F3 Knoxville

200 Merkins, A Simple Workout

Workout Date: 22 Jun 2022
QIC: Mermaid

THE SCENE: Mid 60’s and glorious

Even though Pool Boy was in attendance, we did zero Side Straddle Hops
Tempo Merkins
Tempo Squats
Baby Arm Circles forward and backward
Moroccan Night Club
Cherry Pickers, nice and slow

Mosey to to the pull up bars.
Simple workout, just do 200 merkins, and a twist.
The twist is that you do this routine every time you stop doing merkins:
5 Pull ups
10 Big Boy Sit ups
15 Squats
resume merkins and repeat until you hit 200 merkins.

Once over half of the group reached 200, time was called and we ran to the CMU’s.
Each HIM grabbed a CMU and repeated this 3X:
25 Curls
10 Tri ext (after 200 merkins)
25 Bench Press

Mosey back to the AO for the Mary

The first exercise called was LBC’s and someone said take us to 100, so we did 50 LBC’s in cadence equaling 100.  Be careful what you ask for.  Then we did 36 flutter kicks only because I failed to stop at 35, finally we all did 10 big boys on our own, and for the last few seconds dumpster dive had us do jumping beans.

We did have one FNG, named Carter.  We named him Flintstone because he was wearing minimalist running sandals, and was practically barefoot!
I talked about my struggle to pray when times are good, and my desire to pray when times are tough.  I recently dropped my daughter off at a camp in Palo Alto CA.  She is 15, and we were both struggling at the prospect of her being on her own.  I finally left her, and I was a wreck emotionally.  I took a long walk around the Stanford Campus to clear my head and spent a lot of time in prayer.

My daughter met some people and did great, and I hailed an UBER back to San Francisco.  I encountered the best driver I have ever had.  He had over 28,000 trips and maintained a 4.99 star rating out of 5.  Nasim was a Jordanian immigrant.  He retired from the grocery business, and drives UBER for fun.  He loves people, and was raised as a Christian in Jordan, before immigrating to the US.  We had a delightful conversation, and he was an answer to prayers, and maybe even an angel.  Nasim and I swapped numbers and he texted me the next day (Father’s Day) to see how I was doing.

We need God all of the time, not just when things are rough, the challenge this week is to remember that and spend some time in prayer.  God is real, He is there just waiting for you to have a relationship with Him.


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