F3 Knoxville

The Peoples’ Q

Asylum AM

Right at the top your Q wants you to know that this entire workout was conceived, planned, workshopped, peer reviewed, revised, enhanced, approved by legal, focus grouped, and finally today was delivered to you, the PAX of Asylum.

Perfect fall morning.

Everybody is welcome and everything is disclaimed. Choir Boy is in private practice now, so if you want to sue somebody you can hire him.

Our warmup today included Motivators, stretching, Rockettes, and Rocky Balboas for Rainbow who we missed by just a couple of minutes.

We did some nickel-dime-quarter in honor of its inventor and our own Bionic Man Lilydipper. In trying to avoid bothering an innocent bystander, we ended up getting in her way even more, which is what Gibbler likes to call a Q Fail. Mentioning his name when he didn’t even show up is another Q Fail.

The PAX makes certain demands, and Base Camp to Space Camp is one of them. When the PAX speaks, the Q listens, so into a hornet’s nest we ran. Snitch took one for the team and is presumably on the couch right now in a Benadryl coma.

What’s a trip to the Cloud without some Jack Webb you ask? We don’t know.

Crawdad wasn’t there in person or in spirit, but we did curse him under our breath with a couple of trips up Cardiac.

Convoy couldn’t be stopped all morning and he led us back down to the AO.

The academic side of F3 is one of the least often talked about, but it does provide valuable insight, and in the case of a recent study we learned about the major difference between AM and PM guys, according to family and friends. We did our best to remedy the inequality. We did it for the families!