F3 Knoxville

The Little Thing

The Project
Workout Date: 23 Mar 2021
QIC: Kick-Flip

THE SCENE:   49 and clear.  Super!
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Administered

  • Overhead clap
  • Cherry picker
  • Projectivator
  • Walkout merkins
  • Mountain Climber climber
  • Merkin pumps 4-ct
  • Lunge squat lunge squat


Mosey to the Friendship Bell

  • 10 Bench sideways jumpovers
  • 10 chest tap irkins
  • 10 bulgarian split squats
  • Repeat

Mosey to K-25’s backside

  • 5 burpees
  • Bear crawl up, run down the other side
  • 10 jump squat 180s
  • Run up, crawl bear down the other side
  • Repeat

 Mosey to another hill

  • 5 merkin pumps 4-ct
  • Side shuffle up (switch halfway)
  • 5 Lunge squat lunge squat
  • Run down
  • Repeat

 Mosey to yet another hill

  • 10 mountain climbers
  • Bernie up
  • 5x Walkout + 3 merkins
  • Run down
  • Repeat

 Mosey to the amphitheater steps

  • 10 bobby hurleys
  • Run down
  • 10 derkins on the rail
  • Run up
  • Repeat

Mosey to the pool wall

  • Wurpees x 10


30 sec Al Gore
30 squats

30 sec plank
30 merkins



The idea for this Word came from Rocket.  Last week, he and I were talking about his knee that he injured in July.  I remarked how he hustled so hard the workout before – racing back to the flag against Mathlete.  I said, “Man, your knee seems to be so much better!”.  Rocket responded, “Well, I’m having just a little bit of pain.  I’m thinking about going to see someone about it – to fix it while it’s little, so that it doesn’t turn into a big deal”.

That’s the Word that I want to think about; Fix it while it’s little, so that it doesn’t turn into a big deal.

Do you have anything in your life that is just a little askew?  A little bad habit?  A little sin?  Something that is not helping you accelerate to be the man you want to be?  Something tiny that you can correct before it becomes a big deal?

  • A little judgmental?
  • A little arrogance?
  • A little jealousy?
  • A little anger?
  • A little lust?

We need to saw these things off while they are little – before they become a big deal.  Because each of these things, when they become full grown – can ruin a man

One of the earliest recorded conversations between man and God is in Genesis 4.  Adam and Eve’s sons, Cain and Able, have each made sacrifices to God, but Cain’s is half-hearted.  He becomes envious when God favors his brother’s offering instead of his.  In that heated moment, when Cain is seeing red, God speaks to him and says, “…if you do not do what is right, watch out, because sin is crouching at the door, ready to pounce on you! You must master it before it masters you.” (Genesis 4:7, The Voice translation)

Think about that imagery of sin…crouching, then pouncing.  It makes me think of a lion getting low in the grass so that his prey either does not see him – or if they do, they think he is just a harmless little thing.  Then pounce, the lion is there!

Is there a particular sin in crouching your life?  Either so small that you don’t see it for what it is – or that you think it is just a harmless little thing?  Let’s get the little things in our life under control and fix it while it’s little, so that it doesn’t turn into a big deal”.

“You must master it before it masters you.”  Genesis 4:7


Rejoicing and mourning.  Rejoiced for the birth of Slappy’s BFF’s son.  Mourning the loss of Biohack’s MIL.  Prayers for those families.