F3 Knoxville

CMU Modify

THE SCENE: Partly cloudy, 30 degrees (record low for April 22nd), 88% humidity

Side straddle hops, Bulldog drill, Baby Arm Circles, Jog length of the grinder, Skip back.
5 Rounds (2 minutes work, 1 minute rest)

10 burpees over CMU followed by CMU shoulder press AMRAP to the two minute mark.

Waxjob Hill 7’s

Merkins at bottom, WWII Situps at top. Finish early – alternate 5 Merkins & 5 WWIIs until entire PAX completes the 7’s.

5 Rounds (2 minutes work, 1 minute rest)

10 bench jump ups or 15 step ups followed by CMU Russian Swing AMRAP to the two minute mark.

(Modification: The CMU tended to get very heavy so Bent Rows, Curls, Presses, and Lawn mowers were substituted on some of the 10 total rounds.)

Box cutters, Big Boy Sit ups, Flutter Kicks, LBCs
15 HIMs plus one 2.0 (Webelo)
The nations supply chain has been severely disrupted due to Covid 19.  That hasn’t gone unnoticed by a patient individual like myself.  My whole working career was spent in manufacturing so I understand the fine balance that exists in getting inventory levels right and meeting delivery targets.  I admit that not all my finest traits have shown through when an item I have ordered takes weeks to receive rather than days I have come to expect.  Recently I was taking to Nadine about an item on order for my truck from the company she works for.  I placed the order in early March and initially was told that it might take 15 to 20 days to receive.  6 weeks after order date she tells me that it will take another 6 or more weeks to receive.  My response surprised Nadine.  I had a little bit of a chuckle, told her that I understood that the entire nation is trying to climb out of a disruptive supply situation, and my light hearted response with her told her that I was not upset about it.  She stopped me in mid sentence just to tell me how much she appreciated my attitude.  Too often she is on the wrong side of a phone conversation from an angry customer.  I told her that I was sorry she had to be exposed to that kind of abuse and we ended our phone time with goodwill coming from both sides.  Actually, she made my day as she felt I had made hers.  Kindness and love isn’t required but it sure makes life more bearable.

The exchange with Nadine reminded me of a verse from 1 Peter 4:8 “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.”  Our loving God cared enough for us that He sent His Son, Jesus, and Jesus loved us enough to die for us to cover a whole lot of multitudes of sins.  The least we can do while on this earth is recognize this and pass it along in all types of way – even during short phone conversations.

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Stealing CMUs

THE SCENE: Rainy, cool morning at the Bombshelter

SSHx10 and then a mosey around the park, coming back to the grinder
Split the PAX into 2 teams at each end of grinder, each with their own pile of CMUs. One member at a time ran to other end of grinder and brought back CMUs. No rules on how you brought them back, as long as you didn’t break them. 20 burpee penalty for broken CMU (thankfully we didn’t have to enforce this). The rest of the teams performed exercises while the one member got the CMUs, changing exercises each time a member got back. 5 burpees were performed between exercises

  • Gorilla humpers
  • Peter Parkers
  • Merkins
  • Iron Mikes
  • Al Gore
  • Bench dips
  • Mountain Climbers

After twenty minutes, the team with the most CMUs won and took a victory lap of the park while the losing team did burpees.


Thing 2: 11s with CMU thrusters at grinder and flutter kicks at troll bridge

Dealers choice. Bodybuilders were well represented
2.0s Webelo and lumberjack joined the fun
The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
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RSS Meets F3 BS

THE SCENE: Low – Mid 50’s…Rather enjoyable really

6:15am RSS (Team of 4) Step Off:
Team jog down Dalton Rd to the Alcoa Middle School Playground. Team finds area suitable for burpee pull-ups and completes the following:

10 Min AMRAP
Ruck Burpee Pull-ups (Goal of 50+)

Slick mosey around middle school for recovery.
Acquire rucks and mosey back towards AO; completing 10 Merkins and 10 Squats along the way.
Remove Rucks and Pick up F3 Pax.

7:00am WARM-O-RAMA:

  • Overhead Claps (IC x15)
  • Tempo Squat (IC x10)
  • Cherry Picker (IC x5)
  • Merkin (IC x5)
  • CMU Overhead BBS (OYO x10)
  • CMU Overhead Press (OYO x15)

Mosey to plateau of pain and complete as many rounds of the following:

  • (x5) Burpees (baseline)
  • 40yd Bear Crawl CMU Drag (1st cone)
  • (x15) CMU Overhead BBS
  • Leave CMU, Jog back to baseline
  • (x5) Burpees
  • 40yd Bear Crawl (1st cone)
  • (x15) CMU Overhead BBS
  • 40yd Crawl Bear CMU Drag (2nd Cone)
  • (x25) CMU Swings
  • Leave CMU, Jog back to baseline
  • Burpees (x5)
  • 40yd Bear Crawl (1st Cone)
  • (x15) BBS
  • 40yd Crawl Bear (2nd Cone)
  • (x25) CMU Swings
  • CMU Overhead Carry back to baseline



Totals (1RD/2RD):
200/400 Yards of Bear Crawl/ Crawl Bears
15/30 Burpees
30/60 CMU Overhead BBS
15/30 BBS
50/100 CMU Swings

Mostly protractors and mumble chatter
some BBS, Plank Variations, and Mountain Climbers to finish it off.

10 Pax
Take care of yourself! We come out and put in work every morning to become better mentally and physically, pushing each other to the next level of discomfort. But we rarely take the time to prep ourselves and our bodies for the work. We take shortcuts in stretching and spending time listening to our bodies. If you feel like your not limber or embarrassed to do yoga it’s simply because you haven’t practiced it enough! We were not all great at working out our first time, but we have become better at it and the same will happen with stretching and taking care of our bodies.

My good friend’s Father used to say if you don’t like doing something, do it 100 more times…

Helping Drifter moves boxes from the loading trucks into his new house!

Brick by brick

THE SCENE: Low to mid 50s, perfect workout temp

SSH IC x 10

Tempo squat IC x 10

LBAC forward IC x 5

LBAC reverse IC x 10

Brick front raises IC x20

Brick lateral raises IC x 10

Brick OH press IC x10

PAX grabs two bricks per person and moseys to church parking where they battle buddy up. DORA as follows: one buddy performs 100 Hallelujah Squats with bricks, 100 American Hammers with bricks 2CT, and 100 high plank to row with bricks 2CT. Other buddy takes bricks and Hallelujah Lunges to first median where they perform 10 front raises and 10 lateral raises with bricks. Hallelujah Lunge to next median and perform 15 BBS with bricks behind head or press out in front of chest. Run back and trade off with battle buddy.

Circle up and perform Sally Up with bricks in hands.

Bataan death Indian run around church parking lot where last person in line drops off and performs 5 Brickees, taps last person to drop off, and continues to run to the front of the line. 2 laps completed around parking lot.

Mosey back to grinder with bricks jamming to “Brick House.”

BBS with bricks IC x 10

Ring of fire passing one Brickee around the circle while rest of PAX performs high plank, mountain climbers, and Peter Parkers.

Finish out last 15 seconds with LBCs to close.
Easter has come and gone. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays. I’ve always been a very stubborn and found it difficult to forgive others who have wronged me in the past. I think this is why I am drawn to Easter because it is a time for forgiveness. Stripped, bound, beaten and crucified, Jesus called for God to forgive those who persecuted him. In times of distress and during the trials of our own lives, may we have the love and resolve to forgive those who have wronged us.

Jesus died on the cross to forgive all humanity of their sins including past, present, and future sins. Although we are imperfect beings, I think we can draw from this act of love and forgiveness. Jesus calls for us to love our enemies and forgive those who have trespassed against us. May we all put our judgement aside and live into this moving forward and become more Christlike.

We are Easter people. Spread the Good News.

Luke 23:34

“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

Drifter moving party Saturday.

Backstage – Guest Q

Note: Backstage from central Illinois was our Q.



Motivators, Mountain Man Poopers, Tappy Taps, Plank Line Jump Overs (200 yards)

Thang 1:

Conductor Dueling: 2 Pax raced to 10 Blockees while everyone else does whatever exercise is called. Losing Pax does 3 more blockees.

Tree Trimmers
Boot beaters
Over Unders
Slo Mo Throws
Turkish Getups
Big Boys

Thang 2:

Murder Kings / Dr Ws
Cusack Carry / T-Bombs-Bear Crab Rolls

Thang 3:



One Calls
Twerkin-Sun Salutations
10 Reverse Snow Angel Toe Touches


When your in the wrong truck you can pretend you’re not, be demanding or admit it and get out. Pretending is Sadclownism. Being demanding (blaning others) is a mid life cridis. Tge most correct thing to do is get out. Thats what F3 is all about! Aye!?