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Workout Date: 3 May 2022
QIC: Grouch

THE SCENE: Crisp, mid 50s and it was nice!
SSH x11, Cherry Pickers x5, Tempo Big Boys x10, Mosey around made up circle :).

Note: Cones are approximately 10 yards apart.

  • Inchworm to 1st cone
  • Body Builders x10
  • Inchworm back to starting cone
  • Murder bunny to 2nd cone
  • Skull crushers x20
  • Murder bunny back to starting cone (leave CMU)
  • Bear crawl to 3rd cone
  • Big Boys x30
  • Bear crawl back to starting cone
  • Pick up CMU and walk with CMU above head to 4th cone
  • CMU curls x40
  • Run the circle that was ran during warm-o-rama (leave CMU at 4th cone)
  • Get your CMU on the way back
  • Repeat

Australian Snow Angels x10, Tempo Squats with CMU x10, LBCs for time
Doppelganger, Cow Patty, Doctor, Pennies, Streaker, Blackwire (FNG), Waxjob, Halfday (FNG), Grouch

Exodus 33:19 – “… And I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy.”

As disciples of Yeshua, we are called to love all.  Lovingly correct sinful behavior of fellow disciples and love those who do not hold themselves to the teachings of Christ and law of YHWH as a means to show them Christ.

As I struggle with wanting to shake people out of their sinful nature (mainly those who are not disciples of Christ), I am constantly reminded that it is not my job.  It is my job to love those individuals and let the light of YHWH show through the love I am showing those individuals and let YHWH take care of the rest.  He is in control of everything and his thoughts are higher than mine and his ways are higher than mine.  Loving people is not the same as condoning a person’s choices.

CSAUP at Haw Ridge on May 6 from 9 PM to midnight.  Teams can still register.