F3 Knoxville

RSS Meets F3 BS

Bomb Shelter
Workout Date: 17 Apr 2021
QIC: Moses

THE SCENE: Low – Mid 50’s…Rather enjoyable really

6:15am RSS (Team of 4) Step Off:
Team jog down Dalton Rd to the Alcoa Middle School Playground. Team finds area suitable for burpee pull-ups and completes the following:

10 Min AMRAP
Ruck Burpee Pull-ups (Goal of 50+)

Slick mosey around middle school for recovery.
Acquire rucks and mosey back towards AO; completing 10 Merkins and 10 Squats along the way.
Remove Rucks and Pick up F3 Pax.

7:00am WARM-O-RAMA:

  • Overhead Claps (IC x15)
  • Tempo Squat (IC x10)
  • Cherry Picker (IC x5)
  • Merkin (IC x5)
  • CMU Overhead BBS (OYO x10)
  • CMU Overhead Press (OYO x15)

Mosey to plateau of pain and complete as many rounds of the following:

  • (x5) Burpees (baseline)
  • 40yd Bear Crawl CMU Drag (1st cone)
  • (x15) CMU Overhead BBS
  • Leave CMU, Jog back to baseline
  • (x5) Burpees
  • 40yd Bear Crawl (1st cone)
  • (x15) CMU Overhead BBS
  • 40yd Crawl Bear CMU Drag (2nd Cone)
  • (x25) CMU Swings
  • Leave CMU, Jog back to baseline
  • Burpees (x5)
  • 40yd Bear Crawl (1st Cone)
  • (x15) BBS
  • 40yd Crawl Bear (2nd Cone)
  • (x25) CMU Swings
  • CMU Overhead Carry back to baseline



Totals (1RD/2RD):
200/400 Yards of Bear Crawl/ Crawl Bears
15/30 Burpees
30/60 CMU Overhead BBS
15/30 BBS
50/100 CMU Swings

Mostly protractors and mumble chatter
some BBS, Plank Variations, and Mountain Climbers to finish it off.

10 Pax
Take care of yourself! We come out and put in work every morning to become better mentally and physically, pushing each other to the next level of discomfort. But we rarely take the time to prep ourselves and our bodies for the work. We take shortcuts in stretching and spending time listening to our bodies. If you feel like your not limber or embarrassed to do yoga it’s simply because you haven’t practiced it enough! We were not all great at working out our first time, but we have become better at it and the same will happen with stretching and taking care of our bodies.

My good friend’s Father used to say if you don’t like doing something, do it 100 more times…

Helping Drifter moves boxes from the loading trucks into his new house!