

30 SSH

10 Tempo Merkins

10 Tempo Squats

Baby Arm Circles Forward/Reverse


Drawed the number 2 with GPS with 3 stations located in the park.

Station 1 – Bear Crawl around the tennis court with 5 Burpees at each corner.  Run and touch gate then proceed to Station 2.

Station 2 – at the back parking lot I placed some modified CMU’s in the grass next to the trail entrance.  We used these CMU’s for 20 Curls and 20 Overhead Presses.  Then run over to the boat ramp.

Station 3 –  We did 20 Dry Docks facing downhill on the ramp.  Then starting at the water, 20 Squat Jumps up the ramp.  Then we ran back to the Tennis Court.

Rinse and Repeat as many times as you could.

ATM closeout led by Cap’n Crunch


Passed the Flag over to Stripped, he is a wonderful asset to the Equalizer.  Not only is he accountable at the workouts, he is also accountable to reach out to brothers that are needing help outside of the workouts.  I am grateful that the Equalizer is in good hands!

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation.  It’s about impact, influence,  and inspiration.”

Was one of the most boring workouts I have put together but drawing the 2 for our 2 year anniversary was very important for me.  However it did turn into a pretty good beatdown, so I plan to use it again soon!
Hardship Hill 10/2!!!

ShamRockin’ the Mic

THE SCENE: Cool and dry…

Side straddle hop in cadence 20
Cherry Pickers
10 tempo Merkins
Arm rotations thumbs up in cadence
Reverse thumbs down in cadence
5 burpees on your own
Side straddle hop in cadence

  • Mosey to the coupon pile
  • Partner up, line up on curb
    100 curls while partner bear crawls to the other side and crawl bears back
    100 thrusters while partner Crab walks to the other side and Bernies back
  • Flutter kicks in cadence
  • Mosey to the covered side, line up on curb
    Shaun T’s – step up, knee to opposite elbow,
    Step down, backward lunge and reach to curb.
  • Burpee leap frogs from one speed bump to the other
  • Flutter kicks in cadence
  • Mosey to the track
  • Suicides 20yd, 30yd, 40yd
  • Kick flip’s Mucho Chesto: Diamond, Regular, Wide, and Staggered 10x each
  • Flutter kicks in cadence
  • Walk corners and sprint down the straight away
  • Freddy Mercury in cadence
  • Mosey back to the flag!


  • Cardio Island: Karaokes, High Knees, high heels, skip, side to side low, walking lunges
  • 8 Count Merkins x10

Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
I finished reading the Bible for the first time in my life back in February. This is probably not a feat for you guys… It took me a little more than 2 years to finish a 1 year plan. But I did it! I’ve always been around the Bible and I’ve read bits and pieces, here and there. I made a lot of attempts to read it cover to cover, and i would fizzle somewhere after the creation… If you struggle like I did, I highly recommend a Bible reading plan.

Thank you gentlemen for challenging me! I have nothing but respect for you guys.



THE SCENE: 35 degrees and slightly chilly

10x baby arm circles in cadence

10x reverse baby arm circles in cadence

10x cherry pickers in cadence

50x side straddle hops in cadence
Assfault’s AO Assault (4 rounds, 6 stations, 1 min work of 1 exercise at a station, 20 seconds to bear crawl to next station)

  • 8 count bodybuilders
  • Flutter kicks
  • Burpee mountain climbers
  • Burpee into squats
  • Hello dollys
  • burpees

18 men 2 FNGs Assfault mermaid Cheat Sheet Dumpster Dive Flower Pot Anchorman Fabio In and Out Brick Trolley Corona Weight Baby Boomer Betty Slappy Interpol Osteen Apollo 2(FNG) Vanna (FNG)
Mechanotransduction is any of various mechanisms by which cells convert mechanical stimulus into electrochemical activity. As members of the pax we introduce stimuli to each other at beatdowns and in our communities and stimulate growth. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another Proverbs 27:17

AO launch March 6 in Blount county at the arsenal

The Manhattan Project


Partly Cloudy Temperature Humidity Feels like Wind Speed Wind Direction
43 ℉ 83% 39 ℉ 5.7 mi/h NNE

I am not a professional.


25 SSHs .
10 Storm Troopers.
10 Windmills.
10 Tie Fighters
10 Merkin/Mtn Climber Combination

Mosey towards main parking lot near St. Patrick statue.  Divide into two teams. Thang consists of running around parking lot and back to statue area. Each PAX rolls two dice and perform two sets of exercises defined by the numbers that show up on each dice. After completing the exercises and lap, they record a tally for their team. Running and Rolling dice for ~15 minutes. Team with most tallies wins.

Exercises are:
Dice #1
1 – Burpee x 10
2 – Bear Crawl
3 – Derkins x 25
4 – Flutter Kicks 4 cnt x 20
5 – Box Jumps x 20
6 – Dips x 30
Dice #2
1 – Bernie Bear Crawl
2 – Wide Merkins x 25
3 – Hello Dollys 4 cnt x 20
4 – Iron Mikes x 20
5 – Diamond Merkins x 25
6 – Motivators from 5

Then mosey to picnic pavilion. Divide into 5 groups. There are 5 stations with different exercises at each. Rotate the stations doing the exercises until time to recover. Rinse and Repeat. Stations where:
1. Picnic Pavilion – Using picnic table benches, 15 straight leg lifts and 15 knees to chest. Ab work with legs hanging off end of bench.
2. Pull Up bars – AMRAP twice. Carolina Dry Docks for those not wanting to share equipment.
3. Stonehenge – 20 Derkins and 20 Irkins.
4. Fire Pit – 20 Box Jumps and 10 single leg squats (5 each leg).
5. Volleyball Benches. PAX pick two from the following: – 20 Derkins, 20 Dips, 20 Box Jumps or Step Ups, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, or 20 Bicep Push Ups

Then Mosey back to AO.

31 LBCs.
18 Brothers.  Welcome to FNG – Interpol and congrats to being of the watch list for 5(?) years.

Lots of very interesting things have happened at ORNL since its beginning in 1943.  One was that they hired me 20 years ago on Jan 29th 2001.  Here’s a link describing ORNL’s history.  https://www.ornl.gov/content/seventy-five-years-great-science.  Check out the timeline and interactive mural.


Prayers for the wives recovering from and going into surgery.  For the kids struggling with issues at school.  For our brothers battling illness.  For Pom Pom, who is 4 months from his wedding day.  And for what are the far too normal requests that continue to be issues for us all (Covid, Racism, ….).


Blood Drive on Friday

Asylum CSAUP on Saturday