F3 Knoxville

Mucho Mucho’s

Big Ball
Workout Date: 1 Jul 2021
QIC: Magic Mic

THE SCENE: Low 70’s, humid

SSH, Little of this and that, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, Tempo Squats, Michael Phelps

Moseyed over to the parking lot between the park and the river. 4 cones were laid out in the parking lot at distances that increased as they went. We did 3 rounds of work with a mode of transportation between cones, exercises at each cone, followed by Blockees (CMU burpees) and a run up the hill leading back to the park, then a cool down walk down the stairs.

  • Round 1: Bear Crawl to each cone, 5x Mucho Leg-o’s, 5x Blockees, hill run
  • Round 2: Broad Jumps to each cone, 5x Mucho Arm-o’s’s, 3x Blockees, hill run
  • Round 3: Duck Walk to each cone, 20x BBS at cones 1 and 3, 20x American Hammers on 4ct at cones 2 and 4, 3x Blockees, hill run

Moseyed back to AO

Did a round of the protractor to finish out



We began the BOM by throwing out adjectives that we thought described men or that we would want to be true of us, whatever came to the top of our heads. True, hardworking, stoic, good, patient, and meek were among words thrown out.

I then shared about some time I spent in Matthew recently reading the parable of the talents with some other guys. In the parable 3 men are giving bags of gold by their master; 5, 2, and 1 each respectively. The men with 5 and 2 each “put their money to work” and return to the master with double what was given to them, to which the Master responds “well done good and faithful servant! Because you were faithful with little I will trust you with much”. The man given 1 however buries his in the ground out of fear of the Master and returns it back to him when he returns, which the Master responds to with a bit more choice words. It’s easy to read this passage and think of performance; we should double the investment that God has given us. But in reality, Jesus is teaching His disciples about the importance of faithfulness. God is pleased by our faithfulness to Him and what He has entrusted us with. Faithful is typically not an adjective we think of to describe a man or what we want to be described as, but as I thought more about it I believe faithful might be the highest praise I could receive. So I encouraged us to remain faithful to what God has called us to do or entrusted to us.