F3 Knoxville

On a hill You created

AO: shamrock
Q: Anchorman
PAX: Bed Wetter, Skidmark, Stitch, Mermaid, Smokey (Matthew Bonn), Oscar Meyer, Eliza, Curveball, Hot Pants, Anchorman
FNGs: None
Side Straddle hop (IC) 4 CT x 15
Cherry Pickers
Smurf Jacks (IC) 4 CT x 10
Runner’s Stretch
Bobby Hurleys x 10
Cobra / Down Dog

Line up at one end of parking lot.

Round 1: Bear Crawl to the 1st line and do 1 merkin, BC to next line 2 merkins, BC to next line 3 merkins all the way to 10 – for 55 total

Round 2: Crab walk to the 1st line and do 20 American Hammers single count, repeat at each line all the way to line 10

Mosey to the CMU pile:
Grab 2 blocks for farmer carry.
Stop for 4 or 5 breaks to do 3 burpees
To the soccer field.
Murder Bunny to midfield then do 50 CMU Presses
Carry CMU back to the asphalt
50 single count Windshield wipers
Farmer Carry Both CMUs to midfield then do 25 feet & hand CMU merkins
Farmer Carry back to asphalt
50 CMU bench presses
Rifle Carry to candle then do 50 curls
Rifle carry back
Then we recovered and farmer carry all the way back to CMU pile
Mosey back to the AO

Freddie Mercury, scissor kicks, buns of steel, cobra.

COT: Pray for Mermaid’s daughter’s friend who lost her dad. Praise for his daughter that survived the allergic reaction.

Word: So Will I (100 Billion X)
Song by Benjamin William Hastings and Hillsong UNITED

On a hill You created
The Light of the world
Abandoned in darkness to die

On a hill that he created.
On a tree he created.
With iron nails that were mined from the ground he created.
With a whip made of leather from an animal’s skin that he created.
Damning words from the mouths of those he created.
Hands that he created that beat and killed him.

How extreme his perfect humility was to willingly accept all of that complete disrespect from his creation, so that he could save us from our wickedness. It’s just so backwards. It doesn’t make sense.