F3 Knoxville

F3 Crossfit Games 2016

Asylum AM

THE SCENE – 67 and Clear

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Michael Phelps x10
Imperial Walker x10
SSH x25

Mosey to base of hill.

Bear crawl up.
Sundials at the top until everyone gets there.
Mosey to STOP sign. (Turn Left)
Merkins x25
Sprint to speed humps.
Carolina Dry Docks until everyone gets there
Lunge x25/leg
Mosey to STOP sign
Burpee + frog hop x10
Sprint to next light pole
BBSups x30
PICK UP CMU and Mosey back to main parking lot.

Grab thy CMU. Do reps OYO for 20 seconds. During the rest, carry CMU 10 yds.
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Derkin
(20sec work/10sec Rest) lat row
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Shoulder press
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Bicep curl
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Tricep dip

Mosey back

Perform reps at each line. Sprint between lines. Mosey back. Do each round for 2 minutes.
Round 1: 10 Squats at each line
Round 2: 10 Jump squats at each line

Grab thy CMU. Do reps OYO for 20 seconds. During the rest, carry CMU 10 yds.
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Clean/Press
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Push-up
(20sec work/10sec Rest) LBSup
(20sec work/10sec Rest) Burpee

Mosey back

Lunge w/ CMU overhead length of parking lot
Hello Dollies x25

Return CMUs to pile

One final, all-out sprint to the top of the hill. Recover back down to AO and circle up.

CountORama // NameORama

1. Christian Brother’s Car Service (is that right?) is doing free oil changes for single moms this Saturday.
2. Contact G-6 if you need to hire a logistics guy. (In fact, contact G6 if you need to hire anyone. I can almost guarantee he knows someone.)

YHC didn’t have much else to share, mainly because I was trying really hard not to puke. What I did share, was something like:  It’s an honor to work so hard with this PAX. Keep giving back. We need more men to step up to Q. As we approach the one-year mark of F3 Knoxville, continue looking for new ways to share the love and connect other men to this incredible thing we’ve been given.