F3 Knoxville

Music n Stuff

Bomb Shelter

THE SCENE: Balmy 22 and clear

2 capri laps around the parking lot

BAC front and back x12 IC

Squats x10 IC

Greenway Mile 11’s with Merkins and big boys every sign

THA-THANG: Musical suicide

With each song, Pax ran between Point A and B for the entire song. At each point Pax performed:

  • Song 1 N2Deep/ back to the hotel- 10 burpees each side
  • Song 2 Jurassic 5/ sum of us -10 Froggie squats each side
  • Song 3 G Love and Special sauce / cold beverage – 10 big boys each side
  • Song 4 Doug E Fresh/ the show -10 Star Jacks each side
  • Song 5 beastie boys/ Paul revere – 5 burpees each side

5 mins left for Mary, Hammy lead us in Flutter kicks x20 IC and some impromptu leg holds. Hello Dolly x20 and Side Tri Rises x 10 each side
12 Pax
As YHC have done F3 for 2 years now, I got into MY COMFORT zone with the Knoxville AOs. When Alcoa started, I thought it was great but selfishly wanted to stay at the AOs I was used to attending. I was open minded but still selfish about Alcoa started and it was out of my comfort zone because I did not know anyone except 1 or 2 guys. I cant tell you how glad I am for getting out of my comfort zone and getting to know the men of the Bombshelter. More or less, its a great example of getting out of your comfort zone. In reality to grow inside and out, we need to be out of our COMFORT ZONE most of the time. Everybody in F3 rocks and honored to be a part of F3! AYE
Well, by asking Hammy to lead us in an exercise, Hammy got out of his comfort zone and is now ready to Q!!
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