F3 Knoxville

Blockees, Burpees, and Bears … Oh My!!

Workout Date: 14 Jun 2021
QIC: Rep Sleepy

THE SCENE: 72 degrees and 94% humidity = Ugh!!



Grabbed our CMUs and moseyed to the Oval Office. Stopped along the way to do CMU Shoulder Shrugs x10; Upright Rows x10; Bent Over Rows x10

Pax partnered up with someone they felt was about as strong as they are. Starting at first line do 10 Blockees than bear crawl to the second line. At the second line do 10 Burpees than bear crawl back to first line. For the first time up and back both partners did bear crawl and then from then on did it Bear Brawl style where one partner pushed on the others shoulders while they crawled. Change the partner bear crawling and the partner providing resistance on each trip.

Let the PAX choose and we did a bunch of ab exercises, can’t remember all of them.

8 HIMs literally pushed each other to be better this morning.

We can compare our life to a chest of drawers. We have a drawer for family, work, hobbies/activities, God, church, and other things. When we give the Sunday School answer we feel like we should order them something like God, family, hobbies/activities, and work. When we are real with ourselves it is probably more like work, family, hobbies/activities, God, and church. The problem is that those are both wrong. God deserves to be more than a drawer in our life. He should be the chest that the drawers are in. We can’t be the father and husband we are called to be unless we are in Christ. We can’t be the worker we are called to be unless we are in Christ. We can’t be the leader in our church and community we are called to be unless we are in Christ. So look inside yourself and ask, have I given God a drawer in my life or is He the chest my life is contained in?

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