F3 Knoxville

Leadership – Completing Various Projects

The Project
Workout Date: 15 Dec 2020
QIC: Pool Boy

THE SCENE: 32F. COLD but great workout weather.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER + COVID: Administered (Full F3 Disclaimer link cited)

Windmill x 7 IC
Moroccan Night Club x 10 IC
Water Wheel x 7 IC
Spider Man w/reach x 5 ea OYO
Seal Clap Squat x 7 IC
Calf raises x 10 IC
The warmup ended up a Dealer’s Choice… and an exercise happened that has never happened during a Pool Boy Q before… and probably never will happen again. If you want to know what it was, you can ask The Project AO-Q – but it shall be known to YHC as “Voldemorts” henceforth.

Mosey to Courtyard
Sets of 11’s + Hold until the 6 is up:
1. Step-ups (1 step-up = 1 rep) / Incline merkins + Hold a Pickle Pointer (Glute Bridge)
2. Squats / Dips + Alternating Side Plank Switch every 10 seconds(Slappy started with Dips – they were harder near the end for sure!)

Mosey to the CMU Pile for 7’s
1. Blockees / Heavy Freddies (Pickle Pointer Hold for the 6)
2. Thrusters / CMU LBC’s (“not an LBC” mumblechatter) (Side Plank Hold for the 6 aka YHC)

Round 3 was planned but skipped because we needed to move to the 3rd thing (not to mention the Q was gasping for air)
Started walking (not a mosey) and the Q asked for an exercise we could do while walking – Lunges to the curb + Rocky Balboa as an intermediate way to still exercise and catch our breaths

Mosey to the traffic light. Wait on light to change we did an exercise (I think squats?)

Mosey across Oak Ridge Turnpike. Press next walk arrow and we did another exercise (also dealer’s choice but YHC did not remember)

Fast mosey to ORHS Tennis courts.
Across the tennis court (aka the direction not running into the net):
Bear Crawl from to next line – 1 x Werewolf – Crawl Bear Back to first line, 1 Squat, repeat to 2nd line all the way through the 4th line. Brief rest, repeat

Suicides (using the same lines) to end the workout x 3
60 seconds rest so we can really go hard

Went about 30 seconds over on the Q but got a great burn at the end!

Negative, ghost rider.

Done – 7 PAX including 1 rucker (Kick-Flip!)

F3 is about leadership – I want to talk about some aspects of leadership this morning.
I want to introduce you to or remind you of some F3 terms about leadership that we all should be looking to put into practice (even as those who in the Church would aspire to become a pastor or deacon would fit the higher qualifications in the Word of God for those positions)
1. Leadership is about stepping up
43 feet  – Building a Leadership Road forty-three feet ahead of the people driving on it.

2. Bad leadership is better than no leadership
ClusterQ An abomination of a Q that elevates the self-confidence of all other PAX in attendance, thereby convincing PAX on the fence that they couldn’t possibly do worse than THAT guy, leading to an influx in Q signups.

3. Leading well is making it about others – some F3 terms to put together how we assemble a Q that makes it about others
Brick – A singular positive Habit that is Advantageous to the individual or others.
Bricklaying – The joining of Bricks into a Routine.
Routine – A conjunction of Bricks that forms a Guardrail.
Guardrails – Foundational precepts that protect and Incentivize Acceleration to Advantage.
F3 workouts aren’t designed to showcase the Q. They’re about the PAX. We want to challenge, encourage, and help them become HIMs not just Sad Clowns who have been EH’d or even regular “PAX”

4. Leading well is about leading by example being prepared AND being willing to and seeking to delegate responsibility.
80/1 Rule: The Q’s Delegation of every Task that a Team Member can do 80% as well as he can, except that 1% that absolutely and positively must be done by him.

I want to leave you with one (of I’m sure the many you and I both could cite) verses to inspire you to step up, lead, lead well, and lead by example:

1 Corinthians 11:1 – Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.

Prayed for Kick-flip’s family, wife, and children as they both grieve and rejoice today, December 15th. Praise for Ribbed’s M’s surgery going well and prayer for healing and relief of pain as the recovery continues.

Lots of Q spots open at #the-project and of course other F3 Knoxville locations. Step up to lead, strive to lead well, and keep trying when you fail as you trust God to work more than all the planning in the world can do!