F3 Knoxville

Eye of the Tiger

62 and Clear

Welcome and Disclaimer

Side Startle Hop x25 IC
Chinook Squats x20 IC
Little baby arm circles Front x15 and back x15 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Ranger Merkins x20 IC
Run around the parking x2

Line up along the curb

Burp and Merk
Begin a traditional burpee with a single merkin at the bottom, then back to start. Run to second line for a second burpee with two merkins, then back to start.  Continue to increase merkins by 1 with each line to the 10th line (should do 10 merkins).  Then come down subtracting one merkin for each line all the way to 1.  Total merkins = 100

Count off in 3s then mosey to flag pole.

Bermuda Triangle
Group 1 – 10 pull-ups in the dugout
Run from dugout to short walls near playground
Group 2 -10 step-ups at the short walls
Run from playground to covered area
Group 3 – 10 rows and 10 merkins
Run from covered area to dugout

Rinse and repeat x4

Mosey to bottom of Cardiac Hill

Cardiac Merkin Circuit
Bottom = 20 Ranger Merkins
1st curve = 20 Diamond Merkins
2nd curve = 20 Wide Merkins
Top = 20 Derkins on a bench

Star Fish Crunch x 10 IC
Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
Peter Parkers X 20 IC
Merkins X 20 IC

Number off & Name-O-Rama

Do not be Anxious – Matthew 8:25-34

I have been challenged recently with some uncertainty about what I am going to do when I grow up.

And as I have been going through these I have realized that much of what I have been about achieving and experiencing and measuring my worth based on that.

And as with many of us I have struggled to trust Gods timing.   I think we have all be programed by the world to want answers now when that may not necessarily be God’s timing.   I have been prayerful and seeking his truths about this but I often find myself falling back into the same old desires and habits.   It should be easy right? God says to trust him so I should. I think our desire is to want the easy button.

Now tell me that one more time again God. What is the recipe?   I read a book, the bible, or hear a great sermon, or list to Captain and P-Nut. I want to be that and put it into action but still fall back into the same traps of wanting to accumulate more

Cool morning morning at the Asylum provided a great setting for the PAX work hard.  Spirits were high as always and we ended with group prayer for several PAX members.  Cap’n Crunch also announced that there will be devotions on biblical manhood on Wednesday mornings for those interested.

Merkin Mania

64 and Sunny

Intro and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hops ICx20
Cherry Pickers ICx10
Frontward Arm Circles IC x10
Backwards Arm Circles   IC x10
Merkins IC x10

Super 21s
Start with 20 merkins and work down to 1
Start with 1 BBS and work up to 20

Elevens on the Playground
Derkins- 10
Dips- 1

**Possible audible with Step-ups instead of Dirkins**

Sky Pounders IC x15

Back to AO for

Dealers Choice ABS and 15 Merkins

Count-off and Name-O-Rama

2 Corinthians 4: 16-18

Total Merkins= 300.  The PAX came to battle this morning and conquered Merkins Mania! I could not do what we do without the support of my brothers! Have a great day men!

Remember (21)

65 and Foggy

Welcome and Disclaimer

COP [Gus & Cap’n Crunch]
SSH x21 (IC)
Imperial Walkers x21(IC)
Dive Bombers x21 (IC)
Arm Circles Forward x10 (IC) & Backward x11(IC)

Partner up with a Battle Buddy for the duration of the workout.

Mosey to flag pole between the baseball fields.

Team RWB – 21 Guns [Gus]
21 minutes AMRAP
– 400 meter run (from flag pole to far baseball field and back x2)
– 9 Pull-ups (in dugouts)
– 21 pushups (on sidewalk near dugout)
– 21 box jump (on picnic tables under the covered area)
– 15 burpees (at the flag pole)

Mosey to front of Lakeshore Park, first parking lot.

Runs and Rounds [Cap’n Crunch]
Gather in the parking lot. We will do 6 rounds of 1 minute sets of exercises building in a pyramid fashion (i.e R1 = 1min of 1 exercise, R2 =2 min of 2 exercises, R3 = 3min of 3 exercises, etc.). After each round, run to the far tree (app 45 yards) and do a burpee corresponding to the round you are on then run back.

R1: Pikes
R2: Pikes, Narrow Squats
R3: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs,
R4: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs, Diamond Merkins,
R5: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs, Diamond Merkins, Side Lunges
R6: Pikes, Narrow Squats, Lance Armstongs, Diamond Merkins, Side Lunges, 4ct Flutter Kicks

Total time = 21 minutes
Total burpees = 21

Mosey across the street to East Tennessee Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery

Number off & Name-O-Rama

G6 shared about the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.  He then prayed and we ended with Taps.

31 PAX including 1 FNG came out to a gloomy Asylum to get better and honor the men and women who have fallen in battle.  We took on the Team RWB 21 Guns challenge and added some more for good measure (if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change).  The highlight of the morning was moseying to the East Tennessee Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery.  We made our way to the top of the main hill and circled up for the COT.  Men who have lost friends and family during battle shared their names, branch of service.  We then had our PAX’s own Wardaddy G6, himself retired Air Force, share during the BOM and lead us in prayer.  We ended our time with a moment of silence and the playing of Taps.

It was a great morning.  As men arrived a thick fog settled over the park and it set the mood perfectly.  This was a special morning.  The men went hard and no man was left behind…just as it should be.


40 degrees and clear

Welcome and Disclaimer

Squats ICx20
Side saddle hops ICx20
Bobby Hurleys OYOx10
Forward arm circles ICx10
Reverse arm circles ICx10

Lakeshore Tour
Mosey to Cardiac Hill

Burpees OYOx10

Mosey to top of Cardiac Hill

Burpees OYOx10
Merkins ICx10

Mosey to the Greenway

Burpees OYOx10
Merkins ICx10

Mosey to park entrance

Burpees OYOx10
Merkins ICx10
Mountain climbers ICx20

Mosey for two laps up and down the Veterans cemetery driveway…back across the street to the entrance of Lakeshore…

Plank-O-Rama (Cap’n Crunch)

Mosey to the upper parking lot.

Burpees OYOx10
Merkins ICx10
Mountain climbers ICx20
Carolina Dry Docks ICx10

Mosey back to the AO…

Dealer’s Choice
Imperial Walkers ICx15 (P-nut)
Hello Dolly ICx15 (P-nut)
Boat/Canoe (Zygote)
Flutter kicks (Cat Gut)

Closed out with an ATM sequence (Cap’n Crunch)

Number off and Name-O-Rama
25 brave souls, including 1 FNG (Tuck).

P-nut reminded everyone of the business that surrounds them in everyday life. Work, stress, hurt and worldly pursuits can distract us from our purpose. We need to elevate our thinking and focus on Christ to help us become better men. Get out of the world and into Jesus.  P-nut prayed us out.

Lots of spirited mumblechatter on this unseasonably chilly May morning. Good vibes from good men.


Playtime at the Asylum

42 and clear

Welcome & Disclaimer

SSH x20 (IC)
Atlas Stretch x10 each leg (IC)
Dive Bombers x15 (IC)
Arm Circles Forward x15 (IC)
Arm Circles Backward x15 (IC)

Split into to groups, one group to playground the other to the parking lot next to the playground.

Group 1…
Zig-Zag Run
Run to each cone and do x15 of stated exercise, then run to next cone. At the last cone run on the outside of the parking lot to start line. Rinse and repeat.
Cone 1 – BBS
Cone 2 – Narrow Squats
Cone 3 – Merkins
Cone 4 – Hello Dolly
Cone 5 – Jump Squats
Cone 6 – Shoulder Taps
Cone 7 – Diamond Merkins
Cone 8 – Burpee

AMRAP for 15 min

Group 2…
Bench Bonanza
5 Rounds, each round 2.5 min with 30 second break between rounds. One person does Ex 1 while other does Ex 2. When the person finishes Ex 1 switch, rinse and repeat until time expires.
Round 1: Ex 1 – Step Ups x15/leg; Ex 2 – Bench Dips
Round 2: Ex 1 – Box Jumps x15; Ex 2 – Flutter Kicks
Round 3: Ex 1 – Bulgarian Split Squats x15/leg; Ex 2 – Incline Merkins
Round 4: Ex 1 – Side Step Ups x10/leg; Ex 2 – Decline Carolina Dry Docks
Round 5: Ex 1 – Elevated Reverse Pickle Pounders x15; Ex 2 – Derkins

Group 1 and 2 switch places

After both groups have completed each sequence, mosey to parking lot as one group


Thor Hammers – (1 BBS + 4 American Hammers, then 2 BBS + 8 American Hammers, 3 BBS + 12 American Hammers…)
x6 IC

Number off and Name-O-Rama


To be a HIM, we have to be leaders who know where we are going and why we are going there. Life is full of distractions, but HIMs stay committed and focused. One of they keys to living this type of life is to establish and stay true to your N.U.T.s – Non-negotiable, Unalterable Terms! Without our NUTs we can’t be men of impact.

For your YHC it starts with looking beyond this life. Matthew 6:33 – “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


The PAX came out hungry and ready to attack this morning’s workout! We used every minute of the 45 we had, and got better together.