F3 Knoxville

That is a lot of goose poop

Workout Date: 27 Aug 2021
QIC: Tank

THE SCENE: Beautiful morning.

Insert information about the warmup.
Mosey to the parking lot with the least amount of goose poop. Start at first cone. Do qty of 1 of 1st exercise. Move to next cone, do qty of 2, next cone qty of 3 etc. Total of  8-9 cones across lot. Run a lap around the lot after completing all cones and go back to start doing same exercise adding up again. switch to second exercise, then 3rd,4th. While waiting on the six, do LBCs or hold plank. 

exercises with travel movements are:

  • Merkins with runs
  • Squat jumps with bear crawls (every other line)
  • Dry docks with Bernie Sanders
  • Lunges with side shuffle

mosey back to start but 4 of the PAX became “injured” and had to be carried.
Mosey to AO stopping for 5 burpees.

No time for her today.
Short worried about sacrifice and helping others. Spent most of the BOM talking about the Hardship Hill and participation from the PAX.
Man! there is a lot of goose poop at the JUCO. I went to set up early this morning and the parking lot I was going to use was literally filled with hundreds of geese and thousands upon thousands of piles of goose poop. No go. I found a much better parking lot above and to the side of the school. Freshly paved no pebbles, perfect for today’s workout. It’s amazing how much poop a goose can churn out for the size of that animal. I mean, take a look at an Alpaca. It’s a big animal and it poops out little rabbit pellets. Did you know that alpaca poop is actually referred to as black gold. It is highly sought after for fertilizer. Also, alpacas and llamas are not the same animal. One time I did a llama race for charity. I got to run around the lawn at worlds fair park with a llama named Betty I think. I’m not real good with horse size animals. Never really get along with horses very well. I’m not intimidated by much, but horses are so big and one kick in the Jimmy would put you down for a long time. Well, I gotta get to work so no more time for the rambling poetic waxing of this PAX member. I will leave you with this. The only thing worse than it raining after you washed your car is having to poop after you get out of the shower. Leave a 💩 emoji on the slack post it you read this far and you will be an honorary member of the I read Tank’s BB club.
Hardship Hill and snacks for Wesley house.