F3 Knoxville

Pocket Q JUCOmanjaro

Workout Date: 10 May 2021
QIC: Erector

THE SCENE: a little drizzly at JUCO

15 SSH, 15 Mountain climbers, 10 tempo Merkins, 15 Moroccan night club, 15 Imperial walkers, 10 tempo squats
When you sign up to Q at the last minute the night before, a trip up JUCOmanjaro is always a good choice. Mosey to the base of the hill. Starting at the bottom and at every 4th mark on the way up, perform 15 Merkins and 15 big boy situps (5 stops). Mosey back down. Do another trip up with 5 burpees and 20 squats at each stop. Mosey back down. There wasn’t enough time for a third trip, but we ran to the first cul-de-sac and back down. 15 flutter kicks to catch our breath.

Mosey to the Maple Street shopping center to begin our Mary. 15 Freddie Mercury and run to the next corner. 10 Peter Parker Merkins and mosey to the flag.

10 side crunches on each side.
7 worked hard today
YHC is not a good on-the-fly thinker, but I figured this morning I could share a little summary of some of the reminders that I often need. One of those is being a good example to your children. It is painful to see two spatting children that sound just like you when upset. Remember they are watching you.

The next thing I thought of was the need for fellowship. We get a great resource for fellowship through F3, but we need to take advantage of it. Be courageous and reach out to someone to be that brother you can lean on during hard times. We need those kind of relationships in our lives.

Finally, be ready. The Bible compares Jesus’ return to a thief in the night. We don’t know when He will return, but we need to always be ready. If we have sin in our lives, we need to address it ASAP.
Sign up to Q, so you don’t get punished on JUCOmanjaro!