F3 Knoxville

Later Q

THE SCENE: Steamy 70 degree morning

Quick: Side straddle hops, tempo squats, tempo merkins and  baby arm circles front then back with some overhead claps…to tha thang

It was a Hilly Dora Day

  • Everest
    • 150 Rear Lunges
    • 100 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 50 Big Boys
  • Follow the Guard Rail up to Asylum
    • 150 Squats
    • 100 Merkins
    • 50 4 Count Flutters
  • Hill by the AO
    • 150 Lunges–modified to until battle buddy gets down
    • 150 Tri-cep Dips—modified to battle buddy gets down
    • 50 LBC- didnt make it the 6:15 arrived

no time to much Thang


We took a moment to check out the stars, BOM was to take a moment to see God’s wonder in your day. There is always something that is amazing. Slow down and appreciate it!

Hurricane survivors, Prayers for Lazarus mom’s boyfriend, Archie’s mother in law, fundraising for non profits and safety for our families as we are away!

BIZ NAS time

THE SCENE: Asylum, moist and delicious

SSHx20, cherry Pickersx5, donkey kicks x5

Mosey to the paver parking lot.

8 stations, start with reps of 15 each exercise. After each lap remove one rep. Audible: substrat 2 reps. Go till Tank says stop

  • Low Squat Jumps
  • Merkins
  • Lunges
  • Inch worms
  • Rocketttes
  • Shoulder Tap merkins
  • Side lunges with a hop
  • dry docks

mosey to da playground…ya know

box jump burpees for 1min, 10 sec rest, incline merkins 1 min, 10 sec rest, dips 1 min. Repeat

mosey to AO

Flutter kicks x25 and slutter kicks x15

24 In attendance
White lies, although we think that they are not harmful, they dissolve trust with others including our coworkers, friends and spouses. Challenging the PAX to cut out the white lies and be honest in all that we do.
Apparently I didn’t get the message about it being a casual dress code today. 🙁
Prayers for cheatsheet and his daughter, and friends struggling with chemical dependency.

Wading through the Fog

THE SCENE: Foggy but otherwise pretty pleasant weather at the Asylum this morning

15 mountain climbers, 15 plank jacks, 15 SSH, 15 imperial walker, 10 burpees, 10 count windmill, and 15 Moroccan night club

Mosey to Greenway path south of launch

At first light, do 10 squats. Bear crawl to next light and do 10 merkins. Run past one light to the next light, repeat exercises until the path intersection. Turn and repeat with lunge walk and diamond merkins.

Mosey to cardiac hill. 10, 8-count body builders and then a strong effort up to the top.

Mosey to farthest corner of parking lot south of the launch for 2ish rounds. 10 Carolina Dry Docks (demonstration on proper form given) at parking lot, 10 box jumps/step ups at playground, 10 supine pull-ups at benches, and 10 squats at launch.

Recover to launch for a little Mary to finish up.

Be patient and a good example for your kids (and any younger than you for that matter).  I know I struggle on a regular basis with keeping my cool when trying to get the kids to listen and do as they are told.  I wanted to simply remind everyone this morning how much children model our behavior.  They will very likely lash out if that is what we do every time we get a little impatient and frustrated.  Take a step back, breath, and collect your thoughts before you respond.
I really appreciate the opportunity to lead the PAX this morning for my first F3 Knoxville Q.  Thanks for sticking with me through the workout.  I look forward to my next Q.
Prayers requested for Dogbite.

Earn the Stargazers!

THE SCENE: Started out clear and bright, but clouds and fog moved in to keep us cool.

SSH x25 IC
Cherry Pickers x8 IC
SSH x5 more just for Crawdad, who rolled up late…
Crabettes (Like Rockettes, but from crab position) x20 IC
Cossack Squats x20 IC
Mountain Climbers x10 IC
Walk toes forward as far as possible toward planche position for 10 more IC
Walk toes backward until abs are fully engaged, 10 more IC

Mosey toward the base of Everest, stopping about halfway for 15 Inchworm Merkins OYO

At the base of Everest, 10x Travoltas each side

Promised everyone 30s of Stargazers after an AYG charge up Everest. If you can breathe when you get there, you didn’t push hard enough…
30s count is OYO, then flutters until everyone has had their 30s.

Everyone grab a CMU-equivalent coupon (1 per person) and partner up.
Coupons go in a line about 10 yards away. Entire group goal is to move all coupons to a line about 70 yards away.
One partner runs to the nearest coupon, does 3 Burpee Broad Jumps with coupon to advance, then mosey back to switch with partner.
Stationary partner alternates between squats and crabettes after each trip.

Once all coupons are across the line, everyone grab one and mosey partway down Everest, line up across the hill for Tombstone Toss.
Everyone toss coupon as far up the hill as possible. Bunny hop to your coupon, pick it up, and continue hopping until you reach the furthest one. Once everyone has arrived at the furthest one, toss again.

When everyone has reached the top of the hill, put away coupons and 10 Hand Release Merkins OYO.

Mosey back toward the AO, stopping at the corner for a 30/30/30 of merkins, big boys, and squats.

Q noticed the big ol’ stone block monument thing just sitting there, so 10 Derkins on the block

Mary started out with 10ct Stargazers, just because I’m nice…
30x flutter kicks IC (with a small rest as Crawdad attempted to avoid being run over…)
15x slutter kicks IC
15x side crunch IC (each side)
4x Row Your Boat (caused a bit of a scene since traffic is kinda picking up in the park by this point)
Everyone had to hop up and allow a vehicle to exit the parking lot. This presented a great opportunity for some Monkey Humpers (x15 4ct IC)
10x Shoulder Tap Merkins
About 30s of OYO SSH to finish out the hour.

13 strong this morning, including one FNG – Snoopy (Terry Hill)
Ephesians tells us to love our wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for her. The thing that first comes to mind when you hear this is how He died for us. As men, we like to think, “Yeah, I’d die for my wife.” However, Christ gave himself fully, not just on the cross, but daily as he lived on earth. He walked dusty, excrement filled roads, lived day and night with 12 of the most annoying, bad listening, etc. guys you can imagine. Did everything that sucks with no thought for himself, poured his life into them. Through each day, look for opportunities to give yourself in those kinds of ways.
I forgot about the Saturday relocation to the upper parking lot… Much appreciation for Hawk running down and getting me before time to start the beatdown! I had a great time working out with the Asylum PAX this morning. F3 Knoxville is full of HIMs – I would encourage everyone to be promis-Q-ous and make your way around to as many AOs as you can. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do them all in a single week!
Sendoff this morning for Soot (Daniel Anders) at the Overlook. Heading off to be stationed in Colorado Springs.

Start Together-Finish Together

The Scene: 50 and damp

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Imperial Walkers IC 4ct x 25
Burpees 10 OYO
Merkins IC 4ct x 25

Mosey Indian run style to first stop
Mtn climbers IC 4ct x25
Lunges up the hill 50
Mosey to the pavilion

At pavilion
5 rounds
5 pull ups
10 squats
5 toes to bar
10 good mornings

Mosey to the lower parking lot
5 rounds
10 LBCs
10 burpees
10 Freddie Mercury
10 dry docks

Mosey to CMU trailer
5 rounds
10 bicep curls
10 tri extensions
10 bent over rows
10 thrusters

Merkin relay countdown
Split into teams
Sprint 5 merkin sprint back
Rest of the PAX holds a plank
Sprint 4 merkin sprint back

Floor wipers IC 4ct x
American hammers IC 4ct x
V-ups IC 4ct x

Never Give Up!

We started off gettin’ the PAX movin’ right off the bat!  Good mumblechatter and an OTB trip to Starbucks brought the PAX closer together after the workout.  Good to see you guys and grab a little Second’F and a great start to Thanksgiving Day!


In the BOM I talked about Lt. Brian Murphy and how he never gave up, and how he never left anyone behind. At a conference I met Murphy and he added the guys on his shift had an agreement that what they  “Start together finish together.”
Who do you not want to leave behind? What makes you fight and make sure to never give up? Who else chose never to give up? The true constant is Jesus. He never gives up on us. He pursues us to be saved through him. When we live our life for Jesus we have eternal life. Jesus is our savior, and we can only be saved through him. He leads us and he encourages us to be leaders of others. He fights for us, and he doesn’t want to leave behind. He gives us strength, strength to never give up. He pursues us so that we can finish together and begin a new life in heaven. We are encouraged through each other, we fight for each other.

And he gave us F3. He gave us a group of brothers from another mother, and we come out each morning and push each other, we also never leave anyone behind. We always pick up the Six. And I am thankful for that, thankful for you guys, in so many ways that I just can’t say it.

I can think of no better verse to describe this than:

Prov 18-24

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”