F3 Knoxville

Poker in the Park

THE SCENE: Calm as a card shark.  Hot as the black jack table you’re not sitting at.

Side straddle hops, little baby arm circles, jog to other end of bb courts and back.  Butt kicks to end of one court.  High knees back.  Karaoke down and back.

Divide up into 2 teams for some poker in the park.

5 Card Draw: each team does step ups on picnic tables while one HIM for the team runs up blind man’s hill to draw a card from the deck.  Do the corresponding exercise that matches the suit (merkins, plank jacks, big boys, Bobby Hurley) and the number on the card (keep counting up for face card, i.e. J = 11, Q = 12, etc).  Best 5 card hand wins.  Teams can keep drawing cards to make best hand.  Must discard before running for another card.  Once a team feels they have the best hand, they place their hand on the other team’s table.  Losing team does 10 burpees.

Drag the pot: each team must crawl from one sideline of the tennis court to the opposite side of the opposite court to retrieve one chip to return (via bear crawl) back to their side of the chip case.  Ended up modifying to allow teams to run the chip back and modified again to only crawl the width of one court for time sake.  No losers this game because everyone collected more chips than they lost, which is rare when gambling…

cherry pickers, flutter kicks, big boys, more flutter kicks, cash out with LBCs
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My wife and I often feel stretched due to both of us having full time jobs, side hustle travel business, and 2 kids.  Sometimes the stress builds to where we are no longer enjoying the beautiful things of life.  My wife shared with me that the other night she was starting to lose her cool because it was late, the boys needed to be getting ready for bed, but instead, they were playing and laughing together.  She looked at me with a defeated look and said, “I was mad because our boys were having fun together.”  She realized that her expectations had taken over to where she could not enjoy the moment of joy our boys were having with each other.  This was a great reminder to me that sometimes we need to reevaluate what is truly important in the moment.  Life without moments of joy is not life.  It’s just surviving.  We were made to do more than just survive.

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  • Shirt orders due by 8/27
  • Beer mile 9/10: sign up using google sheet in Slack
  • Ironpax starts next week: there’s a form to fill out to participate and a separate channel to plan out meet ups
  • Miles for Maryville 5k/10k on 10/2: there’s an F3 team

IPC Preview

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Insert information about the warmup.

Wheel of misfortune

One lap around softball field

Center cone is at edge of infield behind 2nd base

10 thrusters over head carry to cone 1- 25 Derkins, carry block back to center

10 thrusters 25 weighted squats at cone 2

10 thrusters 25 swings at cone 3- Q forgot the Swings card so the pax won and got to skip

10 thrusters 25 blockes cone 4

10 thrusters 25 block press cone 5

10 thrusters 25 Alpos cone 6

Back to start rd complete. Rinse and repeat starting with the run


  • Leg Raises-5 4ct IC
  • Heels to Heaven- 5 4ct iC
  • LBC 10 OYO
  • 100’s 25 4ct
  • hamstring stretch
  • little this
  • little that
  • this arm
  • and the other arm




To avoid committing
relationship malpractice with his wife, the HIM focuses on five points of marital Preparedness:

1. Maintenance = Deceleration

. If you think you are maintaining, you are actually Decelerating because there is no Status Quo . That is the myth of the plateau. Thus, the HIM never thinks of maintaining his marriage. He always focuses on Accelerating it.

2. The Culture is a Jester

While the culture purports to embrace marriage it is actually a hinderance to Acceleration. It breaths truthy-sounding lies like my wife is my best friend, and we try every day to meet each other halfway, and we’re pregnant! Why does our culture resort to Oprah Bombs like these when it comes to marriage? Probably because it doesn’t believe that anything so difficult can possibly be so good. The HIM knows the inverse to be true. Virtue takes work–it is the un-Virtuous act that comes easily and “naturally”.

3. There is no Fifty Yard Line

Halfway is not good enough when it comes to the M. It is not a football game where husband and wife meet at the fifty yard line for the coin flip. The HIM must drive the ball the full length of the field and stay in his wife’s red zone, regardless of whether she even breaks the huddle. To the Sad Clown focused on balance and fairness, this seems unfair and out-of-balance. Perhaps, but that’s what Acceleration requires when it comes to the M.

4. Your Wife is not Your Best Friend

She is made for a much higher purpose. There is a pedestal in the life of the HIM that is set out for his wife and there is no room on it for his best buddy

Nor is a marriage a joint-venture within which man and wife have equal and identical roles.

5. Joy Trumps Happiness

Happiness is a transitory positive feeling governed by mere external circumstance. Happiness is a full belly–it goes away when you get hungry again.

Joy cares not whether a man’s belly is full or empty. It requires a long view, well past the toils and triumphs of any given day. The HIM is a Joyful man under any and all circumstances because his vision is cast at a point well beyond the day before him. His focus is on the end and beyond.

Anybody can stay married on a full belly. But it is within the crucible of hunger where the true bond between man and wife is formed.

Marriage is a Team, not a Community. It requires Proximity and purpose to succeed. It transforms a man from a selfish Happiness-junkie into a selfless Joy-seeker. The HIM knows if he fails at his M, nothing else he does will matter.


Sept 10 beer mile and other field events at Moses. Come out even just to hang. Guaranteed fun.

IPC starts on 8/26. If you don’t know; sign up and then ask what it is. That’s the best way to approach anything with F3.

Shrimp Net VQ!

THE SCENE: Cool and Shrimpy

4ct – Cherry Pickers x10
4ct – Little Baby Arm Circles (E.W.) x10
4ct – Seal Claps x10
4ct – Overhead Claps x10

Mosey To Oval Office:
1st Stop: Tempo Merkins x10
2nd Stop: Temp Squats x10
Exercise Set Followed by 400m Run/Jog
Exercise Sets 1/3/5:
Burpee x15
Big Boys x20
Hand Release Merkins x15
4ct Flutter Kick x20
400M Run
Exercise Sets 2/4/6
CMU Thrust x15
Overhead Lift w/ CMU x15
Goblin Squat w/ CMU x15
Vertical Row w/ CMU x15
400M Run
Down, up, and back down the Oval Office stairs
Mosey back to A/O


Pax Roulette 
  • KY – 10 Blockees
  • Rep Sleepy – 20 Plank Jacks
  • Smuggler – Frog Crunches
  • Shrimp Net – hold Al Gore 30 seconds

Baby Weight, Butterfingers, Crop Dust, KY, Rep Sleepy, Shrimp Net, Smuggler

               “Today may be the best day I have ever had”
Brother Bob
               “The Happiness of your life Depends on the quality of your thoughts”
-Marcus Aurelius


CMU Light Pole Circuit

THE SCENE: 65 Cool and Wet

Over Head Clap x 10, Cherry Picker x 10, LBAC’s x 10, Imperial Squat Walkers x 10
CMU Light Pole AMRAP – Bridge to Bridge (Lunge Between Light Poles)

  • CMU Curls 10 , CMU Overhead Press 10, CMU Rows x 10, CMU Goblet Squats 10  – Each Light Pole

Bridge Recovery –  25 Big Boys, 25 Flutter Kicks, 25 WW2s


On the way back to AO: Bridge Recovery –  25 Big Boys, 25 Flutter Kicks, 25 WW2s
Burpee x 5, Burpees x 2
Baby Weight, Butterfingers, Cropdust, Moses, Shrimpnet

“Don’t be overheard complaining…Not even to yourself.”

— Marcus Aurelius, 8.9

“I begin to speak only when I’m certain what I’ll say isn’t better left unsaid.” – MARCUS PORCIUS CATO

9/10 Beer Mile, October 22 Miles for Maryville,

Not much running

THE SCENE: 75⁰ and humid

Little Baby Arm Circles X10

Cherry Pickers X5

Mosey to Cedar Street

7’s down to cross walk

Burpees and Bobby Hurleys

Mosey across bridge

Flutter Kicks, Freddy Mercurys, CatalinaWineMixers, LBCs


Cross overs in between and back to start

30 sec AL GORE

10 tempo squats

LBCs for time
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