F3 Knoxville

Naturday to 5K Part Deux

THE SCENE: 49 degrees and damp

Squat Reach Jumpers x 20, Seal Claps–>OH Claps–>Morroccan NC’s–>Baby Arm Circles (B) with no rest 20 x IC each, Cherry Pickers, Windmills and 5 Man Makers OYO
A lot of complaining that was ignored as this is a running Q….5 K course and every 1/4 mile we do an exercise and move up by 25:

  • at .00 mile 25 MKNS
  • .25 mile 50 Bonnie Blairs
  • .50 mi 75 Apollo Ono’s
  • .75 mi 100 calf raises
  • 1.00 mile 125 plank jacks
  • 1.25 mi 150 SSH’s
  • 1.5 mi 175 Freddy Mercuries
  • 1.75 mi 200 LBC’s
  • 2.00 mi 225 Imperial Walkers
  • 2.25 mi 250 Squats
  • 2.5 mi 28 Mtn Climbers
  • 2.75 mi 30 I forgot
  • 3.00 mi 31 OH Claps

no time for that
Natty, Biohazard, Simmons, Oscar, Fast n Easy, Fob, Tuba
Let’s make 2021 way better than 2020, gather the men so we can continue sharpening
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Go Ahead Make Fun of Me

THE SCENE: Cold 32 and clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  exercises borrowed from link below
WARM-O-RAMA:  45 Minute Total Body Strength Workout without Equipment – Full Body Workout Routine for Women & Men – YouTube

Alternating cross arm w/ run in place IC, 3 Ct. Hip Hinge reach 3-way, Partial sqt with  1) butterfly stroke, 2) Morroccans, & 3) Manly Arm Rot (B) IC
Mosey to light pole

  • 1 MIN Sumo Dead lifts (bottom 1/2 only)
  • 1 MIN Bulgarian Split SQTS each side
  • 1 MIN Hip Hinge ABD rollouts
  • 3 CT Triple drop SQTS (SQT & reverse lunge each side)
  • Mosey to track area
  • SQTS with donkey kick 3 CT
  • Hip-Ups x 20 (B)
  • High Plank Row 4CT IC (alt arms)
  • Run one lap around track and finish with stairs
  • Staggered Mkn x 10 (B)
  • ISO Biceps / triceps crusher x 30s (4 reps)
  • Plaunches- hands turned bkwd plank and lean fwd / hold x 5 (HARD)
  • Tricep Pop-Ups- High plank walk hands out, down to forearms & pop up
  • Sky Diver pull ups-  3 CT IC x 10
  • Pike MKNS- in CDD position, hands face each other, x 10 (pure hell)
  • Run another lap around track
  • Mosey to AO

Pulse Absx 20, 4 CT Mtn Climbers, Seated Flutters which eventually turned into supine flutters, Jack Knifes 4CT (B) x 15, Hello Dollies x 20 IC, Gas Pumps x 20 IC, Supermans x 15 IC, Bridges x 10 IC, Tempo SQTS with a thrust (no eye contact) x 10 IC
Tuba, Fast, Simmons, Tractor, Natty
discussion on suicide, reaching out for help and noticing the signs
Prayers for Herbie & Biohazard’s lonesomeness
The Lord’s Big Day is 10 days from now!

Recycled & Modified

THE SCENE: Frigid cold and clear 23 degrees

SSH IC x 25, Windmills IC x 10, Cherry Pickers IC x 10, Imperial SQT Walkers IC x 10, Grady Corns ( Q struggled with this coordination) x 20 IC, T Plank Arm Circles x 10 IC (B) and both directions
Mosey to street light and Partner up.  P1 runs to rock pile to grab a coupon while P2 stays and does MKNS until P1 returns and then P2 gets coupon, P1 does MKNS

  • Mosey to Bank lot
  • w/ rock, partners face each other & perform jump ups and overs on curb, performing a SQT w/ OH Press on each side of curb x 20
  • P1 runs lap around bank with coupon OH while P2 performs SQTs with coupon out front swap & repeato x 2
  • P1 runs lap doing coupon curls while P2 does tricep raises OH with coupon, swap & repeato x 2
  • Mosey to street light, P1 returns coupon to rock pile, P2 performs burpees, swap & repeat
  • All together and perform 30 lunges followed by 5 8CT Man mankers
  • Bear crawl on frozen grass to curb and back
  • Crab walk 25 yards to AO

Box Cutters, Bruce Lees, Flutter kicks, Hello Dollies, Supermans, Ring of Fire, Circle of Trust
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Work on those relationships and keep them healthy
8 HIMS handles frozen rocks which turned into frozen hands….Biohazard and Fast N Easy could not handle the cold so they will need to borrow some sweatshirts from Herbie next time.

Be a Light

THE SCENE: A cool dry 70……NOT

Toy Soliders, Sprinklers, OHC, Little of this and that, Hammy stretch,

Mosey to FB Field

Double Quarter #er with Cheese

  • 25 Merkins then Bobby Hurleys
  • 50 squats then CDD
  • 75 MTN on the 4ct then ISW
  • 100 SSH then Air Presses
  • Planks and Flutters till 6 was up
  • Burpee Dans – increase Burpees until 50 yard line then decrease to the goal line
  • Flutters and Sucky Sit-ups

We did 41 HBD MM, then Australian Snow Angels followed by some side crunches


Be a Light – listen to the words of the song Be a Light by Thomas Rhett

Hill Flutter Pumps

✔ THE SCENE:   75 degrees and clear.. Pretty darn nice!

✔ F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Non-pro, free, f3, scale, trolley, covid, cell phone.


  • SSH + Burpees
  • Tempo Flutters
  • Tempo Gas Pumps
  • Flutter Pumps – Adding a gas pump on the fourth count of a flutter kick
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Merkin Hand motions ( diamond, regular, wide, alter left, alter right)
  • High Knees + Burpees
  • 5 different merkins of the day ( diamond, regular, wide, alter left, alter right)

The Thang:  Hill Flutter Pumps

For each hill (8 of them) do 4 rounds of :

At bottom of hill

  1. Diamond Merkin
  2. Merkin
  3. Wide Merkin
  4. Left Arm Alter Merkin
  5. Right Arm Alter Merkin
  6. Diamond Merkin
  7. Merkin
  8. Wide Merkin
  9. Left Arm Alter Merkin
  10. Right Arm Alter Merkin
  11. Run to top of hill
  12. 10 Flutter Pumps at top of hill. (3 single flutter kicks + 1 gas pump)

@ These Hills:

  1. Next to AO
  2. Next to All Saints entrance
  3. South Cedar Bluff Elementary Entrance
  4. North Cedar Bluff Elementary Playground
  5. At the cross
  6. Soccer field fence
  7. At Football field sign
  8. South football field sign

We ran out of time at hill four and had to high tail it back home.

MARY: no time.


In this time of covid I’ve been skipping church and missing worship.  After church I watch the sermons but fast foreword through worship. This is not good. God caught my heart with some awesome songs by Jeremy Camp over the weekend and it brought me to worship quickly.  I miss worship greatly and once I started to worship it really lifted my heart.  I encourage you my brothers to not forsake worship.. Your heart needs it.  During our workout today I brought around a little speaker and played some rockin worship. I hope it inspired you to press on through the tough times. There are some awesome Christian artists out there today producing great songs. I highly recommend  Jeremy Camp, Sanctus Real, Zach Williams, Unspoken, David Crowder, Austin French, Toby Mac, Big Daddy Weave.  Those were the artists of the playlist we listened to while working out. Then at the end I handed out the lyrics of “Indestructible Soul” by Jeremy Camp.

My flesh may fail me, but my future is secure. These lies may break me down, But one thing is for sure. I will fight again, Find the fire again, For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.  I give it all away, ‘Cause these worldly things will not be the end of me
I know my soul is indestructible
When I’m standing in Your love My fear, it turns to dust
I’ve got this hope, and it’s unbreakable
No power strong enough, Nothing can overcome
My indestructible soul
My indestructible soul
I’m walking in the truth that life is in Your hands, Knowing You go before me helps me understand. That You’re my defense, What can stand against.
I know the darkness has no chance. How You lift me up. Keep my eyes above, And now I’m running free.
I know my soul is indestructible
When I’m standing in Your love, My fear, it turns to dust
I’ve got this hope, and it’s unbreakable
No power strong enough, Nothing can overcome
My indestructible soul
My indestructible soul
There’s no fire, there’s no pain That can take my peace away. There’s no wall I can’t climb, When it’s You that leads the way. There’s no fire, there’s no pain That can take my peace away There’s no wall I can’t climb When it’s You that leads the way
My soul is indestructible
When I’m standing in Your love My fear, it turns to dust
I know my soul is indestructible
When I’m standing in Your love My fear, it turns to dust
I’ve got this hope, and it’s unbreakable
No power strong enough Nothing can overcome
My indestructible soul
My indestructible soul
My indestructible soul
My indestructible soul
My indestructible soul


Pom Pom and GiJane for Wednesday.  Welcome FNG “West Coast”!!