F3 Knoxville

Who needs a spartan race when you have a couple of cones

THE SCENE: The Equalizer, 5:30am, Late May. Rain, clear, spotty showers…who knows

some stretching of the legs and getting the body warmed up
“Virtual Spartan 5k”

5K run while stopping to do the following 20 obstacles:

    • 10 Merkins
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 mountain climbers 4ct
    • 10 SSH 4ct
    • 10 squats
    • 10 forward lunges
    • 10 hand-release Merkins
    • 10 tuck jumps
    • 10 Inch worms
    • 10 shoulder taps (per side)

Run four cones -walk fast two x3

Sprint two cones-walk two x4

mosey back to AO for dealers choice and

10 single leg squats (per side)

“10-second” 6” planks

ring of fire with jump overs and merkins

side crunches, box cutters
10 pax
Stealing a page from G-6 and doing some star gazing while reflecting on Gods wonderful creation and blessings. Take time to concentrate on God‘s word and his blessings
Good work from the PAX today. Saw some good hustle on the sprints

Top of the Equalizer

THE SCENE: Warm. Sweaty. Delightful.



  • Cherry Pickers IC
  • Baby Arm Circles IC
  • Tempo Squats
  • SSH IC


Had a number of stations laid out around the top of the Equslizer. Stations included:

  • Mtn Climbers (each leg) x5 — Imperial Walkers to Next Station
  • Diamond Merkins x5 — Mosey to Next Station
  • Plank Jacks x5 — Crab Walk to Next Station
  • Box Jumps x5 — Mosey to Next Station
  • SSH (4-count) x5 — Lunge to Next Station
  • Merkins x5 — Mosey to Next Station
  • Flutter Kicks (4-count) x5 — Broad Jump to Next Station
  • Crab Toe Touches (each leg) x5 — Mosey to Next Station
  • Squat Jumps x5 — Bear Crawl to Next Station
  • BBS x5 — Mosey Back to the Start


On each subsequent lap, we increased rep count by 5 (there was mild griping after the round of 20).


  • Box Cutters IC x25


11 PAX


Fruit of the Spirit – if you are of the spirit, these are the things that you produce – Patience is a tough one; it’s also really important – how can you tweak your habits & behavior to cultivate patience in your life?


Great effort from the PAX today.


Make sure to read the F3 weekly email.


THE SCENE: We were like Moses parting the Red Sea. The rain stopped just before we began and opened back up 5 mins after.

SSH, Merkins, big arm circles and this and thats
We moseyed up to the splash pad and played a little Wheel of Fortune. I had a little spinning wheel of my wife’s with several exercises written on it. We would spin the wheel, do the exercise and qty and then run down to the intersection and back up the snake to the splash pad. The exercises were:

  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Dry Docks
  • 25 SSH
  • 5 round the clock merkins
  • 5 burpees
  • 25 imperial walkers
  • 30 squats
  • 20 seconds of rest

we mixed it up some and did some bernies, pull ups, extra running etc in each run.

MARY: imperial walkers and standing side crunches

10 pax
We talked about being the same person everywhere you go. If you are a Christ follower, be one in every crowd you’re in.
Didn’t see any moles, but it was a bit suspicious that Doubtfire was sore from his own Q and didn’t show….???? He may be the mole.

Bear crawls at the Bermuda triangle

THE SCENE: Cool and full moon.

SSH 10

cherry pickers

right over left

some of these some of those

Mosey to the Bermuda Triangle

  • 10 V ups and bear crawl to the next corner
  • 10 BBS and crawl bear to the next corner
  • 10 iron mikes and run to the 1rst corner
  • Then do nine in a set, then eight and so on down the latter.

Run to upper parking lot and split up 5 and 5 on each end.

  • running suicides.

Mosey to the flag pole and have a circle of pain everyone giving 10 excersises

  • burpees
  • merkins
  • squates
  • ssh
  • smurf jaks
  • pickle pounders
  • tempo squats
  • and others 😉

Mosey to the tennis court.

  • run to end line and bernie back, then the next to last line and bernie back etc.
  • Bear crawl to end

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Provers 16:9

The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.

Remember the Lord is in control


Tour de 11s in the Fog

THE SCENE: Dark, gloomy, foggy, ruckers and their headlights popping in and out of the gloom coming to the AO.

FNG – Kyle shows up with Skeletor early


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness/Fellowship/Faith
  • My name is Steam and I’m ready to get steamy.
  • Couple of things before we begin:
    • Not a professional
    • You’re here on your own volition
    • I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have – so with the PT we do today, modify as you need but push yourselves and the men around you when at all possible.
  • FREE.99



  • SSH: 11 x 4 IC
  • 4 Count Merkin: 11 x 4 IC
  • Mountain Climber: 11 x 4 IC
  • Rockette: 11 x 4 IC
  • Squat: 11 x 4 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles: 11 x 4 F & 11 x 4 B


PT (Tour de 11s)


(Mosey to Playground)

[ 11s X ]

  • 10 merkins + 1 pull-up
  • Rinse and Repeat 11x
  • When you’re done – flutter kicks

(11 count)

[ Classic 11s ]

  • @ playground: 10 squats
  • @ top of Bermuda Triangle: 1 lunge
  • Rinse and Repeat (9/2, 8,3, etc)
  • When you’re down hold the squat
  • ALL PAX: Execute 11 more squats <— push through it moment


11 count)

(Mosey to splash pad)

[ 11s Down ]

  • 11 box jumps/step ups 
    • Tap-Out literally made one of the benches tap-out. Tap-Out: 1 Bench: 0
  • 11 dips
  • THEN —> 10 box jumps/10 dips
  • So on and so forth
  • When you’re done hold merkin plank
  • When all PAX are done – execute 1 good merkin and recover

(11 count)

(Mosey back to Bermuda Triangle)

[ 11s Pyramid ]

  • Battle-Buddy Up
  • 11 merkins straight up (1 count)
  • 4 SSHs (1-count)
    • The Q messed this count up sorry – wrote down one thing but my mind was telling me another – it sucked either way. In a good way.
  • Take a lap around the Bermuda Triangle with your BB
  • Rinse & Repeat: 10 merkins straight up + 4 SSHs + take a lap

(Q realizes it’s 6:05 – instructs Battle Buddy teams to do one more round and then all PAX will complete 3 more rounds all-together) <— basically a smoke sesh.


  • Flutter Kicks: 25 x 4 IC
  • LBCs: 25 x 4 IC
  • American Hammers: 10 x 4 quick // 10 x 4 slow // 5 x 4 slow
  • Recover

[ Stretching with Steam ]

  • Slow Cherry-Pickers
    • Try and raise up one vertebrae at a time



14 PAX + 1 FNG



[ Ebeneezers In Your Life ]

  • “Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen and called its name Ebenezer; for he said, “Till now the Lord has helped us.””
    • 1 Samuel‬ ‭7:12‬ ‭ESV‬
  • “Samuel took a single rock and set it upright between Mizpah and Shen. He named it “Ebenezer” (Rock of Help), saying, “This marks the place where GOD helped us.””
    • 1 Samuel‬ ‭7:12‬ ‭MSG‬‬

Reading these two different verses because I like they way they both paint a picture of the Lord’s faithfulness – but with a little different wording.

A big part of my story is deliverance by the Lord – from a world where I was unconsciously in self-destruct mode. My first 2 years of college (and the previous 3 years or so) was all about me. Me. No one else. I did what I wanted, with little to no regard. The faith component was there, but as a backup….funny. When the Lord really gut punched me and stirred up my convictions (the Holy Spirit really went to town) I walked through some fire, some intense, really hard, annoying, “doesn’t make sense,” pissed-off fire. HOW IN THE WORLD could this turn to something good? The Lord delivered me from a crumbling and crippled world I had built for myself in my first couple years of college in Chattanooga and brought me back to Knoxville. An angry young man at the series of events I had just left, I found myself literally saying “God what are you doing.”

And yet I didn’t realize His faithfulness was more powerful than my faithlessness.

Looking back, that fire I walked through, I wasn’t walking through it alone. I would ask myself years after, “How in the world could God possibly use this screwed-up circumstance for good in my life?” What a laughable thought.

2 years later – I get to share the Lord’s faithfulness in the midst of a dark and confusing time with college men and women that were in that same arena I was in just the past couple years.

In the Message version of the passage above it says: “This marks the place where GOD helped us.”

Whether it is a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual testament of a time the Lord provided and came through, went to battle on my behalf, reached down and INTERVENED so that I could draw nearer to Him – that’s an Ebeneezer. And driving home from F3 this morning I thought – dang, if none of that had happened I might have never found F3. I might have never been brought to such a place of desolation where all I could muster was to look up and remember who He is. There are countless Ebeneezers in my life – and I’m sure you have yours too. If we serve a God of 2nd and 102nd chances – take a look back at the places that He’s come through and intervened on your behalf, for HIS glory. Even if you can’t see it yet. Mark those down, write them out, remember them, cherish them. The God that came through for you that time is the same God that will come through for you next time, and time again. How could He not?

So the questions was asked: What marks that place in your life? Share those in boldness! With your family, your friends, F3 brothers, co-workers. Afterall, we were all sad clowns once. And there was someone that spoke life into you just like you are expected to speak life into someone else.

I’ts a haunting thing for me as a young man – 4 years deep into F3 – I might have never found you guys if the Lord hadn’t found my heart first. F3 has changed the trajectory of my life as a young man. Literally. How can I do anything else but be thankful and remember the ebeneezers in my life.

I’m an open book – questions? Hit me up.

Iron. Sharpens. Iron.


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